talented players / upcoming stars

  • to zhang ping,maybe game is over

  • Quote from "Justyna"

    Hmm... Ivana Djerisilo? :)

    Yes, that's her! She played in Vicenza last season, didn't she?

    About Mari -- I don't understand why people say all that about her. She's a good player, but there are a lot better than her, specially after her shoulder surgery.

    And about Ping -- I didn't know that she's in trouble...

  • Yes, she played in Vicenza. I think she has a cute face.

  • Quote from "samba player"

    Yes, she played in Vicenza. I think she has a cute face.

    I was watching an old game some days ago -- Finasa/Osasco x Vicenza -- and I noticed she was there hehe...
    I don't know about Vicenza now, but by that time, the Brazilian champion almost lost to them, and by that time they weren't one of the top teams in Italy.

  • ıvana djerisilo is an amazing player.she is playing for eczacıbaşı with vesna çitakoviç.and ın my opinion (djerisilo)she is the best player of our leauge.she spikes and serves very strong luckily ı can watch her almost every week.maybe ı am trying to compensate for neslihan with her.at the end of the season(this weekend) ı think she will have more than one individual avard such as best scorer best server mvp etc.. :lol:

  • In my opinion there are so many rising stars that writing down all the names would be endless :D

    May I choose a team?

    Setter: Naz Aydemir from Turkey, only 17 and already won 2 national leagues and played in Champions League. The best young setter I know...

    Opposite: Silvia Morandi from Italy, she is amazing... she is 18 and plays for the second team of Novara. Left handed opposite. I bet whatever you want that she will be great! She played against Chieri in Italian Cup and she was top scorer with many points and with 70% of succesfull attacks.

    O.Hitters: Floortje Meijners from Netherlands, 19 years. She was an opposite first, but then Selinger made her receiving too and she has one of the most powerful jumping serve I know... and Serena Ortolani 19 from Italy... I think you all know her :wink2:

    Middle Blockers: Lucia Crisanti 21 from italy... had a surgery but she is great and I am sure she will soon wear again our national team jersey. Federica Stufi 19 from Italy... she is the most rising star of italian volley.

    Libero: Monica De Gennaro 20 from italy... did you see her last year with national team? Cardullo cannot be sure about her place in the team now hehehe :wink2:

  • ı think most talented and rising star is NAZ AYDEMİR as MVP of junior european championchips.as you all know it is so hard to get MVP award for a setter.but Naz really deserved it :win: she took 3 national leaue championchips and played in CL with eczacıbaşı as main setter.
    and eda erdem.she will be great MB.she has very good jumping servise and she is very good at killing bloks.she played beşiktaş but this year she signed with fenerbahçe.
    and yağmur koçyiğit (OH)(she will play with aguere) she is very ambitious.she was our old captain of junior NT.
    my last favourite is seda tokatlıoğu.especially she played really well in last grand prix.we didn t miss neslihan very much :D
    ı think you must watch this player if you haven t seen before :thumbsup:

  • Alena Hendzel is having a great season now, I think she's talented

  • To Russia2008:

    Is Goncharova originally from Ukraine?

  • I am sure that she is not originally a russian citizen. If my memory serves me right, she played for another national team in a Junior Competition - maybe the Junior European Volleyball Championship, where Kosheleva played for the russian junior team too and she played for the ukrainian team.

  • Stefana Veljkovic(MB) from Serbia, she has a great block skill. Maria Borodakova(MB) from Russia as well :)

    Agnieszka Bednarek(MB) from Poland, I think she's one of great young middle blockers, in addition she's beatufiul :D

    Margareta Kozuch(WS) from Germany, she plays very cleverly, I watch german National team's games =) almost of her.

    Kimura Saori(WS) from japan, she's playing in japanese national team, she's only 22 years old, and she has an expereince as a setter, also she has a good receive skill =) :win:

  • I have 8 upcoming stars:


    - Mcginnis will going to be USA's future setter. She has proven it when she beat Dani Lins and some other South/Central/North American veterans setters last Pan-Am Cup for the award. She is also tall as a setter (1.80m).

    - Naz is someone i admire very much. At an early age, she has achieved a lot. She will set wonderfully for Turkey in the next 10 years or so.


    - Foluke is a force-to-be-reckon with in the middle for the US in the future. If she really is going to pursue schooling, then USA is gonna miss a big catch in her. With Foluke around, USA will not going to miss Dani Scott's services that much.

    - Thaisa is Brazil's future MB once Walewska retires. She can set, block, serve and attack well....almost everything. Plus she is also young(same age with Foluke) and have proven in some of Brazil's games in the past.


    - Serena...hands down. She's young and talented. I have no other words for her but appreciation! I dont think she's an upcoming star as she is already a star in Italy.

    - Megan is from NCAA champion team of Penn State University. Still 19 and at 6'3...she's a future in the OH position for the US. Though still a junior at Penn State, she has achieved a lot of awards already including the most coveted NCAA Championship Most Outstanding Player beating other stars in Penn State or Stanford. I must say, she's a Logan Tom/Kim Glass in the making.


    - Same with Serena, she's already a star in Brazil. She's Brazil's future opposite. Its just a pity not seeing her in Beijing (could have removed Valeskhina there :lol: )

    - Sarah Pavan was part of the Nebraskan NCAA champion team of 2006. She was instrumental in that victory. I just dont know what country will she prefer to represent..Is it going to be Canada or Italy? But good thing she is now playing in Italian Serie A league.

    "[size=8]It's years and years of work and sacrifice and dedication. Along with a lot of these girls, we've sweat and we've bled and we've cried together in past Olympics. It just brought tears to my eyes, & I'm more than thrilled. This will be forever." -LOGAN MAILE LEI TOM (Silver Medallist - 2008 Beijing & 2012 London Olympic Games, 2011 World Cup runner up, 2003 & 2007 World Cup 3rd place, 2002 World Champs runner up, 4-time World GrandPrix Champs)

  • I think Pavan cannot play for Canada anymore as she chose to be an Italian citizen.