2013 FIVB World Grand Prix

  • I think its impossible for Russia to qualify.

    true, that's why i compared it to kissing the moon.

    russian team is peaking at the right time. sadly, the first few matches cost them a lot.

    doubtful for italy's performance in the finals if they are to enter.

    japan is sooo disappointing.

    china is a beast. rooting for them to win this wgp for a change. :woohoo:

  • I couldn't worte earlier, but I'm surprised about Poles' performance. They connected a battle with China, Sieczka and Kasprzak as OHs did really good job, Kasia finally wasn't alone leader without support, I wonder why Makowski didn't want to try it earlier. And Medyńska was superb in defense 8o today it wasn't enough for China, but it looked much better than in Płock, when we had a disaster. only disappoint for me were middle blocker, none of them helped today :down:

    I'm also happy for Dominican Republic, Rivera had really good day as spiker and Castillo again was a class :obey:

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  • As a Chinese fan, I won't be that optimistic and China is definitely not a beast right now, they have many weakness. They advance first because of relatively easier groups, the only strong team they'll face is Serbia, while the match only starts after both team have already qualified, god knows how much efforts those 2 teams would put into this last one. :whistle:

  • If i am not wrong, won-lost matches ratio comes first in the ranking in WGP. So, if Tr. beats It. even in 5, the qualified team should be Tr.

    Anyway, it is not that important, we are all thankful to Dom.R. Even Dominican guy seems to me very sweet today. I haven't watched any game this week so far because of busy working days. Luckily, i will have time to follow WGP Sunday games and a possible meaningless It-Tr game would be a big unfortunate for me. Now, thanks to great results of Dom. R. we can watch a real game tomorrow.

  • I have to say, here there is a big issue with the scheduling. Look at number of matches for 9 teams in contention versus others:
    USA - (5)
    BUL - (4)
    CHN - (3)
    BRA - (3)
    TUR - (3)
    JPN - (3)
    RUS - (3)
    ITA - (2)
    SRB - (2)

    Very unfair to USA & Bulgaria, one of who might not qualify. Serbia is playing well, so I don't mind their schedule as much as Italy's, who lost to both Russia and Dominican (who are out of contention) without having any convincing victories to offset it--yet still are in good position to advance.

  • Brazil is almost in Final Six, they had difficulties with Dominican Republic and lost with Bulgaria, but they shouldn't lose with Kazakhstan or give them one point, so they're rather safe. So boiling points will be matches Italy-Turkey and USA-Bulgaria. It seems that Russia is rather without chances.

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • I had bigger eyes than some cartoon characters when I saw our game in 3rd set :what: Really. I didn't expect we can play like that. With China. Why you, Makowski, didn't try Kasprzak & Sieczka earlier? :aww: It sounded like a fairytale when commentator said: "Skowrońska 14 points, Sieczka 14 points, Kasprzak 10 points". Sounds better than "Skowrońska 42 points, Różycka 8 points". And Medyńska, holy smoke! :obey: What an outstanding performance! In the end, when everything goes quite good, we had our secret agent at the ready to screw up everything - Rożycka. She is a master in this category :aww: She should get such a prize like the worst movies are awarded - golden raspberry or sth like that. Or someone should throw some rotten raspberries at her. As a reward.

    I had a dream. I dreamed about our team. Without Różycka and Radecka. I had a dream... It was a beautiful dream.

    One thought always crosses my mind when I see her: she must be the daughter of Hagrid :lol:

    Cheesus, why Hagrid? :lol:

  • I think Turkey will make it. :P

    It won't be wise to make it :roll: Only a few weeks left and if they play at final phase they will have to fly directly Germany from Japan. I think a recovery time with some tactical trainings against our opponent at ECH would be much more beneficial instead of playing against JPN, CHN, BRA and USA :whistle: The only benefit of being qualified to final round is to get a higher position at world ranking, which might give us a better draw at 2014 WCH. On the other hand, focusing on ECH and getting a medal would add more point than final phase of WGP :S

  • Do you really think that she is an attractive women? I'm gay so maybe my opinion is not reliable but I really don't found Sieczka a beautiful girl:white: Now I see that heterosexual men must have completely different taste :lol: :lol: