Azerbaijani NT 2012-13

  • Since 22.09 big party in Azerbaijan U17 Women's Soccer World Cup. Curious how will play Azeri Girls.

    Bartek, it seems you are interested in every kind of sport.

    As far as I know U-17 team was created in short time. Great chance for our girls to break stereotypes. They are hope for the future. Go, girls! :super:

  • Why not combining Turkey and Azerbaijan leagues?
    It can be about a 20 teams league and it can be very competitive league.
    This way, Azerbaijan girls too can develop themselves and their NT can be better.
    It can be like NBA also including Canada team.
    Also, it'll be good to meet Rabita more than once or twice (in CL) in one season.:)

  • Special interview with Polina :

    Polina, first of all, I am thankful for agreeing to give an interview .

    - You are welcome ! I am thankful to you for your care and love To me and other volleyball players as well.

    You announced that you would play in other country’s team for the next season. But then it became obvious that you would stay with us for the upcoming season , of course it made us very glad. Why did you change your mind ? What was the reasons ?

    - That’s right. Although I haven’t signed contract with Azeryol (former Azerrail) I had negotiations with the vice-president of Azerbaijan Volleyball Federation. He informed me about National Team’s (NT) plans for this season. We have European Championship (EC) in September, World Championship Qualification Round in January which might take place in Baku. So we will start training with NT in December due to be ready for all these competitions. If I’d played in some foreign club I would have return to Baku for participating in practicing. I think it would not be nice behavior to my club from my side. And it would be hard for me to be adapted 2 different time zones. If I had a chance to stay in Azerbaijan under control of my doctors (don’t forget I spent as injured while season) and to represent my homeland, why didn’t I do it ?! I think I’ve made the best decision. Of course the both club and NT are important for me, but if comparise playing in NT and representing my country is more important and honourable for me.

    As you marked, we can say you didn’t play while the season due to your injury. How do you feel after a long break ? Did you completely recover?

    - Yes, I only played in last 3 matches of Superleague. It is always hard to play after any injury but I think I have recovered fully. We will see in upcoming games how much I could.

    By the way, we know you were one of the awarded players of “President Cup” – the best outside spiker - in Kazakhstan. What do you think, does it mean Polina is ready for EC 2013 ? Can we expect such success from you in the next matches ?

    - I haven’t really expected that performance of mine. It was an individual award and we know volleyball is a team game. That’s why I don’t mind the factor which you noted. Of course we want to return there with medals. I have never been to Germany during all my career. But hope they’ll accept us warmly. Of course it is necessary to expect continuation of Kazakhstan success.

    Let’s talk a little about your personal life. Can you rest in these hot summer days ?

    - We can only rest after the trainings. Resting for me is when you replace physical work by mental work. I like spending free time with my close friends.

    Do you have close friends among your teammates ?

    - Work is work. Everybody is the both friend and opponent there. That’s why I can’t especially differentiate anyone . This is a woman collective and Changeable mood is normal there. But we have to adapt to each other for our NT.

    Do you think you will be in the line-up of NT in the upcoming matches ?

    - Of course, there is no other way (red-smile). It will be decided by our NT’s coach. My job is to show my best and I’ll try it. And finally what do you want to say to your fans ? I thank each of them. I always feel their support and love. And it inspires me to achieve new victories, more success. We will make you happy with our successful results. Keep supporting us.