2013 FIVB World Grand Prix

  • it'd been interesting to hear if there are reports in the chinese media about lang ping explaining why she rested some of her best players for the brazil match. it was a horrible match and that's the problem with these round-robin tournaments, with no finals.

    i don't agree that there are 10 great euro teams though. i know the depth and parity is greater in ECh than norceca or asia, but i think there's only maybe 5 great euro teams at any time. one a good day, only 4 or 5 teams can beat norceca's # 2 team (DR), for example.

    in asia, also china lost the ACh to thailand too... it's not always easy for asia's top 3.

    here is something u want and i translateed them by google,and i translated some sentences replace google is just apart of the report.headline is”Do not go too far and forget why the departure“

    Just finished the game a reporter to interview you, you said that totally u do not know how the win happened,juest like a dream, is the truth?

    Lang: that must be the truth (laughs). I think we have lost in several aspects of the opponent, but also to win, very lucky. Of course, I changed the fifth set, take the initiative to change, but the win down, also the Japanese team the fifth inning own too many mistakes, too want to win, and mentality wrong. Five sets just win two points, the outcome is the flash moment thing, but it's always good to win. I told players before the game that a team like the Japanese, we can not throw even one minute, or even say we dont worry this year we can not win such a team, but we have to let them uncomfortable give them psychological stress , take as many points as could get, Such lose, it does not matter, and next time we develop our skill and ability then come to rock them. In fact, not only for Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Asia's opponent for each so we had to fight.

    china-Japanese war in this conduct to the most feel suffocated when you feel nervous yet?

    Lang Ping: did not attend nervous, just think lost points too fast, approaching people off guard. Actually in the team meeting I said before, we should control lost points like diarrhea, my players always sudden drop points dreamily about two minutes,if we want be first-class team we should face this big question ah. Actual, we indeed drop points too fast,after the game I teased them, no matter how good my mind is, you also have to lost points slowly,and gave me time think the ideas......

    after won Japanese team , a lot of reporters are considered what the result of theChinese team and the Brazilian team's game could make china be champion, but out of expectation , you do not send the strongest team.

    Lang Ping: That is your expectations too high. base in personal abilities of my players, plus the physical consumption for some time, it really was not my modesty, even if we are determined to rival with bra not much chance of winning. In other words if you want to beat the Brazilian team , that really have to have the ”really good ability“. In that case, why did I put all the cards light out? Zhu Ting attack is good, but you watch the small spindly legs, small physique, I really can not use hard, and I often tell physical coach have to control the volume when training her body . Besides this outcome has been very good, of course, I know peole have big appetite , not easy to fulfill . :)

  • It‘ said tha on the night after the match against japan, zhu ting vomitted for several times because of overtiredness. Hui ruoqi and zjang lei cramped and xu there's some problem with her waist.

  • I think the 3-2 points are really good...they work as the tei in the soccer.

    ITs is easy to understand in a soccer championship why a team tha ties all matches does not end as champions..right?

    But Joana, a 3:2 in Volleyball is NOT a tie, the team still has won the match :S So I don't think this can be compared...

  • Exactly!

    Soccer and volleyball are quite different scoring system. Firstly, volleyball is a binary one, win and lose, while in soccer there's a draw. Secondly, winners don't lose points and losers don't score any in soccer which means there's no possibility in soccer to lose a competition if your team won all matches. You are undefeated, you are the champion. Then, there's no long competition as you said for volleyball teams.

    Here some examples to clear it up. 1) If one team won 3 games and the other won 2, the first score 9 and the latter 6. It's impossible to the first one lose positions winning games. If the team is winning, they have their advantage. There's no possibility to lose it winning. When it comes to volleyball, yes, it is.
    2) If a team needs only one point to qualify, they can do that losing in volleyball while in soccer it's impossible to get it losing.

    Sydney's example is interesting. Brazil could be eliminated with 3 victories while South Korea will be in with only 2 and we are talking about a short competition with only 5 matches in the preliminary round. Soccer teams don't lose points winning which means with 3 victories and 2 defeats they are in a better mood than the other with 2 wins and 3 defeats.

    I think it's insane in a binary system a team with more defeats and less victories be placed better than a team with more victories and less defeats. Winners at least don't should lose one point by winning.

  • The only way to get around this is, your match points equals your set wins. You win 3 sets, you get 3 points. You win 1 set, 1 point.

    First tie breaker would be matches won, then points or sets.

    Norceca has a system in which you get 5-0 points.
    5 for a 3-0 win
    4 for a 3-1 win
    3 for a 3-2 win
    2 for a 2-3 loss
    1 for a 1-3 loss
    0 for a 0-3 loss

  • But Joana, a 3:2 in Volleyball is NOT a tie, the team still has won the match :S So I don't think this can be compared...

    I know..but there is no tie in volleyball..that is the closest to it. It shows both teams are balanced...but in the rule one have to other teams gets no credit?

    there si why I like the 3x2 rule..

    I think the important point of the ranking is exacly to rank the best teams...and I think that this system alouds us to have a better idea of that. Which team is better One that wins 4 games by 3-0 and loses one by 3-2..or another that win all by 3-2? One system says the one that has no defeats is the best, the other says is the other one..and I agree with that..I think winning or loosing ONLY is not perfect to avaliate a team's quality.

    But again..I think that works better in a long tournament, when the many results can really portrait the teams qualities...

  • It doesn't work.

    According to that system, China will only get 5+4+3+3= 15pts.
    And Brasil 20pts

    No matter if China would had won with 3-2, China would get 3 points and no chance to win the WGP. It's the same history.

    The right system (IMO) is:

    5pts for a 3-0 / 3-1 win
    4pts for a 3-2 win
    1 pts for a 2-3 loss

    China would get 5+5+4+4= 18pts
    And Brasil 20 pts
    If China would had won 3-2 against Brasil, they'd received 4 points and Brasil 1 pt. (China 22, Brasil 21)

    It would be fair to me...

  • It's why I prefer the winning criterion first. It includes more situations. Brazil have won 4 matches, China too? Easy, the winner the champion. No contest. It's easy to understand and no way a team will get it before the match is over.

    2012 World Grand Prix is a good example.
    Preliminary round standings
    USA 27 points 9 matches 9 wins 0 loss
    China 23 9 8 1
    Turkey 21 9 7 2
    Thailand 20 9 7 2
    Brazil 19 9 8 1
    Cuba 19 9 6 3
    Germany 18 9 6 3

    Brazil had hard pools, only lost 1 match against USA and was fighting till last day to qualify. Turkey and Thailand had easy way and were already qualified before preliminary round ends. Brazil scored 19 with 8 victories against hard opponents, Cuba scored the same with only 6 victories after easy pools. Germany had more difficult opponents, they lost only 3, 2 against USA and 1 against Brazil, and were soon eliminated without any chance to fight in their last match because of points even with the possibility of having the same number of cuban victories.

  • Will Brazil take over the 1st rank now against USA?

    Probably. The difference between them is 15 points, and GP gave 50 points to Brazil, while US got 25 points.

  • Lol i feel you try to find a way to make China champion instead of fairness

    No. I'm not.
    Brazil won and that's it. Some people are complaining now about this system, I just put an example.

    BTW... I'm happy Brazil won WGP. They played better. IMO Brazil will be world champion 2014. :wavy: