Olympic Games - London 2012 Men's Beach Volleyball

  • Qualification Process

    24 Vacancies in total:

    Host Country(1): Great Britain

    Swatch World Tour World Ranking(16): 12 best results between the World Championships, World Tour and recognized Continental Tour during the period 1 January 2011 until 17 June 2012.

    Continental Cup Champions(5):
    AVC: Japan Full Results
    CAVB: Republic of South Africa Full Results
    CEV: Norway Full Results
    CSV: Venezuela Full Results
    NORCECA: Canada Full Results

    FIVB World Cup Olympic Qualification(2): Russia and Austria
    Recap: http://www.fivb.org/EN/BeachVo…lts.asp?TournCode=MWCOQ12

  • Olympic Qualification Ranking - Men | as of June 13 2012

    1 Emanuel-Alison BRA 16 8.120
    2 Rogers-Dalhausser USA 16 7.560
    3 Brink-Reckermann GER 13 6.760
    4 Nummerdor-Schuil NED 20 5.620
    5 Fijalek-Prudel POL 14 5.240
    6 Gibb-Rosenthal USA 20 5.200
    P Cunha-Ricardo BRA 11 5.140
    Q Fuerbringer-Lucena USA 19 5.000
    7 Erdmann-Matysik GER 20 4.650
    8 Herrera-Gavira ESP 15 4.420
    9 Xu-Wu CHN 17 4.410
    10 Heuscher-Bellaguarda SUI 16 4.150
    Q Klemperer-Koreng GER 16 3.640
    11 Benes P.-Kubala CZE 17 3.620
    P Ricardo-Marcio Araujo BRA 7 3.600
    12 Plavins-Smedins, J. LAT 17 3.560
    13 Samoilovs-Sorokins LAT 20 3.560
    14 Nicolai-Lupo ITA 13 3.450
    P Benjamin-Bruno BRA 9 3.340
    15 Skarlund-Spinnangr NOR 19 3.160
    16 Boersma E.-Spijkers NED 20 3.070

    Note: P: Less than Minimum Participation (12 tournaments); Q: Country Quota (maximum 2 teams per country)

  • Example: Breakdown of Alison/Emanuel

    12 Best tournament results: (pts per player)
    2011 World Championship - Winner - 500 pts
    2011 Beijing Grand Slam - Winner - 400 pts
    2011 Gstaad Grand Slam - Winner - 400 pts
    2011 Moscow Grand Slam - Winner - 400 pts
    2012 Moscow Grand Slam - Winner - 400 pts
    2011 Stare Jablonki Grand Slam - 3rd Place - 320 pts
    2012 Beijing Grand Slam - 3rd Place - 320 pts
    2011 Prague Open - Winner - 300 pts
    2011 Brazilia Open - Runner-up - 270 pts
    2012 Prague Open - Runner-up - 270 pts
    2011 Stavanger Grand Slam - 5th Place - 240 pts
    2011 Aland Open - 3rd Place - 240 pts

    Total: 4,060 pts * 2 players = 8,120 pts

  • Teams qualified through SWT:

    1 Emanuel-Alison (BRA) 17 8,360
    2 Rogers-Dalhausser (USA) 16 7,560
    3 Brink-Reckermann (GER) 14 6,760
    4 Gibb-Rosenthal (USA) 21 5,760
    5 Nummerdor-Schuil (NED) 21 5,620
    6 Cunha-Ricardo (BRA) 12 5,460
    7 Fijalek-Prudel (POL) 15 5,280
    8 Erdmann-Matysik (GER) 21 4,830
    9 Heuscher-Bellaguarda (SUI) 17 4,470
    10 Herrera-Gavira (ESP) 16 4,420
    11 Xu-Wu (CHN) 18 4,410
    12 Benes P.-Kubala (CZE) 18 3,940
    13 Samoilovs-Sorokins (LAT) 21 3,860
    14 Plavins-Smedins, J. (LAT) 18 3,720
    15 Nicolai-Lupo (ITA) 14 3,480
    16 Heyer-Chevallier (SUI) 19 3,400

    Full Olympic Rankings: FIVB

  • great achievement for Nicolai Lupo to be in London...it's going to be hard there but I hope they manage to do something good! anyway there are so many strong couples! it's going to be an interesting and entertaining tournament IMO...

  • Teams to be announced 9th July, drawing of lots on 19th July, a full 8 days before the opening ceremony. Nice one, FIVB :down:

    Press release

    Oops, it seems what every beach volleyball tournament does. The drawing of lots remain unknown right before the tournament begins.

