Hello From Turkey

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    hi guys l'm gamze from Turkey l found this site so successful..

    hello gamze! welcome to this site! i hope u will enjoy and participate in the discusions here :)

  • hi everybody! ı am serdar (male) ı am from mersin(a city in south of turkey) ı am 18 years old. ı give you news from turkey and you can ask me whatever you wonder

  • thanks justina ı love your forum.you are very succesful.congratulations

  • Today I had a dream.

    With serdar .

    First time.

    He wasn't naked.

    We were in a very big school.

    I saw He is writing something.

    I asked- what are You writing?

    He gave anser- I am writing poem about clouds...


    What does the dream mean?

  • OMG😱 this is so creepy

  • Stalkers with a lot of free time are dangerous