2007 Women Junior World Championship

  • Quote from "Pedro"

    Well...for sure Brazil will be the favourite, but don't let us out...Italy is one of the favourites and we have some really good players...

    Italian team is the following:

    Corna (Foppapedretti Bergamo), Stufi e Carocci (Magic Pack Cremona), Padua (Monteschiavo (Jesi), Manfredini (Unikom Sassuolo), Okaka (Lamaro Roma), Di Crescenzo (Vigolzone Piacenza), Lo Cascio (Gaiga Verona), Malvestito (Riso Scotti Pavia), Strobbe (Novello Vicenza), Bosetti (Amatori Orago), Astarita (Seagrossi Urbino)

    in this article http://www.volleyball.it/leggi.cfm?art=25385 it says that italians were going to China to prepare.. any news on how they played with China ??

  • Don't you think that the pools are a not equal?

    I mean the rule that who helds has to be a seed is a lot stupid IMO

    In the first group there aren't great many teams IMO, whilst in the other all together Ukraine, Brazil, Italy...don't know if I forgot somebody though

  • the World Women's Junior Volleyball Championship on Thai television

    THA vs. CHN (not live) Saturday July 21 at 11 PM

    THA vs. USA (not live) Sunday July 22 at 11 PM
    THA vs. GERMANY Monday July 23 at 4PM

    THA vs. Dominican Rep. Tuesday July 24 at 4 PM

    The final will be broadcast from 4pm on July 27.
    watch via broadband internet http://www.ch7.com

    p.s. Local time (GMT+7)

    POOL A at The Mall Ratchasima’s MCC Hall
    Egypt vs Thailand
    USA vs Germany
    Dominican Republic vs China

    POOL B at Chalerm Phrakiart Gymnasium
    Japan vs Ukraine
    Brazil vs Croatia
    Italy vs Puerto Rico

    POOL A at The Mall Ratchasima’s MCC Hall
    Thailand vs China
    Germany vs Dominican Republic
    Egypt vs USA

    POOL B at Chalerm Phrakiart Gymnasium
    Ukraine vs Puerto Rico
    Croatia vs Italy
    Japan vs Brazil

    POOL A at The Mall Ratchasima’s MCC Hall
    USA vs Thailand
    Dominican Republic vs Egypt
    China vs Germany

    POOL B at Chalerm Phrakiart Gymnasium
    Brazil vs Ukraine
    Italy vs Japan
    Puerto Rico vs Croatia

    POOL A at The Mall Ratchasima’s MCC Hall
    Thailand vs Germany
    Egypt vs China
    USA vs Dominican Republic

    POOL B at Chalerm Phrakiart Gymnasium
    Ukraine vs Croatia
    Japan vs Puerto Rico
    Brazil vs Italy

    POOL A at The Mall Ratchasima’s MCC Hall
    Dominican Republic vs Thailand
    China vs USA
    Germany vs Egypt

    POOL B at Chalerm Phrakiart Gymnasium
    Italy vs Ukraine
    Puerto Rico vs Brazil
    Croatia vs Japan

    match start at 2 PM,4 PM and 6 PM (GMT+7) everyday

  • First day: 20.07
    Pool A
    USA-GER 1-3 (25-27 25-14 18-25 21-25)
    EGY-THA 0-3 (18-25 23-25 12-25)
    DOM-CHN 0-3 (8-25 8-25 13-25)
    Pool B
    JPN-UKR 3-2 (25-23 25-19 17-25 20-25 16-14)
    BRA-CRO 3-1 (25-20 17-25 25-17 25-12)
    ITA-PUR 3-1 (22-25 25-16 25-20 25-16)

  • Second day: 21.07

    Pool A
    EGY-USA 0-3 (30-32 12-25 23-25)
    GER-DOM 3-0 (25-12 25-21 25-21)
    THA-CHN 0-3 (16-25 23-25 18-25)
    1 CHN China 4 2 0
    2 GER Germany 4 2 0
    3 USA U.S.A. 3 1 1
    4 THA Thailand 3 1 1
    5 EGY Egypt 2 0 2
    6 DOM Dominican Republic 2 0 2

    Pool B
    JPN-BRA 0-3 (16-25 19-25 13-25)
    UKR-PUR 3-0 (25-21 25-21 25-22)
    CRO-ITA 0-3 (24-26 23-25 21-25)
    1 BRA Brazil 4 2 0
    2 ITA Italy 4 2 0
    3 UKR Ukraine 3 1 1
    4 JPN Japan 3 1 1
    5 CRO Croatia 2 0 2
    6 PUR Puerto Rico 2 0 2

  • Semifinals 1-4:
    China vs Japan
    USA vs Brazil

    Semifinals 5-8:
    Germany vs Italy
    Ukraine vs Thailand

    Semifinals 9-12:
    DomRep vs Puerto Rico
    Egypt vs Croatia.

    Star players of the tournament are Brazil's Natália Pereira but mainly Ukraine's Nataliya Goncharova who has scored 144 points in 5 matches, that means an average of 29 points per match (they played 22 sets, so 6.5 points per set). She also leads the rankings of best spiker with clearly over 50% successful spikes and blocker ranking with 1.13 blocks per set. She is also a decent receiver so she will be one of the future stars in international volleyball. There are rumors that she wants to get Russian citizenship (she plays for Dinamo Moscow) to play in Russian NT.

  • The final match will be amazing!
    I'm surprised Ukraine is not among the 4, because here they said soooo much about them!

  • Ukraine was in the much harder of the two pools. They lost against Brazil and very unluckily in 5th set against Japan who is in semifinal instead. Nataliya Goncharova is an amazing player, I saw her in ECH last year. I'm a little bit disappointed of Olga Savenchuk's performance, she already played for Ukraine senior NT with 16 years but she doesn't perform well in this tournament.

  • it's a pity for Nataliya Goncharova .No ranking for her as best player.Her stat. record end before semi-final.If UKR went to semi-final round ,she should be as best scorer and might be best blocker .( best players only select from 4 team in semi)

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