2013 FIVB World Grand Prix

  • Where is Tirozzi for Italy?

  • gz italy lol turkey losing to juniors team for the second time muahaha

  • From 12-6, they make it 13-12 but with 2 easy mistakes :down: anyway this will be better for us to make a good preparation for ECH

  • Heartbreaking for Babollini - having lost to the same Italian team, in the same way during the Montreaux masters. Seems like Italy are determined not to lose to his team lol

  • Turkey did great job in 3-4th sets however turned back to nightmare in 5th set. Especially first two sets were shocking, Gozde couldn't receive, Naz couldn't set: how did this happen?! However they seemed to recover in rest of the game. I think the weakest link in turkey today was Gizem. I even liked Busra'a defense compared to her! :mad: I miss Gulden!

  • Corruption in FIVB + Bulgarian syndrome = unachieved potential

  • Turkey has herself to blame,
    shouldn't have lost a point to DR

  • Good result for this young italian liberoless team. ^^

    Gennari did actually a quite good work as libero I should say..considering she is not the best passing oh.

    I think Mencarelli actually did well in resting the most experienced players in this phase (cause of the European Championship...they had their time playing so they could get the game rhythm again, and now they can prepared correctly for the Ech, without the rush from the WGP), but at the same time letting the youngers play...after all this is grat game preparation for them.

    I supose he will let this team to fly to Sapporo. I think they won't have any chances against the other qualified, but it will be good for them nervertheless.

    For turkish side, I think its pretty clear they are not even close to their best shape. They need some work to do physically so maybe it will be good for them to stay out of the Final Round..so Darnel can have a rest and also the other girls. I hope they can prepare well for the ECh.

  • Good job puerto rico :roll: They used all the weak parts of german team,especially its so interesting that they serve dürr and damage all the tactics of guidetti :roll: Thomsen is so much better than dürr for now and hanke,izquierdo,hippe are the players who should always play but instead of this wasting time on bench :roll: Definetly having a player like izquierdo and wasting her in bench is such :aww:

  • darnel :hit: oh how sad for turkey only toksoy :thumbsup: and sonsirma were quite good today

  • Serbia is my favourite,i dont think that china is so good especially with their weak reception line.

    I think so,China got a easy draw for qualifying expect for Serbia !Even Hui ruoqi couldn't get her form to recieve well and it is denifitely a time-bomb of China! :wall:

  • seems serbia s pool werent that easy as everyone thought myself included porto rico beating germany dominican republic almost beating turkey and being pain in the neck and czech playing awsome against usa seems serbian girls did their job good except the game with usa with all their game crumbled in a big way hopefully they will get more serious and focused and reach at least semis

  • Thank you girls, you managed to screw my weekend up. Two heartbreaking downs in one game; first was undefined beginning to the game, second was after getting the chance to play tie-break again letting the opponent play. I followed Bul-Usa game more than that of It-Tr. Only thing i wanna say is big congrats to the Bulgarian team. They could make it to the finals even though the schedule was very hard.

    Now waiting for EC but not much hopefully...

    Edit: I must add Italian players Fiorin, Chirichella, Diouf, Bosetti (as always) were great. Maybe young but promising players...