Mariola Zenik vs Paulina Maj

  • I know that this is controversial and sensitive topic amongst volleyball fans in Poland, which are divided on this question, but I have decided to create such thread.
    I think that Mariola Zenik is far much better libero than Paulina Maj. She is better in all elements which are important for a good libero: reception, defense and also setting if there is such a need. Maj is quicker than Zenik, but Mariola doesn't need to dive so often as Paulina because she knows where to be to get a ball, so some people talk that she is "lazy"
    what isn't true.
    Mariola besides has more experience: she plays since many years (from 2003) in Polish national team, participating in important international tournaments, including Olympic games in 2008 in Bejing and has also wide experience in clubs, playing for some years abroad: few seasons in Italy and one in Russia.
    All it makes Mariola Zenik much better libero than Paulina Maj.
    What do you think about it?