Brazilian League 2012/2013

  • Every Sunday will go on air in Esporte Interativo a special tv show about Unilever called Tie-break Unilever. It will have news, interviews with players and so on. Quite interesting.

    Here is the first episode. If anyone is interest by any report I can translate for you.
    This first interview there is a report about the libero's Fabi and Juju Perdigão, an interview with Virna about her last professional match in 2009, when she won the superliga title with Unilever, there is also a report with one of Unilever fans, that is a big fan from Fabi and an interview with Bernardinho talking about Unilever project and his expecations for this season.

  • how do you see amil campinas will perform? do you think they can reach the finals of the league? or will it be a uniliver-solly finals again?

    Uhm, hard to say at this point...All will depend how much Vasileva can help them I think, and how Unilever will performe with a completely new team.

    But I guess at this point Osasco and Unilever, also for the history has the "advantage" of reaching final, but I dont think is impossible that Campinas, If they improve to try to reach final. Time will tell. ;)

  • Every Sunday will go on air in Esporte Interativo a special tv show about Unilever called Tie-break Unilever. It will have news, interviews with players and so on. Quite interesting.

    Here is the first episode. If anyone is interest by any report I can translate for you.
    This first interview there is a report about the libero's Fabi and Juju Perdigão, an interview with Virna about her last professional match in 2009, when she won the superliga title with Unilever, there is also a report with one of Unilever fans, that is a big fan from Fabi and an interview with Bernardinho talking about Unilever project and his expecations for this season.

    Can you translate Bernardinho's interview please? Thank you!

  • "Born in Napa, California, Logan Maile Lei Tom has traveled around the world, playing for clubs in eight countries on three continents. She played four Olympics for National Team of USA, since Sydney 2000. The particular form to adapt to any culture, Logan says that is: always be herself. At 31 years old, Tom is one of the main reinforcements of the Unilever for the Superleague 2012/2013 and, like it or not, she likes to show her own style, inside and outside the court.
    - The Brazilian people are very welcoming and it facilitates adaptation for those foreigners. I like that here the athletes work hard, but everyone has fun. The Brazilians know how to live life - says the granddaughter of a Brazilian, Dona Roberta, born in Barbara D'Oeste who married with an American - I didn't know much about Brazil before I have played here before, but I grew up speaking "Vovô"(Grandpa) and " Vovó"(Grandma)
    In practice, she is the only who wears t-shirt, she is always chewing a gum and having a strong serve with an unusual accuracy. She speaks Portuguese, which she learned when she played in Minas Tenis Clube and is always communicating with her teammates. The setter Fofão and middle blocker Juciely, played with her in Minas. But libero fabi became her best friend. They met through many matches between the Brazil and USA National Teams.
    Both stand out for a good reception and defense. These characteristics in common aroused enormous respect and mutual affinity. When We see the the outside hitter, that is "closed" into laughter with irreverent jokes of libero fabi shows that they have a good relationship.
    - I am who I am. This is my life and I only know to be like that. I have a reserved style, but I'm not closed with my friends - Says Logan who has worked in Turkey, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, China, Spain, Russia and Brazil.
    Outside court fabi has been a tourist guide of Logan, showing her the Baixo Gávea, the Ipanema beach and the restaurant in which Bernardinho is partner. They do not talk about the defeats of the U.S. team for Brazil in Olympic finals.
    - We Do not talk about it. But the joke will come in time.
    - Friendship is recent, you can not mess with it. Now she is my ally, plays for my team. I'll let the girls from the other teams provoke first, than I'll emphasize - said Fabi."

    (translation made by the page Torcida Unilever Volei in facebook)

  • Can you translate Bernardinho's interview please? Thank you!

    yeap! ;)

    Radamés: Bernardo, The 'Unilever' project. Of course you have an incredible team that is the guide of the project, but what else has in Unilever's project?

