Turkey - Aroma First League 2012/13

  • Hi all,

    does anyone know in what tv channel is the final broadcasted today? NTV Spor or Smart Spor?

    The both. But, NTVSpor (ntvspor.net/canliyayin ) is open channel, the other is paid one.
    Match is at 19:00 local time.
    My Halk boys will make Agamez and mr Arkas sweat more, hot Izmir will be hotter.

  • Now, we need some miracles and some prays for god or for devil or for whoever helps us.
    Arkas 2-0
    Come on Preddy or whoever yankee you are. Go home if you can't beat those Canadians who call themselves Izmirians.

  • Still, my Halk could beat Agamez and his co. But, this match was not fair at all. With all those vuvuvuzellas or whatever, I thought the match was in Afrika and our players lost their concentrations totally. Anyway, this can't be excuse. Performance of my Halk was going down lately, especially after we lost once after 34 winning streak. If we lost once before play offs, it could be better. Anyway, still congrats Arkas and Agamez. I think this is his first league championship here. Now, I guess mr Arkas will break his bank to keep him.

  • Individual Awards
    MVP: Liberman Agamez (Arkasspor)
    Best Scorer: Liberman Agamez (Arkasspor)
    Best Setter: Mustafa Ramazanoğlu (Arkasspor)
    Best Spiker: Liberman Agamez (Arkasspor)
    Best Blocker: Emi Gök (Arkasspor)
    Best Server: Perrin (Arkasspor)
    Best Reciever: Reid Priddy (Halkbank)
    Best Libero: Hasan Yeşilbudak (Arkasspor)

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • They singled our Friddy only? who was not so good at all at this last match.
    They could give all to Arkas, even to Agamez only.
    If awards were based on this last match, they all deserved. But, if they were based on all these 4 final matches, then, it is wrong.

  • Didn't Kevin Hansen play lately?

  • What does it mean "T.C." before Ziraat Bankası Spor Kulübü?


    Since it is a public bank, T:C is Turkiye Cumhuriyeti: Turkish Republic