World League 2013

  • Brazil rooster:

    Levantadores: Bruninho, William Arjona, Murilo Radke e Raphael;
    Opostos: Wallace, Loandro Vissotto, Théo e Renan;
    Ponteiros: Lucarelli, Thiago Alves, Lipe, João Paulo Bravo, Dante, Ary e Maurício Borges;
    Centrais: Isac, Éder, Sidão, Maurício Souza e Lucão;
    Líberos: Alan e Mário Jr.


  • Rosters are available on :D

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  • The ’Light Blue and White’ team beat the ’Blue’"
    team 2-0 (25-20, 25-21). The only player absent from the training was wing spiker Facundo Conte, who travelled to
    Buenos Aires to undergo surgery on his
    right shoulder putting him out of the the World League this year. Wing spikers
    Guillermo Garcia and Nicolas Bruno were also present at the match but did not
    take part in the match on account of minor injuries.

    Ιs it true that Fakundo is out? Any chances to play in the final 6 in his country???

  • Not really, he will undergo a surgery and will miss WL.

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • Russia roster:

    setters: Antipkin, Makarov

    MB: Muserskiy, Apalikov, Ashchev, Volvich

    OPPS: Zhigalov,Pavlov

    OH: Zhilin, Sivozhelez, Spiridonov, Ilinykh

    L:Ermakov, Verbov
    If this is the roster Russia imo has not chance to qualify to F6. Of course the greateest team nowadays want to gain the Eurovolley so it is logical to rest players. Can someone confirm it?

  • Probably this is the Roster for Group matches. It is written- Butko and Mikhailov will join Team if qualifies to Finals.

  • Still too difficult to qualify for finals. As in Fivb they still have the 24 players for each team, where we can find the official 14 players for each team? Any info ?

    roster changes every weekend so we can know 14 players a day or two before matches

  • and where are the sources haha? i mean seriously now is there any site that has every the 12 guys or we have to find it in newspapers etc? FIVB never have them tbh

    check local newspapers or portals, FIVB never put 12 players until match starts

  • is there somebode who knows some portals like that? i want really to know as many 12s as possible each week, So is there any portal - even local that have all this info? i will really appreciate this!

  • Does this mean he will not play for Cuba anymore at all? Or he is expelled just to play abroad? Or he will be expelled if he leaves Cuba and the National team?

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  • Cheesus. I didn't recognize Valdir with these hair. He looks totally like a friend of Harry Potter

    I'm waiting for Canadians and the Dutch but donnu if I'll make it.

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