2012 Olympic Games

  • this early, i want to congratulate USA. the koreans just can't penetrate their blocks...

  • Congrats to usa! Hope they win gold. They deserve it! :thumbup: Korea's fighting spirit is very commendable. They put up a very good resistance against the opponent and that deserves praise. Coming in to the olympics, they were far from being the favorites but look at them now. I think they have very good chances of earning bronze since they are playing much better than Japan now. But regardless whether they win or lose, it's already a big achievement for them to reach the semis. :thumbup:

  • Korea should leave with their head high. :)

    Though they couldn't take a set today, I think this match was even more balanced than when the two teams met in the first round. USA had to play their best all 3 sets in order to win, and Korea gave them less than 10 points in error. In the 3rd, seemed koreans were defeated, let down by losing the 2nd, but with that good sequence of blocks, the team returned to the match and made the americans sweat a bit. And Korea's match is the upcoming epic bronze battle, anyway. So, I'm satisfied by this first semifinal. Cool match, very well played.

  • I wish they could meet in the final but even this is a great success for Korea :) but ofcourse I'm happy that USA won this. Good luck in the final girls! you deserve the title!

  • Congrats to both teams! USA is simply the best team and I believe whoever is their opponent in final, they will win 3-0 again. Korea played a good game and never gave up even when it looked really bad early in 3rd set, I hope they can take bronze at least.

  • Congratulations USA :drink:

    The team has a chance to complete for a gold medal again, I'm so happy. :dance4:
    Even though it's a 3-0 win, it's a tight match. The USA reception was not so good as their usual level. Tom had some sub-par performance. But has to give a lot of credit to Korea.

    Kim prove herself again how good she is. Not only good hitting (35%, 18 points), the reception also very good 73% excellent today :rose: And I'm happy, there's more respect to the Korea team now. This is the team that come to the SF by beating Japan to get Qualification, beating BRA to survive from the pool of dead, beating ITA in QF. They really deserve respect. I hope they get bronze!

    Go USA!!! :win:

  • USA is too strong to cope with :obey: :white: They know what to do in critical moments and even though they didn't show their best performance, no set for Korea! Kim and Han tried to make their best, Kim played as always, Han pushed her limits but it isn't enough to take at least one set.

    USA's defence system is the best! Yeah, even better than Asian teams! It is the best because when they defend, they can kill that ball in any way. Japan and China has an incredible defence system as well but they don't have Hooker who manages to kill every ball from every position!

    Congratulations both USA and Korea! :drink:

  • Congrats to the US team for winning and to the Koreans giving the US team one hell of a fight.

    Now waiting for the results of Brazil vs Japan. I want the Brazilians to win. :D

  • Congratulations USA :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:

  • Any livestream for Brazil-Japan?

  • Go USA!

    So happy that they've made it to the final.

    I think there was definitely a sign of nerves at times for the Americans and they gave up a few freebies to the Koreans but we must keep in mind that for players like Larson, Akinradewo, Harmotto, and Hooker this is just their first Olympics and those sort of nerves are expected. What I was happy about is that when the pressure built in the second and third sets they were able to respond and close out the set and match. Korea is playing the best volleyball they've played in the past 4 years, probably more, and they have undoubtedly the best player in the world. A 3-set sweep is a huge positive both physically for reserving their energy and mentally for confidence. I anticipate that the coaching staff will do a lot of preparation and are very familiar with both of USA's potential opponents.

    I can't really envision how the second semifinal will be. Brazil has been so up and down, even in the Russia match, that their play is hard to predict but I am hoping that they advance. Brazil and USA are so familiar with each others' games that I think it would make for the best final. Korea and Japan and are also huge rivals so it would be a fun bronze medal match. However, I won't count Japan totally out just yet! They showed a lot of grit and heart in their quarterfinal match and I think they are hungry and realize the opportunity they have in front of them. Good luck to both squads!

  • Congrats Usa team.They deserved to be in the final.And good luck for the final.
    Korea has an unimposing game,they are a good team but they lack something i dont know what it is. They have Kim but they dont have powerful spikers,even Kim isnt that powerful. she plays with her great technique and fast.Han played well.I think, aproaching to the end of the each sets, Korean setters should have used Kim much more.if i were in their place i would set every ball to Kim after 20's.And another weak point for Korea is that they dont have powerful serve.Only middle player( number 17) and sometimes Kim can serve well.They have to serve much better if they want to beat strong teams.Btw, whenever she serves i wache her with a open mouth....how stably can Larson serve?? thats a great advantage fro Usa team indeed, the same for Logan.these two are not great at attacking but their serves are great,bravo!!

  • the game shows that usa has more experience not only in terms of olympics but in terms of playing in the foreign leagues while korea only has kim playing overseas in turkey, another advantage is in the coach, the coach of the usa team is very transparent and use his players tactically