Brazilian League 2012/2013

  • And now its finally official by the club Unilever confirmed today signing with Logan Tom…bernardinho.htm

    Libero Fabi quote: "She always had the will to play in Rio, to live in this city. She loves the beach, morning programs. She has a very carioca style. She is a player that can help any team in many skills. Im sure that her arrival will make Unilever even more competitive."

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    South America Club World Champs.

    19h00 - Sollys/Nestlé x Club Deportivo Venezuela

    Any link ? :sos:

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • I'm really pissed she signed with Rio de Janeiro. :wall:

    They have no chance to win against Osasco. :down:

    And I have always loved Osasco more than Rio de Janeiro, but now, because of Logan of course, I have to support Unilever. :down:

    Thank you, my love. I love you anyway... :rose: :heart:

  • Why you think Rio has no chance to win Osasco? History says different. ;)

    And believe me she will be way happier living in Rio. ;) It fits her.

  • Why you think Rio has no chance to win Osasco? History says different. ;)

    And believe me she will be way happier living in Rio. ;) It fits her.

    I think so because Osasco fixed the only weak point they had last season signing Fernanda Garay and leaveng Tandara free to go away. Her reception was the only weak point. I can't find a new one in the new team.

    Fofao - Pavan - Logan Tom - Natalia - Valeskinha - Juciely - Fabi

    Fabiola - Sheilla - Jaqueline - Fernanda Garay - Thaisa - Adenizia - Camila Brait

    There's no way to compare these two teams: the first one is strong, the second one is ATOMIC.

    Talking about history, I think Osasco is gonna be what Rio de Janeiro has been for them from 2005 to 2010, when they finally won Superliga again...

    I'm really sorry, but I think so. :S

  • No need to ask sorry, you have the right of your opinion of course. ;)

    I agree Osasco has very strong team, and well, maybe even stronger than ours....but I already saw Unilever win against Osasco many times having a "worse" team, so Ill always believe in Unilever and specially in our staff. :) We will see how season goes, It will definetly be exciting! ;)

  • Sarah Pavan did her first trainning session with Unilever today! :)

  • Thanks for the updates, joanamss.

    Are Unilever's pre-season practices on the beach? Sarah can get a tan! ^^

    part of it, yes..hehehe. She will definetly be able to get a tan here If she wants to. :)

    Unilever trains in an Militar area, just aside Sugar Loaf (one of Rio's postcards), as you can see in first pic ;) and there they have everything they need in same space, an indoor gym, a beach court and the academy area.

    Unilever physical coach said he will work a lot with Pavan so she can get physicly stronger and like that also protect better her ligaments and joints. Then slowly, as she gets better physicly, they will add more tecnical trainings to her preparation.

  • I'm a new fan of volleyball and what irritates me the most is the player changing team every season! :thumbdown:

    It is not always depending on the player. So even if he/she changed club every year that does not mean she wanted the change every time...

    Born for Volleyball, lives from Volleyball, dies with Volleyball.

    "When somebody is just not an equal partner to have a conversation with, the best you can do is to ignore him." Done!

  • A video with Campinas girls and a photoshoot they did.

  • A video with Campinas girls and a photoshoot they did.

    priscila daroit!!!! :rose: :flower:

    i hope ze roberto will now give her more chances since she's under his wing....

  • do the rio de janeiro girls train regularly on sand? which team is carol gattaz going to play for?

    Just in preseason, so they gain more speed and more strength. During season they train only indoor as far as I know.

    Gattaz officially didnt sign with anyone yet. :( rumors she might play for São Bernardo I think.

  • Tonight at 21h here (2 am CET) will have Osasco x Campinas for the Paulista Championship, Sportv will broadcast it.