    News about CEV Continental Cup FInal
    Alanya (TUR)
    June 22-24, 2012

    Participating teams:
    1 the Netherlands
    Emiel Boersma & Daan Spijkers
    Alexander Brouwer & Robert Meeuwsen
    2 Austria
    Alexander Huber & Robin Seidl
    Clemens Doppler & Alexander Horst
    3 Norway
    Tarjei Skarlund & Martin Spinnangr
    Iver Andreas Horrem & Geir Eithun
    4 Poland
    Michal Kadziola & Jakub Szalankiewicz
    Bartosz Losiak & Piotr Kantor
    5 Russia
    Konstantin Semenov & Yaroslav Koshkarev
    Serguei Prokopiev & Yury Bogatov
    6 Espana
    Francisco Alfredo Marco & Christian García
    Raul Mesa & Inocencio Lario Carrillo
    7 Turkey
    Murat Giginoglu & Hakan Gögtepe
    Selçuk Sekerci & Volkan GÖGTEPE
    8 Sweden
    Petter Jonsson & Viktor Jonsson
    Hannes Brinkborg & Stefan Gunnarsson

    Quarter Finals:
    the Netherlands vs Sweden
    Russia vs Poland

    Norway vs Espana
    Austria vs Turkey

  • I'm watching the Final match of CEV Cup FInal.
    Daan Spijkers and Emiel Boersma surprisingly lost to Horrem/Eithun this morning, but fortunately they survived in the match against Skarlund/Spinnangr.
    Brouwer and Meeuwsen also lost to Horrem/Eithun and won over Skarlund/Spinnangr. So I was wondering which team is the first team of Norway on earth.

    The golden set is about to begin, Daan and Emiel is on the Netherlands side, while Horrem and Eithun on the other.

  • Damn. Daan played like a shit. They had 2 points advantage but finally lost the match 14-16.
    Horrem and Eithun are definitely the heroes of Norway today. They won all three matches. So Norway books a ticket to London.
    Daan and Emiel's next chance is the World Cup. If they lost it again, well, they deserve to miss the Olympics.

    A little recap of CEV Cup:

    QF: the Netherlands 3-0 Sweden; Poland 3-0 Russia; Norway 3-1 Espana; Austria 3-1 Turkey
    SF: the Netherlands 3-0 Poland; Norway 3-0 Austria
    F: Norway 3-2 the Netherlands.

    Full results: http://www.fivb.org/EN/BeachVo…sults8.asp?Tourn=MCC12EUF

  • Pool Standings

    Pool A
    1 Russia
    2 Mexico
    3 the Netherlands
    4 Chile
    5 Australia
    6 Nigeria

    Pool B
    1 Austria
    2 Poland
    3 China
    4 Cuba
    5 Angola
    6 Uruguay


    Russia 2-0 Poland
    Bogatov-Barsouk RUS - Losiak-Kantor POL 2-0 (21-16, 21-16)
    Semenov-Prokopiev RUS - Kadziola-Szalankiewicz POL 2-0 (21-18, 21-13)

    Austria 2-0 Mexico
    Huber-Seidl AUT - Ontiveros-Ontiveros MEX 2-1 (17-21, 21-12, 15-7)
    Doppler-Horst AUT - Virgen-Miramontes MEX 2-0 (21-17, 21-13)

    Russia and Austria each won one berth in the Olympics.

  • I should say, this is a bad bad ending to Daan and Emiel. They worked so hard this season but the Euro Championship runners-up finally missed the Olympics.
    Fatigue? I guess so. They never had a rest this season.
    Wish them better in the future.

  • IMO it is again one big disgrace what FIVB is doing...now in beach volley...

    runners up and 3rd placed teams from 5 continents (5 continental cups) should be lineup for this tournament...Russia wasnt even close, neither in world tour rankings, neither in continental cup...

    then what happens...russia is the host and now they must play, tournament is getting bigger cause of that (14 teams men :aww::what: ) and Russia at the end advances to London :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::mirror::aww: So undeserved and unfair to other contestants in europe...

    same thing @women, after russia won women Euro continental cup, they shouldn't play this final qualification tournament at all, they did - and they qualified with one extra team also...women russian teams aren't even on the map of top 20 world beach teams

    i wonder if they didn't - probably beach volley olimpic tournament would be played in russia :rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll::rolll:

    FIVB big jokers

  • Not the first one, and never will be the last one.

  • And what happens with the other 8 quota? I mean how they decide which pair goes to the Olympics from that specific Country? Is that also the best ranked team from that country? So from Russia it would be automatically Semenov-Koshkarev or the country decides which team goes with some own country qualifiers?

    Born for Volleyball, lives from Volleyball, dies with Volleyball.

    "When somebody is just not an equal partner to have a conversation with, the best you can do is to ignore him." Done!

  • http://www.fivb.org/viewPressR…rfeed&utm_medium=facebook

    Brazil (2) Emanuel-Alison, Cunha-Ricardo

    USA (2) Rogers-Dalhausser, Gibb-Rosenthal

    Germany (2) Brink Reckermann, Erdmann-Matysik

    Switzerland (2) Heyer-Chevallier, Heuscher-Bellaguarda

    Latvia (2) Samoilovs-Sorokins, Plavins-Smedins

    Netherlands Nummerdor-Schuil

    Poland Fijalek-Prudel

    Spain Herrera-Gavira

    China Xu-Wu

    Italy Nicolai -Lupo

    Czech Republic Benes P-Kubala

    Austria Doppler-Horst

    Russia Semenov-Prokopiev

    Canada Binstock-Reader

    GreatBritain Grotowski-Garcia Thompson

    Japan Asahi-Shiratori

    Norway Skarlund-Spinnangr

    South Africa Chiya-Goldschmit

    Venezuela Hernandez-Fane

    Born for Volleyball, lives from Volleyball, dies with Volleyball.

    "When somebody is just not an equal partner to have a conversation with, the best you can do is to ignore him." Done!

  • 2012 Olympic Games Beach Volleyball
    MEN’s Pool Assignments
    Seed, Team, Country

    POOL A
    Alison Cerutti/Emanuel Rego, Brazil
    Jefferson Bellaguarda/Patrick Heuscher, Switzerland
    Daniele Lupo/Paolo Nicolai, Italy
    Clemens Doppler/Alexander Horst, Austria

    POOL B
    Phil Dalhausser/Todd Rogers, United States
    Adrian Gavira Collado/Pablo Herrera, Spain
    Petr Benes/Presysl Kubala, Czech Republic
    Kentaro Asahi/Katsuhiro Shiratori, Japan

    POOL C
    Julius Brink/Jonas Reckermann, Germany
    Penggen Wu/Linyin Xu, China
    Sebastian Chevallier/Sascha Heyer, Switzerland
    Serguei Prokopiev/Konstantin Semonov, Russia

    POOL D
    Jake Gibb/Sean Rosenthal, United States
    Grzegorz Fijalek/Mariusz Prudel, Poland
    Aleksandrs Samoilovs/Ruslans Sorokins, Latvia
    Freedom Chiya/Grant Goldschmit, South Africa

    POOL E
    Reinder Nummerdor/Richard Schuil, Netherlands
    Jonathan Erdmann/Kay Matysik, Germany
    Martins Plavins/Janis Smedins, Latvia
    Igor Hernandez/Jesus Villafane, Venezuela

    POOL F
    John Garcia-Thompson/Steven Grotowski, Great Britain
    Pedro Cunha/Ricardo Santos, Brazil
    Tarjei Skarlund/Martin Spinnangr, Norway
    Josh Binstock/Martin Reader, Canada

  • Lucky Losers
    Reader-Binstock CAN [19] - Nicolai-Lupo ITA [13] 0-2 (16-21, 20-22)
    Erdmann-Matysik GER [8] - Benes P.-Kubala CZE [14] 2-1 (15-21, 21-19, 15-13)

    Round 1

    01 [A1] Alison-Emanuel BRA
    16 [LL] Erdmann-Matysik GER

    09 [D2] Fijalek-Prudel POL
    08 [C2] Heyer-Chevallier SUI
    05 [E1] Plavins-Smedins, J. LAT
    12 [F2] Skarlund-Spinnangr NOR

    13 [C3] Semenov-Prokopiev RUS
    04 [D1] Gibb-Rosenthal USA


    03 [C1] Brink-Reckermann GER
    14 [D3] Samoilovs-Sorokins LAT

    11 [B2] Herrera-Gavira ESP
    06 [F1] Cunha-Ricardo BRA
    07 [E2] Nummerdor-Schuil NED
    10 [A2] Heuscher-Bellaguarda SUI

    15 [LL] Nicolai-Lupo ITA
    02 [B1] Rogers-Dalhausser USA

  • 1/4: Quite a strong quarter. But Alison-Emanuel are still the top favourite. Other three teams are good, but they have less opportunity in this quarter.

    2/4: Gibb/Rosenthal might have to face big challenges from the Latvia duo, considering they just lost to Polish team in the preliminary round.

    3/4: I do wish Brink-Reckermann can make their way to semifinal, but Cunha-Ricardo are really strong...

    4/4: The funny thing is Nicolai/Lupo just defeated Rogers/Dalhausser in a previous tournament (Moscow? sorry I forget.)

  • The bronze medal match in Gstaad, Switzerland ;) Yes, this is true, they shouldn't be underestimated especially now when a defeat sends any team to the spectators. The only problem for the Italians is that they played till late last night, also appearing in a game earlier that day and tonight they already face Dalhausser-Rogers. They should be used to that routine based on the World Tour exhausting schedules, but we will see if they feel fresh enough to beat the Americans.

    The most impressive team to me since the beginning of this tournament is Plavins-Smedins from Latvia without any hesitation. The favourites still preserve some energy, it's quite obvious, but the two Latvians really look impressive at the moment and I hope they meet Gibb-Rosenthal in the quarters.