2012 Olympic Games

  • And what the hell did Tandara think when she did those eyebrows??? :lol: :lol: :aww:

    Classy statement. :D

  • Finally we have a match of two teams and not only one...

    Both teams hardly ever use the MBs in attack...Dani tried early in 1st set but Thaisa made 2 errors directly and since then she forgot about her...or both teams are afraid of the opponent MBs ;)

  • Brazil is playing better now :thumbup: I hope they keep this way!!! :super:

  • Here we go again...12x12 :whistle:

  • Looks like 1st set really insulted Brazil's pride and now they want revenge :D Jaqueline is playing very very well! In attack she has the luxury of facing Berg's block, but also in reception and defense she does great work!

  • This is where Olympic experience helps Hooker, Hodge and Larson all look nervous.

  • And Brazil takes set 2: 25x17

    Keep this way, Brazil! :white:

  • USA needs Larson in the game! Even if she does not score much, they simply cannot afford to have Hodge and Davis in reception!
    Brazil's serves were the key in this set, even though USA does not make direct errors in reception they often cause situations where Berg has only one option in attack and has problems to reach the ball...

  • Come on Brazil! Dani Lins is doing a fantastic job, its just that her hitters arent performing.

  • I have a feeling that Brazil would come back to win 3:1