The 2012 Police Cup - 14-16.09 - Koszalin/Poland

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    Oh I see what's going on.. You start thinking that Atom won so why not Uralochka-NTMK Ekaterinburg. Oh this is totally hilarious !!!!!

  • Rachel Rourke was awarded tournament MVP


    There were also award for best playeres from each team.
    Sopot - Mariola zenik
    Vakifbank - Christiane Furst
    Chemik - Veronika Hudima
    Stuttgart - Franziska Bremer (sorry, I'm not sure, but I think it was her)

    More on today's match a little bit later ;)

  • PSPS Chemik Police - Allianz MTV Stuttgart 1843 3:0 (27-25, 25-23, 25-21)

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    Stuttgart - Franziska Bremer (sorry, I'm not sure, but I think it was her)

    Probably so...for those who don't know her, she played as MB in Junior NT together with Christiane Fürst, and at that time they were on a similar level, both very good talents. Unfortunately Bremer had to stop playing for a few years after Junior age because of knee problems, about 4-5 years ago she returned to 1st league, first as Opp but now she is back to her original position and last season she was one of the best MBs in the league and Guidetti also invited her to NT :)

  • [quote='osuwisko',index.php?page=Thread&postID=185183#post185183]Chemik - Veronika Hudima

    thats funny : Hudima is french and today french team lost qualification for WECH with lack OH, for exemple one starter named Souply , 19 years old of one club of 3th league! go on CEV website and read the statistics of the team and of this player. No doubt that she have a good potential, but weird that Hudima wasnt call by coach Vial to help the team in this qualification tournament.

    Les pieds dans le fumier, mais toujours le verbe haut et la tête droite ! Cocorico !

  • If I remember correctly, Hudima was with the national team last year. I don't know why she isn't there right now.

    Anyway, about today.
    Long report here:…stwo+mistrzy%C5%84+Polski!


    The final match was quite good. Sopot played a friendly tournament in Russia, so they were better prepered and they had more match practice. Vakifbank (as Giovanni told me) starter preparations last week. He also said that it was good to lose, because they can learn from that. After that I did an interwiev with him, I'll post it here when it'll be ready to publish :)

    Back to the game. Vakif played with Saori and Maggie as OHs. And only Saori and Gizem were receving throughout the match. Maggie got just few balls here and there and she had her problems. About Saori - she was struggling in the first two sets, after that she started to play really good. She played with much more confidence and cleverness. I see a lot of potential, I think she'll help Vakif A LOT. I had problems with Naz today. She set so many bad balls, that my eyes hurt. To low, to long, to close. Girls just couldn't find their rythm. Also Jovana didn't play well. I liked Gizem a lot, both in receiving and defence.
    As for Maggie. Well, she started to attack at the end of the fourth set and then in the fifth. She was a little bit angry at the referees (there were some situations where Vakif players claimed that the ball touched the block, but the referees didn't see that. I don't know if they were right or not, I cannot tell. But I think there had to be something, cause there were too many complaints, even from Maggie, and she doesn't do that often), so she spiked strong, heheh.

    That's all I think. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :D

  • thanks you, etranges for all the comments on the tournament. Did Polen play against Sopot? And Did Vakıf's second setter(Tuğçe Hocaoğlu) play during the tournament instead of Naz?

    Yes, they both did play.
    Polen against Sopot played for a few short moments and she didn't get many balls. I think Giovanni's tactic was to set as many balls to Saori as possible, cause Jovana didn't get many sets either. And when the score got tight (the end of the fourth and then fifth set), Naz switched to Glinka. It's hard to say how Polen play. But Guidetti praised her game in the interview, so don't worry, she's fine ;)

    And Tuğçe played too, usually when Gio made double-change, and he did that quite a few times. It's hard to say something about her game. I don't now if it's some Chris-charm or something, but both setters looked good with Furst :lol:

  • Fürst is so important for our middle blocker, nice to hear her condition is well. Was she really the best of the team?

    Oh yeah, definitely. Her and Gizem = top form. Jovana had great the first match, almost didn't play in the second one and the third one wasn't so good. And Polen played just second match. The rest of the players had their ups (sometimes) and downs (more often). But, considering they only had one week of training, the whole team was impressive. They fought hard, the wanted to win and they were sad after losing the final.

    About other awards. Well, I have no idea why Zenik got her award. For me the best players in Atom are currently middle-blockers: Sylwia Wojcieska and Yulia Shelukhina. Rourke is too unstable and she plays terribly in defence.

    thx estranged.

    Anytime :)

  • and it looked that MBs would be the weakest part of Sopots team :whistle: