2012 Olympic Games

  • Thaisa, Thaisa, Thaisa! And Jacqueliiiine! :drink:

    And so much for a team w/out a domestic championship? Really??? Go easily home, Stati Uniti. :wavy:

  • Americans must regret not letting Turkey win now. :D

    Yeah calculating in groups helps sometimes, even for USA :lol:

  • Americans must regret not letting Turkey win now. :D

    Ha, I guess USA underestimate Brazil,
    just like Italy underestimate Korea
    I think you cannot underestimate any team

  • now olympics comitee please pick kim as the mvp :heart:

  • now olympics comitee please pick kim as the mvp :heart:

    Pleeease! o//

  • YESSS! THANK YOU BRAZIL! You are the best! :dance4: :cup:
    I had a feeling that after epic win over Russia they are going to run over any opposition on the road for gold.
    USA - Was it worth to win meaningless game over Turkey ? :lol:
    What does people who predicted USA win 3-0, 3-1 feel now :rolll:

  • Congrats to Brazil for improving their play when it matters. Sheilla and Fabiana found their form from 2008. While I wish the Americans played better I expected the youngsters to be nervous and their play reflected that. There is no shame in a silver medal and the effort they've put in over the quadrennial. You can't win them all and the better team won today.

  • Jaque or Dani Lins for MVP. Kim? Oh please....

  • Bad passing killed the offense for the US. Brazil completely turned around the match. It is very weird looking at the final points for this match. 86-79.

    US just could not kill the ball when it had chances.

    Brazil proves why they are #1 in the world (except in the World Championships) because they fight for every ball.

    I am proud of the US ladies but I am a little sad because they have been playing so well in the last two years.
    Congrats also to the Japanese women for their Bronze, the first one since 1984. Takeshita who has put in all of the time as one of the shortest setters at the national level proved that she is one of the best. A great way to close her international career.

  • Congrats Brasil for having shown that you still have that winning soul..im sorry for Usa players...they were very close for a title but it wasnt enough with this performance..Hooker has alot of road to walk....the same for Hodge...

  • Congratulations, Brazil!

    Step by step, day by day! :heart:

  • It's over now for the USA. :pinch: I'm really sad.
    But anyway, congratulations to Brazil. They deserved it.

    The big problem with the US team today is the OG newbies and Hugh. Except Foluke, the rest of the newbies really get nerve. Hooker can't kill, Hodge can't receive, Hamotto doesn't contribute much. Larson also did not contribute much to the team. And the big part of the problem is Hugh's substitution. It has shown that it was not working but he still kept Hodge until 6 point after the in last set. :down: Oh, yes, I forgot to mention how bad Davis reception today X(

    Tom played excellent. She did everything well both attack and receive.I'm so sorry for her as this is her last OG already. :(

  • So so so so sorry for Logan. She deserved it more than everyone ;(

  • Congrats Brazil ! Congrats Joana :drink:

  • Wow...this is shocking after all. Brazil had so many problems in this tournament, a terrible preliminary, a hard-fought 21-19 victory in QF, a very forgettable 1st set in the final, but in the end, they always managed to fight back and I have great respect for that. During the preliminary I said Brazil only play well when they are in the mood and when things go well but they are not ready to work hard for success, but they proved me wrong since QF. Jaqueline played the match of her life today and I hope she will be MVP. Dani Lins definitely had her breakthrough tournament and I hope this will finally give her the boost of confidence she needed so desperately, then she will be Brazil's main setter for a long time.

    Now, USA...I don't agree that Silver is a success for them. For me, they did not win Silver but they lost Gold today. Until 1st set of the final, they were always clearly the best team of the tournament, but then all of a sudden things started to go wrong, mainly because Brazil found the weak spot in person of Nicole Davis and Hugh was quite stubborn with insisting on Hodge. And about the "new" players being nervous, that is no excuse for me. Fe Garay and Dani Lins also never played OG before, Jaqueline and Thaisa were bench players 4 years ago, so that is no difference between the teams.

    Anyway the result might be a little consolation for Russia, the only match they lost in the tournament was 19-21 against the Olympic champion with having 6 match points...but on the other hand, they might imagine that they themselves could have been champion now had they converted one of the match points.