2012 Olympic Games

  • I just thinking about it: this is their last match!

    It would be epic if they get the gold again!

    But It wouldn't change the sadness I'm feeling right now.

    No olympic gold medal can change this ;(

  • Beruto is a good coach IMO! You need a better opposite and a setter!

    Berutto is a good coach indeed, although he's def not my favourite, but he gave us clear enough signs, actually he said it straight, that as long as he's the caoch, Travica will be the setter and that's it! :aww: Lasko on the other hand is not showing his best on this tournament, this is true, but he is a good opposite. He did a lot for Italy in the WC (he played really solid there IMO) and also in the OGCT in Sofia. It would be good if they had a stable substitute for him in London instead of playing with two liberos, but on the other hand, seeing Bari's receiving in the match against us, it's kinda hard to balme Berutto for this decision :D But I blame him for his blind love for Dragan, who IMO is the main problematic post in Italy's team :wacko:

    Wild Wild West!


    " There is nothing better than this"


  • Why are you sad?

    It's the end of an era.

    Giba, Dante, Serginho, Rodrigão and maybe Bernardinho and Ricardinho are saying good-bye to my NT. :S

    It's time to say good-bye.

  • Yes, that's sad but if I were you, I would be very excited to see new players competing for NT and becoming new stars. You have so many of them in Brazil.

    In my humble opinion, she has a reason to be sad. I don't see the new Brazilian generation replacing the old one, there is a reason why the "old" guys are here in London instead of some new faces. With the exception of the smooth and flawless integration of Lucas and Bruno, I don't see anyone else on a top international level for Brazil (I mean the young players). Check the results of the Junior and Youth NTs and you will see a proof that Brazil is gradually stepping from the top. Squeezing the last drops of these experienced players is the best Bernardo can hope for. They reached the final, a bit unexpectedly to me at least, but had to sacrifice Vissotto, whose replacement Wallace is ages away in terms of potential and class. So, Bernardo can be happy with the final match, but I wouldn't be so certain dropping Russia out of the equation as they can easily repeat the performance they showed against Poland. Against Bulgaria Russia played just enough to get the job done. Back to Brazil, their golden generation will be missed and I really don't see many new stars rising over there immediately.

  • That's very different from what people here in Europe think. Our Polish commentators often say that it is very difficult to get to the Brazilian NT because of huge competition but they obviously know nothing about club level volleyball in Brazil.
    As for the match with Russia, they defeated Poland because Poland didn't play well and it refers to every single player on the court. They were slow and served badly so they didn't stand a chance to win. A lot of people here in Poland think that if Brazil plays the way they played with Italy they are very likely to win. Bulgaria managed to upset Russia in the third set and they didn't do anything special just fewer mistakes.

  • Against Bulgaria Russia played just enough to get the job done.

    You mean Bulgaria played just enough to get the job screwed. Russia are not as big as it looks like, they never use their true potential.

  • Are you sure of Dante's leaving?

    I believe that he'll leave

    I'm not so sure now:whistle:

  • If they lose in straight sets i will stop supoorting this team. I don't like athletes without character