Romanian NT 2012 (European League)

  • Surprinsingly, we changed coaches again.So here is the full rosters:
    setters - Florin Chirilov (VC Unic LPS Piatra Neamţ), Lorena Ciocian (CSU Medicina Tîrgu Mureş), Sabina Miclea-Grigoruţă (Ştiinţa Bacău) and Diana Tătaru (CSM Lugoj)

    opposites - Ioana Baciu (Dinamo Romprest Bucureşti), Roxana Iosef (CSM Bucureşti) and Daiana Mureşan (Volley 2002 Forli, Italia)

    middle-blockers- Roxana Ivanof (CSU Medicina Tîrgu Mureş), Andreea Marin-Iliescu (VC Unic LPS Piatra Neamţ), Iuliana Matache (CSM Sibiu), Bianca Moldovan (CSM Bucureşti), Nneka Onyejekwe (Volero Zurich,Elveţia) and Liana Smărăndache (Dinamo Romprest Bucureşti)

    outside-hitters - Cristina Cazacu (CV 2004 Tomis Constanţa), Diana Cărbuneanu (Dinamo Romprest Bucureşti), Irina Radu (CSM Bucureşti), Denisa Rogojinaru (SCM U. Craiova), Adina Salaoru (CSU Medicina Tîrgu Mureş), Adina Stanciu (VC Unic LPS Piatra Neamţ), Alexandra Trică (CSU Medicina Tîrgu Mureş) and Elena Zaharia (VC Unic LPS Piatra Neamţ)

    liberos - Sorina Buz (VC Unic LPS Piatra Neamţ), Andreea Ispas (CV 2004 Tomis Constanţa) and Ioana Pristavu (Dauphines Charleroi)

    coaches: Atanas Petrov and Bogdan Paul.

    Diana Neaga, Ioana Nemtanu and Alexandra Sobo are injured, so not available.
    I'm really happy for Diana Tătaru, she really deserved it.I really hope she gets a place in the first 12. :super:

  • Where is Iuliana Nucu?

    As I said earlier, the coaches are using young player for the European League.There are many new names in the roster and as far as I know, Iuliana Nucu is considered to be one of the team veterans togheter with Mirela Corjeuteanu, Nicoleta Manu, Carmen Turlea and Florentina Nedelcu.

  • Personally, I really like Diana Tataru, she is my favourite romanian setter, very talented and in NT for the first time.. I hope she'll show her skills.
    Diana Carbuneanu is very young, 17 years old and used to play in starting six for Dinamo.Her reception is not her best (she used to play as setter before), but still, she's good in attack.
    Andrea Marin-Iliescu was a bench player untill this season and it was a good surprise, really helped her team
    Elene Zaharia is pretty good too, I think she's our best OH, along with Ioana Nemtanu, but she was pretty unlucky with injuries.
    However, as far as libero is concerned, I haven't heard anything of Pristavu for 2 years, she used to be in good form some time ago.Buz is not such a good receiver, she started to play this season as a libero.
    In terms of opposites, I think that Daiana Muresan will be part of the starting six, and I would choose Ioana Baciu as her back-up