2014 FIVB World Championship - Italy - 9/23

  • does anyome know why thailand played without all of their good players? Noostra, Pleumijt, Onuma, Wilawan. Something must have happend there.

    you must have missed the thread before. all of THAI stars were in korea for the asian games, they won bronze. i think only a few reserve players from A team (like ajcharaporn) were in italy.

  • who's the DOM backup setter? angeles? she's listed as 189 cm (6'2). she'd be as tall as the italian setter, rondon, and moellers of germany, no?

    DOM really needs a stronger bench. they seem to be strong in OHs but need more setters and MBs.

  • OMG!!!!

    Pool G : ITA . CHN . DOM
    Pool H : BRA .USA . RUS


    1 G vs 2 H
    1 H vs 2 G

  • What Russia, brazil anf usa together !
    This will be very interesting but i don't like it :/

  • Italy are not like Poland, they payed a lot and want something in return for their money :D Even if Italy wins the title it will not be respected for it like Poland who beat the strongest teams for it.

  • As always ,M_COTOX just pulled some bullsh#t out of his ass. :read:

  • I think draw will show:

    A- Brazil, Italy, Dominican Republic

    B- Russia, USA, China

  • If I good remember in Men's WCH was the same rule but Poland and Brazil as Groups Winners were in the same pool.

  • I even don't see one match from Men's WCH, maybe first POL-SRB a little.

    In that case, looking for Men's draw, tomorrow will see:

    A- Italy, Russia, Dominican Republic

    B- Brazil, USA, China

  • @DS14

    Watch the match: it was great & Cardu made some interesting digs :thumbsup:

    Right, very interesting game for (real) volleyball lovers ; 2 strong teams and a big strategic battle. Bonitta made a lot of changes in 2nd and 3 sets because Chinese players (especially Ting Zhu) brought a lot of problems for Italians.

    La Cardullina : digs, well yes. But moreover it's the high quality of her sets which makes the difference with Monica (a good libero anyway).
    I think Bonitta will put Lo Bianco and De Gennaro for Final Six again because Ferretti and Cardullo came back from injuries.

  • To remain serious ... Brazil is more than ever the big fav of this championship