2014 FIVB World Championship - Italy - 9/23

  • well, the linesmen are italian too and they called a few balls out for ITA that were in.

    the challenge on the ball that ended 2nd set was correct though but i disagree on that folie spike. it was very close but out.

    Yes, I totally agree the last ball in second set was correct. But the service line fault clearly seems wrong to me. It was close but clean. If challenges fail twice and both are biased to one side, I tend to believe something is wrong, as challenge is supposed to be very precise and accurate.

  • So much people of facebook thinks like this and your thoughts cant change the truth.Germany had a horrible tournament and if they dont change the wrong things that will be worse.What happened your successfull big competition team? Explain this before you start argue with the truth.

    Belgium compete almost the first time in this competiion and they completed it at 10th place this is awesome.Its not like as germany came for medal and finished ot at 9th with being slapeed almost in every crucial match :whistle: :wavy:

    I would have so many things to answer, but I'll stick to something I read a while ago:

    "Don’t argue with idiots; they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

    And would you please remove your avatar of German team if you find them so terrible?

  • I don't know if this has been discussed before, but the competition format is terrible, horrendous. Apart from the draw, where 3 all time greats are in 1 bracket and where Dominican republic can just cruise to the final group in the other bracket, where China is laughing it's head off, but that is just nick picking, I actually want DR to get a medal, I rate them as team of tournament, no doubt.
    The point is, majority of teams in 2nd round have nothing to play for, 2nd round should be where the tourney should really start in any sport comp, yet this disingeneous fromat promotes no competition no cutting edge comp any way, yes of course they want to win it is wc after all but what for? basically 1st rnd is where everything was decided, which is ridiculous, a team like Turkey EVEN if they had beaten USa and won ALL their games would still not have qualified, btw i ranted about Turkeys poor 1st rnd , I think i have been justified why, a couple of points more.... and it still wouldn't have been enough!! :thumbsup: This is not about partisanship, what i stated stands for every team that has not had a great 1st rnd, Basically any team not in 1st or 2 in 1st rnd should be packing it's bags to go home yet have to play 4 meaningless games.. It seems like majority of games i have watched have been meaningless, apart from 1 or 2 key games, which is absurdly poor for promoting the game

  • the question remains, can ITA go all the way to the final like POL men?

    i'd say no, it seems BRA, US are much stronger but who knows… they are at home...

    I'd say yes. They have been very convincing today and even though Del Core, Costagrande, Centoni, Lo Bianco and Arrighetti have all been on bench in the end nobody would call what was left a "B" team. I think they have a fair shot at a medal and I would not be too surprised if it could be the golden one too.

  • Fabris is amazing can't wait to watch her in Modena :D
    And today Grbac was very good and she has very fast sets and smart settings
    But Brcic was better on this WCH and i hope she will improve too :D

  • The guys sitting there are just handling the technique, the 2nd referee needs to make the decision by seeing the video material. But yes, challenge system has worked MUCH better in men's WCH :!:

    Yes, that is the way supposed to be. But I have noticed more than a handful of times that the second referee simply was told the result before he actually went to see the screen. Especially for in and out calls.

  • I just received the statistics for best digger and the one on the World Championship site are incorrect.

    This is the correct one.

    Mariya Filipova on fourth place! One proof our place is not 12th in the world but higher.

  • Great victory of Italy NT this evening :flower: :flower:
    Almost without Centoni, del Core and Costagrande, and moreover without block during 2 sets and a half,
    Italy wins 3 / 1 against a great team like the Chinese one.
    Most of bloggers said Italy was old ... but today there were 4 young players in the main 7 ones : Diouf, Bosetti, Chirichella and Folie.
    By the way ...
    Ferretti :obey: Diouf :obey: Folie :obey: Cardullo :obey:

  • Don't get me started on challenge system, i am all against it for starters, that horrible russian coach would call for it every chance, destroying the games flow.
    BUT as it stands, "the touch look" is mind boggling and another reason why i can't take Fivba seriously, they only look at it from the side, and 1 side only, surely look at it from head on or behind camera angle?? am i right or wrong?? judging the touch look is only 25% accurate as it is , head on or behind would make it 75%, giving another angle(from other side) would make it more accurate close to 100%.
    seriously tell me if i have missed anything here , i'll not post ever again if i did. I am not even sure what the challenge system entails in the WC, i thought it was just ball out/in, and they had done away with the rest.

  • Espicalski :obey: Pobornikov :obey:

  • I agree. There is a bunch of games without real thrill for big teams.
    But when you take 24 teams, how can we hope things could be different.
    The main problem is here but taking 24 team is not completely bad : a lot of games even if there is not a big suspense in some of them.