Where are they now? (Younger Version)

  • Maybe they cant play better (usually) but its many players that still holds a high level after 30. Gioli, Ravva as u mention at 35-37, Turlea is 37 and still very good. Estes was maybe the best OH in Russian SL last season at 37 yrs. Sokolova is 35 and still one of the best OHs. Piccinini is 33, Del Core 32, Costagrande is 32 and was MVP in World Cup in november. Aguero is 35 and was fantastic couple of yrs. ago. Natasa Osmokrovic was one of the best in the world 1-2 yrs. ago at around 35. Glinka is 34 and still one of the best OPPs in the world IMO. Haneef had a really good season last one and is 33 yrs. old, Gamova is 32, we can go on and on...

    read more carefully Anton, I was talking about MBs :roll: Of course there are good players even at late their ages. But if we are talking about a general trend, MBs are underperforming after their 31-32 from my point of view. I can make the same generalization for setters and liberos as vice versa 8)

  • The setter was Marija Pucarevic, who now plays in Germany, so Matthias can talk about her more.

    She is an OK player, but faaar from the level of Serbia NT setters. Her level is good for most European leagues I think, but not for absolute top teams, and as long as Ognjenovic, Antonijevic, Zivkovic and Radenkovic (though I never watched her yet) are around, she won't have a chance to be in NT.

  • Actually Rasiç played as far as I remember whereas Veljkoviç was injured as you said


    I think Malagurski and Bjelika are like Nikoliç whereas both Lazareviç and Maleseviç are playing like Vesoviç. (I don't think none of these three would add your NT more than Molnar. :whistle: )

    Biggest gain from this generation was MBs as obvious. Both Rasiç and Veljkoviç should be starter even in this OG. They would be enough 2 more Olympic cycle for Serbia :thumbup:

    About setters Serbia always succeed to find a good setter in any generation
    from 80-81 Simaniç
    from 83-84 ?(
    from 84-85 Ognjenoviç
    from 86-87 Antonijeviç
    from 88-89 Zivkoviç
    from 90-91 8|
    from 92-93 Radenkoviç

    It would be nice to hear something about setters from this generation since even Radenkoviç makes a good impression on me but I don't remember anything about Pucareviç 8|

    What do you think about the reason Sara Klisura stopped developing? She was more solid player in youth category but after that she didn't play in NT ?(

    You didn't mention about liberos, what would you say about Nina Rosiç? Do you think she will be better than Popoviç?

    Drpa was a big disappointment as well. she was insane :whistle: But I didn't hear anything about Mratinkovic.

    Serbia has very good 92 and 94 generation as well. Which player do you think will be good prospects?

  • I think Vesovic was attacking like a cuban in WQT though ;) I hope (and think) she will be succesfull in Severstal now.

    I have never seen a Cuban player who is such decent at receiving but bad at attacking :roll:

  • Where is Dilara Bilge? She had a huge potential a few years ago but she just disappeared.

