2013 FIVB World Grand Prix

  • yah youre right,, im hoping theyre better than italy and japan and they can still win these 2 games and love to have seen bulgaria in their place

    Bulgaria should've played but not instead of USA. USA had the toughest path to the finals 1. Russia, Brazil, Poland 2. Serbia, Algeria, Netherlands 3. Czech R., Japan, Bulgaria... so don't say they did not deserve to be hery

  • i like ma yun wen,, she's effective effective blocker and swift attacker,,she's smart also for she tip balls and she scores,, yang junjing plus her is a lethal combo of china,, remember that they play their best when their setter is
    <h3 class="r">Wei Qiuyue</h3>

  • Mencarelli changes the starting 6 against BRA: in Folie (for Arrighetti), in Cate Bosetti, out Costagrande (far below the expectations). Gennari still plyas as a libero. Diouf OPP, Sorokaite OH

    P.S.: as to the question why Gennari as a libero: I found a statement from Mencarelli -issued last Tuesday- saying that De Gennaro's injury was not so seriuos and she would have played some of the incoming matches. Yet after 3 matches out of 5 De Gennari is still out. We'll see tomorrow, but I start to think our coach may have made a misjudgement ..

  • Today, Shen Jingsi's backward setting is very problematic, neither Ma Yunwen nor Zeng Chunlei could hit comfortably, the only exception is her club teammate Yang Junjing. :aww:

    Chen Zhan seems a little nervous, after all she doesn't have Zhang Xian's international experience, let's give it time.

  • i like hill,,i think she's a good hitter but she's tall and not as versatile as hilderbrand,she's like klineman that i think will be more effective with a bit higher sets

    i like mc cutcheon way of coaching,,he always say to her players calm down,,we dont follow the pace our opponent is playing,,we have our own brand of style of playing,,we should come back to that,, not like now that glass wants to keep up with the speed of the opponent and everybody seems panicking already on court,,usa used to play high balls along with hard hitting and deceptive tips and drops while now they just want to play fast to hit it to the block or hit it outside

    Karch always says the same thing, and the players.. even in interviews. That no matter who the opponent is they have to play their quick game etc etc

  • ma yun wen's time is over the only place for her is the bench

  • italy vs brazil...

    the italians are being blown away both both brazil and their own errors... :tzz:

  • Brazil with a very slow second set. Thaísa and Fabiana struggling to kill.

  • Brazil with 10 blocks and 10 aces. Amazing.

  • 14 blocks. 13 aces. :teach::win::white::drink::super:

  • when did Italy last beat Brasil?

    2007 world cup is the last time i remember. back when taismary aguero joined Italy NT.

  • Maybe that would be much better for italy staying in italia and preparing for ECH with european teams,btw i really think that belgium will beat italy and be the first on their group :whistle:

  • 2011 world cup?

    ah yes... 2011 world cup. italy won that tournament because of luck: 1) USA gave up the crown by letting Germany and Japan beat them 3:0; 2) and brazil having their worst year ever;