2012 Olympic Games

  • turkey is targeting fabi whenever they serve.... i wonder why???? :dance4:

  • Motta where's Nesli ? come on, his substitution policy is quite ridiculous in this match :down:

  • Brasil is doing bad... :gone:

  • too many mistakes by Turkey and too nervous play at the beginning but anyway congrats for a great fight and come back in this match :win: I'm sure in the next matches they will play much better, good luck :)

  • What an ugly ending to an otherwise thrilling match. :aww:

  • Eda made some critical serve-errors today :(

    Congratulations to Brazil :flower: :flower:

    Turkey showed a great fighting-spirit !!! Unfortunately too many unforced errors..

    Good luck for next match, Sultans of the net :super: :super:

  • Turkey was able to beat Brasil, but the mistakes killed it!

    Congratz Brasil (not deserved victory IMO). :aww:

  • I dont know but it seems like the aggressive fighting spirit from Brazil is gone now, with big yellings and moves after every point, they look quite calm now, obviously still with more tension than most teams but compared 2 before.

  • Thank you Turkey and Brazil for a fantastic thriller !

    Congratulations for my turkish girls, for a spectacular comeback in the fouth set and for their fighting spirit. Anyway, if we reduce our mistakes we can get some good results for sure.

  • Congratulations Brazil :flower: anyway im happy about 1 point :D

  • congrats to both teams. too much errors on both sides though :mad:

    it seems brazil has a really tough road ahead of them to protect their crown. my worst fear has been realized though: with mari gone, and paula nowhere her olympic mvp form, all eyes are on jaqueline who IS NOT a reliable player on crucial moments. she can only hit perfect balls with perfect sets. other than that, she tips balls or hit the ball out. :down:

  • The problemm is that it was the first match of Turkey, against the OG champions, in their first OG. Too much pression.

    If Turkey had more experience, I can't even imagine... :whistle:

    I'm happy for what Turkey, they are strong. They will be able to develop their game during the OG! :win:

  • What a tense match...despite the many mistakes...It was very nice match to watch!!! turkey spirit..amazing, If they havent made so mistakes, I think they could have won.

    Both teams did some great ralies....Brazil I think definetly improved from what they showed in GP, more defense better reception..but the team keeps having black outs...

    Anyway, congrats both teams..I guess a lot of great matches to come...all teams are fighting a lot for the balls..diferently than the last tournaments..

  • The number of spectators at the end of the game was less than half of the spectators at the beginning of the game. Interesting note.

    I am especially really glad to see our team playing strong on the net, at least equal performance to Brazil's at tie-break. But simple errors carried the game to a bad end which doesn't made me feel bad right now. Ironically the game was ended with an serve error.

    We must reduce to do simple errors and keep improving the tempo even higher. Not 1st time, not 2nd time but if there will be a chance to see Brazil against us again, i believe we will beat them in the most important game. We believe in you girls.

    Big congrats for both Brazil and Turkish players...