2014 FIVB World Championship - Italy - 9/23

  • Congrats to China :flower:
    Spectacular attack and amazaing defence :cheesy:

  • Qiuyue Wei is a diamant. I can't believe Lang Ping tried to play wih other setters. She had to set almost the whole match behind the 3 m line and still her quality was amazing. And would you like to talk about the one hand set to Zhu Ting? Amazing. She emulated Alisha Glass' performance. On the other hand a really poor Lo Bianco emulated Dani Lins. Costagrande useless as always on international level. Centoni did what she could since Lo Bianco's set to her were totally wrong. Lina Del Core was just amazing. Zhu Ting was a beast, just like the tall MB Yuan. Hui Roqui and Qiuyue Wei are thill the diamants here IMHO.

    Since I can't have Brazil - USA in final, I got anyway the final I wanted. Very happy for our former coach Jenny Lang Ping.

  • I'm gonna cry!!!!!!!!!!!!! so many surprise tonight!!!!! Yuan Xinyue and Zhu Ting are the future superstar!!!!!

    Never thought of getting into finals given such a young team with so many weaknesses and yet they made it !!!!!

    I cannot sleep now

  • Forgive me, my instict was really bad.
    but I"M TOTALLY HAPPY for USA and CHN.


  • Congrats China!!! after poor game against Brazil, they played well against Italy...Zhu Ting wit this match proved she is a star player(only star player in the current roster) for China from now on..Yuan also a good prospect for China.

    Italy's leader was Del Core..... China controlled Centoni pretty well.Costagrande isnt a strong spiker anymore..the best player of Italian side was their libero..she played very well..bravo! Mvp of the match together with Zhu Ting,imo.

  • Great China today with a good reception (much better than in the st game) and a powerful attack
    + a bad surprise for Italy : Yuan as MB :cheesy:
    Italy tries to remain alive with its young guard (Diouf Folie) and a part of the old one ( Del Core Costagrande).
    Dai dai raga' :super:

    I'm sorry for Xu Yunli's injury but Yuan gets her shining moment!!

  • Lang Ping will be loving this - both times she has played Italy so far this year in Italy, she has left very unhappy, especially at the referees - this must feel like some kind of absolution.

    Hopefully this is not one f those finals where the bronze medal match has all the attention and the final isn't! - but what a BBronze medal match it will be if both can recover form today and find their motivation.

  • I couldn't watch the game live, but I'm glad to hear Yuan Xinyue managed to perform well. I was completely infatuated with her performance during the WGP finals (great serving + blocking and huge energy throughout all games). She shouldn't be on the bench anymore.

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  • Congratulations to China! I hope that tommorrow they will win the Championship!

    I'm so sorry for our girls. The quarterfinals and semifinals are always a problem for Italy (2004, 2008, 2012 Olympics; 2006 World Championship).

  • Have no idea which team would get Bronze.
    but for Gold, I think USA!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Usa Chn but for me Jordan Larson vs Zhu Thing :heart:

  • interesting things are happening indeed..

    Italy beat Usa 3-0....Brazil beat China 3-0... Dominic was leading 2-0 against China..
    the teams on relatively their good days won, pre-fav. teams lost.....

    btw... these matches have shown that how an important player a setter is for her team.....: Wei and Glass.... when a setter plays good then that makes a big difference....Glass played with relatively good passes whereas Wei played very well despite good serves of Italians....compliments to both setter but especailly to Wei who was bad against Brazil and Dominic :thumbup:

  • Congrats to China :flower: :flower: They deserved it !!

    I'm very very sorry for la squadra...this tournament is the last performance of a great generation: Leo, Picci, Costagrande, Del Core, Cardulo, Arrighetti... :(

  • This competition was too long and tiring. The two teams that played better in the three rounds declined in the fourth round. If the formula was like the last two editions the semifinals would have been Italy vs USA and Brazil vs China without the third round. Just like the beggining of the third round this time. I don't want to say that Italy and Brazil would have won 100%, but still the third round was not necessary.

  • Congratulations to China NT! They played amazing! Zhu Ting and Yuan Xinyue are absolutely superstars of this team :super: Good luck in the final!
    Of course, congratulation to Italy. They played well, but China was too good today :lol: However, I hope the host team will win bronze medal tomorrow!

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    がんばれ 日本!

  • I'm very very sorry for la squadra...this tournament is the last performance of a great generation: Leo, Picci, Costagrande, Del Core, Cardulo, Arrighetti... :(

    Very sorry because they also didn't win an Olympic medal. I hope they'll fight for the bronze tomorrow. However, it was a very good twelve seasons for them. Thank you girls for the many great matches you gave us. :flower: