2013 FIVB World Grand Prix

  • glass is so stupid,,she doesnt realize nobody can score with her sets,,it just like her setting back when she is in atom sopot,,

    video challenges takes decades,,are theyre eye problems for the men's game it doesnt take 1 whole minute to make a decision

  • A disappointing match for the USA.. Brazil was good but not great, USA did nothing as they should.. Kelly should have been brought in, and Harmotto should have been subbed, today she was not so good.. I've said it many times - If Karch wants to use Nicole Fawcett the setter have to give her high balls.. not very high and slow, the balls can be fast but high so that she can hit it.. she is thundering the ball when she can approach it the right way.. I hope USA bounce back tomorrow.. It's the first match, anything can happen

  • I'm so surprised for that easy win for Brazilians. USA played bad game, losing many points in series. Brazil was concentrated almost whole game. As we can see referees had problems with challenge system, FIVB should organise detailed training with referees.

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  • Impressive game from Brazil, just OUSTANDING. :obey:

    The digging was amazing. I guess the training against japonese teams really paid of.

    They made USA look like a mediocre team. GO BRAZIL!

  • i do think part of Brazil's win today is due to a good scouting report. The players' defensive positions are spot on. I think they scouted the Americans so well and that's a key factor in their performance.

  • i do think part of Brazil's win today is due to a good scouting report. The players' defensive positions are spot on. I think they scouted the Americans so well and that's a key factor in their performance.

    Yeah meanwhile USA's was a nightmare as they seamed to stand always in the cover of the block and seamed that they never get the ball directly... Brazil was hard on executing the offense so those balls are hard to defend from an unstable position. I have to agree, Brazil made USA look like an average team today...

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  • I was pretty sure the winner between USA and Brazil will rule the finals. Let's see what Brazil is going to do.

    USA team will take the third place. Brazil will fight for the gold.

    It is now imbarassing how USA can't never win against the brazilians. They'are their nightmare.

    I still don't like Kiraly as coach. Just like I don't like some weak ans useless calls like Faucette... If he wants the fast game he needs Hooker and Hodge. Murphy does well with this kind of sets, but Richards, Hill and Fawcette don't play their best this way.

  • First of all, USA won all their recent matches against Brazil except for London final.. if I'm not mistaken it was 4:0 USA.. (not sure though)
    Second, this is USA's new team.. all new only Alisha and Christa and Kristin are more experienced with this USA team if you will (although they haven't been playing as much as they should to call them not new faces... meaning they haven't been starters or playing many many tournaments with USA's main team) so I don't see how Brazil is their nightmare.. Brazil is almost full house.. only Sheilla is not playing (Jaque and others are not avalible to play)
    So I wouldn't call it that.. I personally didn't like USA's play today, it was way off.. I would have settled for a 3:0 win if they fought back and played their best but they did not.. USA has a very good way of bringing new, fresh, young faces and they are giving them experience as much as they can.. When other players are back it will be a different story, with Larson, Hodge, Akinradewo.. maybe later Logan and Hooker.. so we'll see.. till then I support this young USA

  • Chirichella and Gennari(as Libero :aww: ) on court... Guiggi and De Gennaro are still injured

  • For me this is the strongest line-up in italy... (with De Gennaro in Gennari place)

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  • After Kuzyakina as Best Libero Award, Barborkova as Best Receiver, Best Digger should be Valentina Diouf.