European League 2013

  • in turkey tv coverage was good this season.its getting better n better year by year. ^^

  • Looks like Turkey will play with B-team:…s.aspx?TeamID=8284&ID=598

    That makes Bulgaria the favourite to win EL, unless Germany plays final four with the best team...

    It might be Turkish B-team, but still there are players like Polen, Güldeniz, Büsra, Asuman, Ergül and many promising it will not be easy at all to defeat Turkish team. :teach:

    This roster shows the very wide roster, Turkey has, thanks to their very strong domestic league and very good youth-development :teach:

  • Turkey will play with B-team in EL while A-team (Naz, Bahar, Seda T., Eda etc) will play in Med. Games

    What a great idea ! :roll:

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  • Sorry for the late response, here is the report.

    No problem.Thank you for the link. I still did not get it though if it is still just an idea or it is decided already and will be played on both men and women European League or just in women's?

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  • German team for 1st weekend:

    S: Denise Hanke (Schweriner SC), Lena Möllers (Rote Raben Vilsbiburg)
    MB: Christiane Fürst (Günes Istanbul/TUR), Berit Kauffeldt (Giaveno/ITA), Anja Brandt (Schweriner SC),
    OH: Maren Brinker (Busto Arsizio/ITA), Anne Matthes (Dresdner SC), Jana-Franziska Poll (Rote Raben Vilsbiburg), Jennifer Geerties (VC Olympia Berlin)
    Opp: Margareta Kozuch (Busto Arsizio/ITA), Saskia Hippe (Prostejov/CZE)
    Libero: Lenka Dürr (Rote Raben Vilsbiburg)

    The other players stay in training camp in Kienbaum. The article on DVV site is a bit confusing, because Denise Hanke is listed both in the 12 player roster and in the list of players staying in Kienbaum, while Kathleen Weiss isn't on either list. So maybe Weiss plays this weekend in EL instead of Hanke...I hope DVV will correct their article so we'll know for sure.

    EDIT: Hanke will be playing, Weiss stays in Germany...

  • No more Güneş, It's only Vakıfbank now :teach: :D

    Bulgaria will play with main roster. I would be surprised if Turkey can take a set ;( I'm hopeful for the other matches though

  • This seems pretty much ECh roster right? Of course Weiss instead of Möllers and Izquierdo instead of Poll :whistle:

  • This is the roster for this week. (Indeed, I heard Ezgi Aslan is replaced by second libero Buse Kayacan)

    S- Asuman Karakoyun-Gamze Alikaya
    Opp-Polen Uslupehlivan-Dilara Bilge
    MB- Büşra Cansu-Özgenur Yurtdagülen-Dicle Nur Babat
    OH- Fatma Yıldırım-Birgül Güler-Gözde Yılmaz
    L- Serpil Ersarı-Buse Kayacan

    Asuman Karakoyun is currently our second best setter by far. Gamze was bench player in GS and she seemed to be useful whenever she enters the game.

    Dilara had a decent season in Bursa BB which were 5th in Turkish league. She is tall and powerful but makes many mistakes. Polen Uslupehlivan will be starter for sure.

    Özgenur Yurtdagülen seems to talented but not a monster blocker or so. She and Diclenur Babat is good MB duo. Büşra Cansu might contribute more than she does in A team.

    Both of our OHs are short, (180) :S I have no idea about Fatma Yıldırım's current shape since she is playing in USA for 3-4 years, I heard she was bench player all the time in her team. She started to play beach volley as well. I hope this helped her to improve her fundamental skills. Birgül Güler is also good receiver-bad attacker :whistle: Gözde Yılmaz was the second Opp in Eczacıbaşı, she did not play much during season, I don't see anything special about her.

    Our libero Serpil Ersarı was supposed to a good prospect but could not improve in last years. I have more hope on Buse Kayacan.

    All in all, this team will be a mix of mediocre players young talented players such as Asuman Karakoyun, Büşra Cansu and Polen Uslupehlivan. I don't expect them to win against Bulgaria but still they can put a good fight and take some sets from them :whistle: