2013 Hubert Wagner Memorial - Poland - 06/09

  • Honestly, that red card seems like a gift from referee to help Poland overcome Muser's serve.
    And it's no news Spiri misbehaves again.

    Yes, the refs have a very close look now on his actions. Other players may get away with similar behaviour. But he did his best in the past to earn this"special treatment".

  • Russia won 3-1 (25-19 25-20 22-25 25-18] Poland thanks to better sets ratio won tournament, Russia 2nd, Netherlands 3rd, Germany 4th.

    Best players: - all from Poland or Russia
    MVP: Nikolay Pavlov
    Best Spiker: Nikolay Pavlov
    Best Setter: Sergey Grankin
    Best Server: Dimitriy Muserskiy
    Best Receiver: Michał Kubiak
    Best Blocker: Marcin Możdżonek
    Best Libero: Paweł Zatorski

    Gold medal - World League 2013 Prediction Game
    Bronze medal - World League 2012 Prediction Game

  • That individual award for Zatorski seems kinda funny after today's game, when he entered set four with 0% in reception. I just don't get why the hell there's no competition, especially now when Ignaczak is absent. Wojtaszek could've played one match as a libero. C'mon, he's awesome.

  • I have watched this tournament pretty carefully and I must say Winiarski suprised me really negatively. Of course, I don't expect him to score in every single situation, but for example today he was, maybe not totally, 'cause it'll said like exaggeratedly quite much, hopeless, helpless and... useless, yeah. It was just my impression, I guess he was the worst player, next to Zatorski against Russia. Interesting, we all know he's going to play in Superliga next season, I'm curious if he's manage to survive those tough conditions there.

    Anyway, whole Poland made me feel a little bit calm after all what they've done during the weekend. Jarosz definitely can't be a starter, he's doing muuuch better job as a substitute. Dunno why, but he's really helpful then. I was suprised of seeing him today in such a good shape.