    Bernardo: This is a project that started 15 years ago. We started in Curitiba (city) with Rexona brand, then Ades joined us and now Unilever coorporation (that owns Rexona and Ades brands) embraced the hole project. It has started basically with two lines, the competitive one with the professional team, to have representation, to have great players, to develop champions, from the Olympic gold medalists we have many that have passed throughout all these years in our team. At the same time, walking side by side with the volleyball team, that inspires and build dreams in young kids, we always had a social project, meaning we develop sports initiations, especially with volleyball of course in poor areas. Kids from public schools, poor kids over all that don't have opportunities like these. We trully believe that the groundwork of this project must be the public schools, where the kids are, to provide in schools the excellence of sport. And these has been going on for more than 15 years now. More than 20.000 young kids has passed in our project, many of them today graduated in universities or are in their way to graduate, some are athletes, some are playing in Superliga, some used the sport as a tool to get scholarship in USA colleges, so many good results we had with the project in these 15 years.

    R: Many people is curious, what can we expect from Unilever as a team to this season?

    B: The team has changed a lot.

    R: Was it hard to build the team this year?

    B: Really hard! Very complicated market, inflated, with new teams arriving, so in my opinion It was very complicated cause it has been very competitive. We could manage to bring two foreigners, we went to the foreigner market to try to reinforce the team, we got a veteran, very known by everyone, Logan Tom, twice Olympic silver medalist, 12 years in US National Team, with a brazilian grandma, so she has brazilian roots (R:"she already played here")..that already played here, in Minas in 2003, and now she is back to Brazil to split this experience with some young girls that we brought. Like for example Gabriella, that stood out in Junior National Team and that last year defended Mackenzie, and we brought her so we can try to develop her so in 2016 she can be a certain presence in the Olympic Games. (R: "once I poitted her as one of the revalations in Brazilian League last season)..and you are perfect, I totally agree with you. She is one of these young kids that arrived and became a good perspective for the future. Natália's return, definetely is a reinforcement for us. If she is well and we are working that she is in her best again in Superliga it will be an extremely important reinforcement for us, last year unfortunately we could not count with her duo this serious injury she had, so she is coming back. We brough the canadian Sarah Pavan, a tall player, with great reach, she does not have the road and the experience that Logan Tom has, but a girl that I think can show in future to be extremely efficient and productive, she played really well in Italian league last season and we really hope to count with a great contribution from her. And the experience of Fofão, that comes to replace Fernanda. Fofão does not need introductions right. She comes also so we can continium to develop Roberta, that will receive more space each time, so in future she can really become the starting setter of this team. We also have the experience of Fabizinha, twice Olympic Champion, she is the face of the team, with her Carioca energy, with this will to play and to give herself the most to the rest of the team. We kept the middle blockers Valeskinha and Juciely and we are now putting our chips also in Mara, she is a young player that we have been working for two years now and that this season will have more space and I think that she can surprise many people. So I think is a competitive team. Together with other big teams like Osasco, Campinas, Uberlândia (Praia Clube) is also very strong, SESI-SP,..I think these 4 teams together with Unilever are a bit ahead the others. These are the favorite teams to fight for the championship title this year.

    R: Osasco is now not only Superliga champions last season, but now are also World Champions...

    B: They really built a team looking for this, it is a very strong team, for me one they are of the best teams in Brazil and the world as well being world champions, because they are the basically the foundation of National Team group. So I think this is the main goal for all teams this year, trying to beat Osasco, they are the team to be beated in the league.

    R: We will now have this program, Tie-break Unilever, that will tell a lot of the trainings, the backstage, athletes, people that work in the team,....what the fans can expect with this?

    B: I think it will be a year with a lot of emotions, we will have very hard matches, big fights, but we will have a warrior team, a team that will fight and that will once again put a lot of fans in the gyms in Tijuca and in Maracanazinho, where we will play. Im sure people will keep being very proud to cheer for this team.

    that is it. ;)

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  • Unilever signed with a fourth MB, is Luciane Escouto, that was in Mackenzie last season, and this beggining of year she defended Fluminense in Carioca Championship.

    as a curiosity she is also going to fight for Miss Brazil 2013 title representing Rio Grande do Sul State.

  • Unilever will make a serie of friendly matches against Usiminas, Banana Boat and SESI in Rio till the beggining of Superliga. Unfortunetly none fo the games are open to the public. :(

    Unilever x Usiminas/Minas - 31/10, at 18h, and 1º/11, at 16h
    Unilever x Banana Boat/Praia Clube - 7 and 8/11, at 18h
    Unilever x Sesi-SP - 13/11, at 18h, and 14/11, at 11h

  • Tie-Break Unilever (2º Episode)
    - Remembering 2010/2011 title
    - a report about physioteraphy
    - fan activity with the fans in a market in Rio
    - images of the training (with intervies with Natália and Pavan)
    - A special fan visits Unilever training (Mayara has Down Syndrom, and she is known for going all matches, everyone knowns her in the gym, she is really sweet girl! ^^)
    - Fabi and her soccer passion
    - The backstage of the girls in the market (really fun part..hehe, Natália and Roberta together always makes fun scenes)
    - Interview with Fofão

    as always, If you guys want me to translate any of this, just say it. ;)

  • Sheilla is out of Paulista Championship final. She injured herself this afternoon after a home incident.

    After an exam it was determinated she fractured one of her left foot fingers after an accidental trauma. There is still no date for her return, but it's possible that she miss also the first matches of Brazilian league.

    She will keep doing the physical training being follow by Sollys medical department.


  • Friendly Matches:

    Unilever 4x0 Usiminas/Minas (25/21, 25/13, 25/22, 25/18 )

    Uni: Fofão, Natália, Logan Tom, Sarah Pavan, Valeskinha, Juciely, Fabi (L).
    Minas: Claudinha, Fê Ísis, Bárbara, Carla, Thaís, Lia e Tássia (L).

    In the fourth set Unilever played with the bench girls: Roberta, Régis, Amanda, Bruna, Mara, Luciane Escouto and Juju (L).

    Logan Tom in service and Pavan were Unilever main players today.

  • #GoSheilla :super: :white:

  • thanks for all these updates joanamss!! :drink: :)

  • Friendly Match - 2:

    Unilever 4x0 Usiminas Minas (25/14, 25/22, 25/21, 25/21)

    Unilever: Fofão, Pavan, Logan Tom, Natália, Valeskinha, Juciely, Fabi (L)
    Minas: Claudinha, Lia, Fê Ísis, Bárbara, Carla, Thaís, Tássia (L).

    Like in the first match, Unilever played 4 set with the hole bench team: Roberta, Régis, Amanda, Bruna, Mara, Luciane Escouto, Juju (L). Gabi was the only one rested this two matches cause last week she played for Junior NT in South American Championship.

    Bernardinho was quite pleased with the team service and with Sarah Pavan attacks. It was one of the main conserns this beggining of season for Fofão to find the best ball with Sarah, cause they want her to spike a faster ball, and she is used to spike a higher ball, so they were trainning a lot to find the best ball for Sarah, one that she can play faster but still feel comfortable about it. But Bernardo thinks the team still needs to improve a lot in the blocking-defense system.

    The team will now face PRaia Clube also in two matches 7 and 8 November, again It will be not aloud the public presence.

  • Paulista Championship - Final


    04/11 - 21h Amil Campinas x Sollys Osasco (Sportv)

    07/11 - 20:30h Sollys Osasco x Amil Campinas (Sportv)

    11/11 (If necessary) - 11h Sollys Osasco x Amil Campinas (Sportv)

  • Sheilla suffered an accident at home and injured her left knee. Her presence in the first final match of the Paulista Champinship is open to question. I personally think she won't be able to play any match of these playoffs since she had a broken toe.

  • When it comes to the next season of the Superliga, I believe Osasco's team is by far the favourite to winning the title.

    In my opinion, Unilever, Vôlei Amil and SESI SP will clash to see who will be defeated by Osasco in the final match. I even think that Vôlei Amil is stronger than Unilever and I think this year Vôlei Amil and Osasco will play the final match of this competition.