The 2012 Gwardia Cup - 21-23.09 - Wrocław/Poland

  • Match Schedule

    17:00 AzerRail Baku - Fenerbahce Istanbul
    18:30 Opening Ceremony
    19:00 Impel Wrocław – Dresdner Sportclub 1898

    15:00 Dresdner Sportclub 1898 – Fenerbahce Istanbul
    17:00 Impel Wrocław – AzerRail Baku

    15:00 Dresdner Sportclub 1898 – AzerRail Baku
    17:00 Impel Wrocław – Fenerbahce Istanbul
    19:00 Closing Ceremony

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Dutch Dresden-girls will arive Friday-evening in Wroclaw, so they will miss Dresden's first match of the tournament.

    Dresden will also miss the long-term injured/rehabbing players Anne Matthes and Kerstin Tzscherlich and 4th MB Juliane Langgemach who suffered torn ankle ligaments in training last week. I think we might see Schoot as libero on Saturday and Sunday...

  • Azerrail Baku - Fenerbahce Stambuł 3:0

    (25:17, 25:16, 25:23)

    Składy zespołów:

    Azerrail: Anzanello, Flier, Lipicer - Samec, Radecka, Hodge, Wensink, Korotenko (libero)

    Fenerbahce: Pequeno, Soroglu, Tokatlioglu, Kim, Ozdemir, Dundar, Dalbeler (libero) oraz Oner, Calik, Basaran

  • Meeting of Azerbaijani Turkish team started with a much better game of Azerbaijani volleyball players already at the first technical break went running with a four (8:4). All further reads part of the first duel was passing under the dictation of the team led by Alessandro Chiappiniego. Set an overwhelming defeat ended the Istanbul team, which had defeated rivals recognize the superiority of 25:17.

    Winged victory in the previous batch of contestants from Baku in the next batch from the beginning continued good game. On the second technical time the team from Turkey lost to rivals to nine points (18:9). After returning to play the game the team from Azerbaijan increased its lead to ten, "eyes" - a time when Kamil asked WHO, Fenerbahce coach. A short break was not able to change the fate of the set, which fell prey to Azerrail 25:16 Baku.

    Despite strong losers, both in the first and second set did not intend to submit Turks weapons as shown at the beginning of the next scenes. The third lot better team began Okuniewski Berenice, who led the first technical time 8:7. Another meeting minutes were marked by playing point for point, and the team exchanged literally running. The second technical break was one of the teams from Baku, who led the two points (16:14). Just before the very end of the Istanbul team worked on an array of loss and It showed a draw (18:18] - which heralded a lot of emotion. In the end, more cold blood, however, remained with the Azerbaijani volleyball team, which won the third installment of 25:23 and the whole game 3-0.

  • Waiting for your news. Who made so much difference in Azerrail?

    Unfortunately I had problems with the transport today, so I didn't see the whole match, just last two sets. But from what I saw - the Dutch girls made huuuuge difference. Debby didn't play that much, but Manon and Caroline did. And Flier was great, very intelligent game, she often attacked block-out. Caroline has very good connection with Milena. And Sara was amazing too. I liked Tina Lipicer. Overall Azerrail destroyed Fener with their service game and block. The only player that looked good in Fener was, of course, Yeon-Koung Kim. Nice match from Baku, horrible from Fener.

    Something from behind the scenes:
    Kasia Skowronska was at the tournament today :D She spend much of her time talking with all Fener team, with the staff and Chiappini and various people. :drink:

  • Team Rosters & Player Points

    Azerrail: Anzanello (7), Flier (12), Lipicer - Samec (13), Radecka (2), Hodge (10), Wensink (9), Korotenko (libero) oraz Stam-Pilon i Grbac

    Fenerbahce: Pequeno (6), Soroglu (1), Tokatlioglu (10), Kim (12), Ozdemir, Dundar (6), Dalbeler (libero) oraz Oner (1), Calik (1), Basaran i Steinbrecher

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"