2012 Olympic Games

  • Even DR resists to rivals more than Serbia does :down: They are all out of shape. Turkey is playing well especially at serving-our real power-

  • U also know that how serbia could play with their main roster in EC2011 it explains everything what i tried to say 8o

    Of course they would be better if they had all players available, but what I mean is that even with those they have, they can play better than they do now. Ognjenovic is one of the world's best setters, but her performance in this tournament, especially in terms of tactics, has been way below her standard. Rasic's low attack % is mainly due to Ognjenovic, everyone knows when she will set to MB and Rasic most of the time has to attack against a double block in the middle...

  • my dream is for next matches...

    Turkey will lose (i prefer win) against USA with 3-2 and won korea game with Brazil's lose 3-1 or 3-0 to china and won 3-2 against korea...

    :roll: :D

  • 3rd set syndrome again :whistle:

  • U also know that how serbia could play with their main roster in EC2011 it explains everything what i tried to say 8o

    i know serbia plays very well but unfortunately i just dont see fire in their eyes right now

  • Neslihan is playing pretty cool today :thumbup:

  • Neslihan is killing the balls even against triple blocks whereas she was failing against single blocks two days ago :lol:

  • Neslihan is playing pretty cool today :thumbup:

    That's because Serbia isn't in good shape.

  • Our team need morale... We started to tournament very nervous at brazil game and that effected us in china game... but it's normal. this is our first olympiad. other teams played here before...

  • It's very rare to see Brakocevic play a set without being subbed.

  • Yeah we can say from now that turkey won this match 3-0 but they didnt seem so well to me even against serbia,i wonder what korea will do against brazil today it means much for me than this match

  • Congratulations to Filenin Sultanlari :flower: :flower: :flower:

    Polen :super: :super: :super:

    I wonder who will be starting opposite next match :D :win: :teach: :whistle:

  • Congratulations Turkey ! of course Serbia played terrible match but Turkey has improved since last time, especially Nesli good to see her coming back to her normal shape. Also good substitution by Busra and Polen today :win:

  • Turkey wins 3-0. quite frankly, I expected Serbia to fight with more determination but they were just terrible. The 2 opponents left for them are usa and Brazil and it's impossible for them to win against those teams with the way they are now.