2013 FIVB World Grand Prix

  • What a performance by serbia from 20-12 to 23-25 :roll: they were playing so weak when there was nikolic but when molnar came to the court worked almost perfect.Nikolic-mihajlovic is so much for a team like serbia

  • something tells me serbia gonna lose by 3-1 and lose medal as well and all cause of stupid terzic and his knowledge he is destroying serbia nt with his stupid coaching

  • surprise they won 2 sets which means they won bronze medal congrats serbia

  • why is it that nobody can pronounce these names correctly?

    i have more problem with turkish names. is it tjembertji? or is it tjembershi? how to pronounce ozsoy?

    lol.Çemberci= Ç=english Ch ( chat) e= day c=jam ......btw,r is stressed a little.

    Özsoy : Ö, like german ö or like French eau Z=ziro ...Y= like "i" in English, oil..... soy like in Spanish "soy"

    Turkish names pronounciation: look at letters' sound and put them together...in turkish nearly every letter has one sound (unlike english) so its kind of easy to pronounce the names or words after getting used to it. Maybe a few letters' sound could come harder to some.

  • Interesting tactic for next 3 sets. First set with bench, next with Tops.

  • seems like chinese coach is a fan of terzic 2nd line up on the court rofl

  • argh freaking brazilians always freaking complaining i think they should end their madness and just throw ze next time he makes troubles people aint there to take his crap all the time

  • Strictly speaking neither,
    You can refer to the following Google translation pronunciation, zhu ting =朱婷,
    朱(zhu) it is a family name in Chinese means vermilion,and 婷(ting) means slim graceful girl :mirror:


    Ting name is suited to Zhu a lot. :thumbsup:
    btw.....Ting is pronunced like "Chin" in English so why is it written as "Ting"??

  • omg what a boring final no fight what so ever from china

  • well, no matter what happens here in this match Brazil WILL win this grand prix. but this is Lang Ping we're talking about, not some other tactless coaches. I'm pretty sure there's some tactic brewing here. perhaps we'll see zhu in the next sets?