2012 Olympic Games

  • wow, brazilian sportv showed lucarelli and Jaque in the audience!

  • Russia on big tournaments=big lol, as always

  • Dante stepped up big time this set. :D
    It's great also to see Wallace playing with such confidence. I like him a lot.
    In Russia, Tetioukhine's clearly the best of the bunch. Russia struggles facing Brazil. And Alekno's policy of timeouts it's very strange. He takes too much time to ask for a timeout and he doesn't even use all his timeouts. Instead, he keeps rotating players, and that doesn't give them confidence enough. OH's lack reception rhythm, I guess. And Mikhaylov, only 4 points in 2 sets! :white:

  • :heart:

    ONE SET!

  • Pls Russia go home and never be back to Olimpic games agaian!!!
    Silver is too much for you.....

    pls!!! either show some character or go home!!!!!

    what is upsetting is that Russia has better players than Brasil...!!!

  • Completely faultless Brazil! 8o This is beautiful!

    Russia and their weak psyche, I thought that Alekno changed their mentality and they wouldn't be afraid of being under pressure, 'cause, before match, I gave them 49% of chances(51% to Brazil). I guess just Tetukhin thinks what is he doing on court, the other russian players use just their force instead of some technical ways.

    Mikhaylov as OH, Muserskiy as OPP - we will see.


  • So crazy! :what:

  • Sidao definitely got puzzled :cheesy:

  • Musersky as opposite abd Mikhaylov as OH :rolll: :woohoo: :P :obey:

    Alekhno is a magician :teach:

  • Muserskiy's rocking this. He could turn things for Russia. What Alekno should do was taking Mikhaylov off, cause he's clearly underperforming - not just on reception, but serve and attack as well. If it'd use Tetioukhine with either Berezkho or Ilinykh, Russia could really give Brazil a hard time.