  • It would be good idea! Maybe 1990 and younger generations

    Okay, then obviously there are some players who are still young and will play in the National after the retirement of the senators like Gioli, Cardullo, Piccinini and Lo Bianco. For example Garzaro, Arrighetti, Merlo, De Gennaro, Bechis, Lucia Bosetti and others who are born before 1990 and will continue to play for a long time.
    Born in or after 1990 I report these players who I think are the most talented by role:
    SETTER: Camera, Signorile. Well, I don't like both of them but honestly they are the only two decent young setters we have. I don't find in them big margins of improvements and also much talent. This is the reason why I hope Ferretti will play in NT after the retirement of Lo Bianco.
    OPPOSITE: Zago, Diouf. I really believe in Valentina Zago. Last season she played in A2 and probably was the best player and the biggest surprire of all the league. She is left-handed and phisically very powerful. 46% for a young opposite in her first professional season is so much stuff (TANTISSIMA ROBA :lol:). She has only to limit the errors but I think she will have fun us in the next years.
    About Diouf. We know her phisical potentialities. Personally I don't like this type of players but anyway I think that we have to focus a lot on her because in Italy there aren't girls with this physics.
    MIDDLE BLOCKER: Olivotto, Folie, Pisani, Bertone, Rosa. Folie is already within the NT. I quite like her but now she hasn't the level to compete in starting six. She has to work a lot to become an international player, like all of the girls I quoted. Unfortunately we haven't any Rasic yet.
    Pisani and Bertone were the two starters of Junior NT that won the last World Championship. About Bertone we have to do the same speech of Diouf. Potentialities there are, now it's time to grow them. Pisani is pure fighting spirit. Fantastic warrior, securely with this willpower she will become strong.
    Olivotto is my bet. Two seasons ago she played in Trento (B1) with Folie and she was considered the stronger of the two. After that, she had problems to play starter in A1 in Pesaro because Manzano and Guiggi were stronger than her. So last season she decided to play in Casalmaggiore, A2, and she showed all her qualities. She is ready to become starter in A1's team.
    Rosa is a 18 years old girl that last season played in B1. She comes from youth Monteschiavo Jesi and I would test her in A2 next season because she impressed me a lot when I saw her playing. She has a very great first attack.
    OUTSIDE HITTER: C. Bosetti, Gennari, Scarabelli, Partenio All these girls have already played in A1 as starters.
    Bosettina is one of the biggest talent in the world. I think she would retrace the same path of Piccinini. Gennari and Scarabelli were two of the best promises in the last years but both of them were persecuted by injuries. Scarabelli is a fantastic digger and has a very good reception, instead Gennari is good in attack but has to work a lot in reception. If injuries leave them in peace, I think they will play for NT. Partenio is stronger then them in my opinion. She may be the perfect partner for Caterina. I hope she resume well after a bad season in Modena.
    LIBERO: Sirressi, Merlo. I could write ten more names. Italy is the homeland of liberos. :rolll:
    The one I prefer is Sirressi. For me she deserves to play in NT even now, but as we know Cardullo is an institution.

    Serdar, I promised that I would have answered. Perhaps a bit (A BIIIIIIIIIIT :lol:) late, but I've been really busy in this period.

  • No worries, late but very good answer :drink:

    Among players you have mentioned, I only didn't watch Zago and Gennari, but will have a look soon. After reading your wide analysis it doesn't seem that bad for future of Italy. Only problem would be lack of good setter probably. Do you think that all veteran players will leave NT after OG or will they play for World Championship in Italy?

  • Polish team from Junior ECH 2008:
    L: Izabela Śliwa, Angelika Bulbak
    S: Joanna Wołosz, Aleksandra Pasznik
    MB: Monika Martałek, Maja Tokarska, Sylwia Pelc
    WS: Patrycja Polak, Katarzyna Bryda, Tamara Kaliszuk, Katarzyna Lisiecka, Agata Skiba

    I suppose that half of these players could be unkwown by wider audience. Players in bold has at least one chance to show their potential in senior NT.
    Due to quite hard availability of 1st Polish volley league about few players I don't know much.

    Izabela Śliwa is daughter of Magdalena Śliwa, still active 43 yo setter. She didn't have chances to show how she plays in PlusLiga, because of Paulina Maj in Atom Trefl Sopot. She played in Murowana Goślina, now she joined to strong team Chemik Police.
    Angelika Bulbak became new libero in AZS Białystok, so she will play in PlusLiga, she had good season in Sparta Warszawa.

    Joanna Wołosz is certainly player who uses her chance. She joined to senior NT in 2010 and played in WCH due to unknown reason of cutting out current first setter and captain, Kasia Skorupa. Since two years, she's second setter in polish NT. In PlusLiga since few years she is starting setter in Impel Wrocław and now in Aluprof Bielsko-Biała.
    Aleksandra Pasznik played in PlusLiga, while Gedania was in it, but she was only substitute player. In Chemik Police probably she won't be first, in club there is also Lucie Muhlsteinova.

