2014 FIVB World Championship - Italy - 9/23

  • We're going to the FINAL, 5th set!
    Bronze match is so damn incredible!

  • great quality?? :what:
    just this third set was good

    Yeah, I mean the 3rd and 4th set. :)
    DIOUF is just incredible!

  • Ouch! The host lost! No medal no even BRONZE! Nothing in home...

    Sad to them. BTW they played pretty well in 3rd and 4th set.

    Congrats BRAZIL! Not GOLD but still something in your hands.

  • Congrats to Brazil, they deserved as they played better than Italy. But let me say that the referee has been just AWFUL throughout the whole match, especially in crucial moments, as the beginning of the tie break. I never complain about them, but I think that tonight he has just been SCANDALOUS.

  • I feel nothing against the referee.
    They're always suck!
    Somehow, wrong decision.

    In the match ITA vs CHN. It's lots of wrong decisions making CHN play harder either.
    So, poor ITA... you do the best. Bye soon-retired players.

    Just referee always makes wrong decision in almost every match you know.
    They should have some challenge system for touch-ball, 3 meter-line or double contact maybe.

  • I'm so sorry that Italy didn't won a medal at home. ;(

    On a positive note, another great day for Italy concerning serve: 7 aces today.

  • There are so many annoying coaches on top level... Congratulations Brazil! They definitely deserved this bronze. Congratulations to Italy too! I think 4th place for Italy is a great success. Amazing Del Core :obey: even though she didn't play well today, she's the reason why Italy is in semis.

  • Congrats Brazil for the bronze!!
    first two sets were terrible,the 3rd set was good,the 4th set was very good..in the 5th set it was clear that the players of both teams were exhausted and couldnt spike regularly..

    this must be Sheila's best match in the WcH,Jaque was good too....Diouf led her team but couldnt bring a victory despite her game-high points..

  • I know that doing the referee is a hard thing, especially in this kind of matches but tonight he didn't get one decision right! I'm not saying that Brazil won just because of hat, but he has been really negative, the girls got nervous at the beginning of the tie break and that was it.

    Great compliments to Diouf, they basically never stopped her, to Del Core, doing the hidden things and attacking with great intelligence. Thanks once again to my idol, Lo Bianco, she had a very good tournament and De Gennaro, a very underrated player that showed to everybody why she deserves a spot in our NT. Anyway, without a second OH and dangerous MBs we can't win in these matches...

  • Wow - good match in the end - both teams had to shake off the disappointment from yesterday - Italy grew in confidence and as the match went on, they forgot about yesterday and just competed. Good match by Diouf, but MVP for Italy remains Del Core!!

    For Brazil - when they play their best, they are much better than all the other teams - and their consistency generally shows they are at a level above. However what will be clear is that they are mentally fragile. USA played yesterday like they did in their first match against Brazil in the Olympics - and just bulldozed Brazil - and when Italy got into a rhythm, Brazil also dropped their level. You can see a drop in their emotional levels - and the commitment to the ball. Don't know what Ze can do about this, but sometimes their desire to win makes them under-perform - sort of like the men as well interestingly...