    Middle Blocker:
    Monika Martałek was on of the best MB's this season in PTPS Piła. Alojzy Świderek noticed that and she had opportunity to play in Ankara instead of experienced although not much played Katarzyna Anioł (Gajgał). Her performance was impressive, but she isn't playing at WGP.
    Maja Tokarska is another talented player, who finally made debut in senior NT. Next season will be her fifth in PlusLiga - last season in Atom wasn't so impressive, but she's still one of the best MB's of the league. Next season she'll play in Tauron Dąbrowa Górnicza.
    Sylwia Pelc after good season 2010/11 in Pałac Bydgoszcz played in WGP, she played last season in Aluprof Bielsko but she wasn't so good.

    Wing spiker - Outside Hitter & Opposite:
    Patrycja Polak she can play both as OPP and OH. Last 2 seasons in Bydgoszcz were good and she'll play in Impel Wrocław. She made her debut in NT, but due to health problems, she didn't play in senior NT so much - she had few chances to play in Montreux in 2010.
    Katarzyna Bryda isn't tall girl, but she had power in her hand. She can play both as OH and OPP, since 2009 she's playing in Budowlani Łódź, but she's mostly substitute and it probably won't change - in club appeared Dorota Ściurka & Aleksandra Kruk.
    Tamara Kaliszuk is OPP, she played one season in Gedania in PlusLiga and spiked quite strong. Since that time she played constantly in 1st league: PTPS Piła (after withdrew and buying place by Atom), Chemik Police, next season she'll play in Aleksandrów Łódzki
    Katarzyna Lisiecka is another OPP, playing in 1st league - KSZO Ostrowiec Św. I haven't seen her at least once.
    Agata Skiba is OH, till 2011 she was in Pałac Bydgoszcz, she came mostly on serve, now she's playing in Murowana Goślina - 1st league.

    Unfortunately in Poland mentality isn't so good - many young good players are "perspective" for many years (like Klaudia Kaczorowska :lol:) and lost their abilities, wasting time on benches, fortunately part of them like Wołosz, Martałek & Tokarska could play as starters and got access to senior NT. Thanks to widening rosters for WGP now we can see playing new 17 yo MB, Agnieszka Kąkolewska.

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  • Thanks for detailed explanation :win:

    It would be nice to hear same for 1992 and 1994 generation? Especially your 1994 generation has really perspective players who I've watch in both European and World Youth Championship :whistle:

  • Polish team from JWCH 2011 -> 92/93 (mine :D) generation:
    L: Dorota Medyńska
    S: Emilia Kajzer, Gabriela Jasińska
    MB: Justyna Sosnowska, Anna Łozowska, Aleksandra Sikorska
    WS: Ewelina Mikołajewska, Anna Grejman, Emilia Mucha, Ewa Śliwińska,Zuzanna Czyżnielewska, Koleta Łyszkiewicz

    Only 3 from these players are in rosters in lower leagues, so it's a good sign. Players in bold had the biggest chances to play in PlusLiga, so I give them bigger chances to NT, if in next season they will play impressively

    Dorota Medyńska since last season is in Impel Wrocław. She wasn't starter, but when she replaced Aleksandra Krzos her game was good and even better than main libero. Now Krzos is leaving, so Dorota can show how she good is.

    Emilia Kajzer in last season became substitute in PTPS Piła. She got chances to play, but rather in hard moments, when PTPs had difficultie, she could play without pressure. She still will be substitute, because to PTPS came Marina Katić
    Gabriela Jasińska last season spent on bench in Murowana Goślina, now she's coming to Wieżyca Stężyca, new club in 1st league, maybe there she will get chance to be starter

    Middle Blocker:
    Justyna Sosnowska is playing in Pałac Bydgoszcz, she became starter after Julia Szeluchina got injured and she could handle the pressure. I don't know if she will stay as starter, it depends on Natalia Zemtsova - if she stay and on new player - it could be Rachel Adams, but it's rumour.
    Anna Łozowska played in PlusLiga in 3 clubs: Gedania, TPS Rumia & AZS Białystok (now). She's perspective player, but she has to fight for a place in line-up with MB from Trinidad Sinead Jack and experienced Dominika Kuczyńska (but it is still possible that Dominika may leave team).
    Aleksandra Sikorska - last MB on JWCH in Peru played last season in Sparta Warszawa (1st league), so I don't know her.

    Wing spiker - Outside Hitter & Opposite:
    Ewelina Mikołajewska - OH/OPP she was substitute in TPS Rumia, now she is substitute in Budowlani Łódź, probably she will be on bench with another player from this thread, Kasia Bryda
    Anna Grejman - OH/OPP in Pałac Bydgoszcz - only substitute, she didn't have many chances to play last season, now maybe she gets more, if Rita Liliom (OH/OPP from Hungary) won't play in Bydgoszcz
    Emilia Mucha - OH also in Bydgoszcz and also on bench and she still remains there
    Ewa Śliwińska OH from Sparta Warszawa, I didn't have opportunity to see her in action, mayber she will go to play in Kraków
    Zuzanna Czyżnielewska - thanks to Ewa Kowalkowska and Agata Pura she became starting OPP in Pałac Bydgoszcz and was one of the most impressive players in her age, probably she will become starter in next season, but she need to improve a bit and she certainly take over place of Joanna Kaczor in NT
    Koleta Łyszkiewicz - OH/OPP in Aluprof Bielsko-Biała, she didn't have many chances to play, so she isn't in bold. However she has potential, but in Bielsko there was big rivalry for a place in starting line-up and Mariusz Wiktorowicz didn't rely on her. Now coach became Wiesław Popik and in Bielsko there are 3 liberos, so her chances are increasing and she's quite pretty :rose:

    There is one good in Poland system of teaching volleyball - we have a club joined with secondary & high school for girls, SMS Sosnowiec and they are playing in 1st league. Maybe all from these players were learning there, many wellknown polish players graduated from this school - there is a good place for rising talents. Now I'm too exhausted to write about '94 generation, but I will do it tomorrow (today, but in the afternoon :D) - players from this generation are still learning there in high school, maybe not all, but certainly most of them. And now I can only say goodnight :)

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  • Among players you have mentioned, I only didn't watch Zago and Gennari, but will have a look soon. After reading your wide analysis it doesn't seem that bad for future of Italy. Only problem would be lack of good setter probably. Do you think that all veteran players will leave NT after OG or will they play for World Championship in Italy?

    Unfortunately I'm not sure that you will be able to see Zago playing next season because she has renewed with Casalmaggiore and A2 matches unfortunately are not broadcasted. Maybe if you are interested I'll try to recover some matches's video and I'll post it here.

    Anyway the future doesn't seem so bad, true, apart setter. About who will leave the NT after OG..Well, surely FINALLY Barbolini. :lol:
    After him I don't know. Almost all of them will continue to 2014. Maybe Del Core will leave the team, also because she's no longer able to stay there even now and she'll go to the OG also because Barbolini loves her. But fortunately off Barbolini, off Antonella.
    The other I hope that will leave the team is Lo Bianco. Not because I don't like her but 'cause I think Ferretti deserves to play some years as holder and deserves to recover all the time lost with Barbolini as a coach.
    Costagrande, Gioli, and Cardullo will continue for sure. Piccinini depends on her physical condition. If Francesca won't have problems, will play until 2014.

  • yes,i'm very agree with you!
    If Partenio could improve her reception,she is good partner of cate.However,both OH are not tall...I'm not sure that scarabelli could show in A1,how many operations of her knee?and don't forget Perinelli.
    Pisani is real talent blocker after Barazza,she likes a fighter on court ,then giulia let everyone make sure that i could stop spikers.

  • Polish team from Girls WCH 2011 -> 94/95 generation:
    L: Anna Korabiec
    S: Natalia Gajewska, Ewelina Tobiasz
    MB: Ewelina Janicka, Karolina Szymańska
    WS: Julia Twardowska, Paulina Głaz, Patrycja Flakus, Aleksandra Wójcik, Martyna Graber, Natalia Strózik
    U: Iga Chojnacka

    In this generation none of players isn't blod, because I don't know these players much, for me the most talented could be Iga Chojnacka, she is really universal - she can be MB, OH or OPP. Another girl which has potential is MB Agnieszka Kąkolewska, however she wasn't in Turkey in last year. Now she's in Taipei with senior NT. Both Chojnacka and Paulina Głaz are also in wide roster for WGP. Most girls were or are in SMS Sosnowiec. Only Patrycja Głaz & Natalia Gajewska weren't there, the rest is still learning there or graduated from this school.

    Other girls which played in 2010 JECH & 2009 JWCH - all phases (only not mentioned):
    L: Daria Michalak, Magdalena Matusiak (also OH)
    S: Ewelina Polak
    MB: Aleksandra Szymańska (also OPP)
    OH: Dominika Nowakowska (L/OH), Natalia Kurnikowska (OH/OPP), Sylwia Chmiel (OH/OPP)
    OP: Justyna Pawlak, Karolina Grzelak, Laura Tomsia

    From these list in PlusLiga played Daria Michalak, but after part time of last season she was fired due to her horrible performance in Aluprof Bielsko, she'll play in Stal Mielec (1st league). There was also Magda Matusiak, but she was substitute on reception, she can also couldn't handle role of 1st libero and later in last season she was loaned, but now she is back in Bielsko. Till 2010 in Pałac Bydgoszcz was Dominika Nowakowska, but only as substitute to reception, now she's playing in 1st league (Aleksandrów Łódzki). Also in PlusLiga was Natalia Kurnikowska in Gedania & Tauron, but last season she was on loan in 1st league, she'll play in AZS Białystok next year, with Ewelina Polak - setter from Sparta Warszawa (1st league), Sylwia Chmiel - WS from KSZO Ostrowiec (1st league) & Laura Tomsia - Berenika's sister, which was brought in Gedania. Last player which played in PlusLiga is Aleksandra Szymańska - she played in Gednia & TPS Rumia, she 'll play with Michaslak in Stal Mielec. About 2 other OPP's I have nothing to say.

    I think that's enough about Polsih Junior/Youth players from '90-'94 generations, I mentioned about over 40 players, from who we can create nice & perspective NT, for example:
    L: Iza Śliwa, Dorota Medyńska, Angelika Bulbak
    S: Joanna Wołosz, Emilia Kajzer, Ewelina Tobiasz
    MB: Maja Tokarska, Monika Martałek, Sylwia Pelc, Justyna Sosnowska, Agnieszka Kąkolewska
    OH: Patrycja Polak, Katarzyna Bryda, Koleta Łyszkiewicz, Patrycja Głaz, Iga Chojnacka
    OPP: Laura Tomsia, Natalia Kurnikowska, Zuzanna Czyżnielewska

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  • I'm not 100% sure but as far as I remember Chojnacka played as MB in European and World Championships. :)

    yes, she played as MB, but I wrote that she's universal player, I think that she could be OH/OPP if Kąkolewska could have played in Turkey ^^

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  • Thanks for answer again :drink:

    I really liked Iga when I've watch her in both European and World Championsip . But if I am not wrong she was short player for a MB, wasn't she? ?(

    And why Kąkolewska didn't play in youth level? Injury? Will she play in junior championship?

  • Thanks for answer again :drink:
    I really liked Iga when I've watch her in both European and World Championsip . But if I am not wrong she was short player for a MB, wasn't she? ?(
    And why Kąkolewska didn't play in youth level? Injury? Will she play in junior championship?

    Iga as I said is universal, maybe she played as MB because there wasn't anyone better left, but you can see quite short MB like Giulia Pisani and she's still quite good blocker. About Kąkolewska I have no idea, she wasn't even in wide 19-player roster, I think she has bigger chance to play in next JECH & JWCH due to her attending in senior NT, she can be our future ^^

    Aleksandra Sikorska is another youngster who can show her abilities in PlusLiga :), she'll play in Budowlani Łódź.

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