2013 CEV European League - 13/06

  • The men’s tournament will be joined by a total of 12 teams – Montenegro will celebrate their debut in the competition – divided into three groups of four teams each; four round-robin tournaments per Pool will be played in June and early July with the first-ranked team of each prelim Pool plus the organizer (Turkey) eventually making it to the final four. If the organizer of the final four is one of the first-ranked teams at the end of the prelims, the second-ranked side with the best score across all Pools will qualify for the final four.

    The composition of the Pools for the men’s competition – determined by taking into account the European ranking as well as the way teams were assigned to the prelims in the past seasons – reads as follows:

    Pool A: Slovakia, Belgium, Austria, Denmark

    Pool B: Spain, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Hungary

    Pool C: Turkey, Portugal, Israel, Belarus

    The calendar of the League Round reads as follows:

    June 13-16: tournaments in AUT, HUN, and BLR
    June 20-23: tournaments in DEN, ESP, and ISR
    June 27-30: tournaments in BEL, MNE, and TUR
    July 4-7: tournaments in SVK, CZE, and POR

    The final four – to be played in Bursa, Turkey – is scheduled for July 13-14, 2013.

  • Croatia officially joined European League instead Portugal. They'll play in pool C along Turkey, Belarus and Israel. Host city is Rovinj.


    I didn't expect this, ofc due poor financial situation in CRO volley in general. When they said pool C isn't attaractive with expensive trips to Belarus and Israel I thought it's over. Seems Federation found money or sponsor for participation, it's big thing for Croatian volley.

  • Turkey's 24-players roster for European League:


    KIYAK Ulaş-1981
    YILMAZ Vefa-1982
    BOZAN Berkan-1991
    YENIPAZAR Murat-1993


    COŞKUN Serhat-1987
    TOY Metin-1994

    Outside Hitters:

    AYVAZOGLU Can-1979
    ELGAZ Kemal Kivanc-1986
    CİN Kadir-1987
    BATUR Emre-1988
    YÜCEL Halil İbrahim-1989
    SUBASI Burutay-1990
    GÖKGÖZ Gökhan-1993
    GÜNGÖR Baturalp Burak-1993

    Middle Blockers:

    DÜNGE Erhan-1980
    TEKELI Resul-1986
    GÖK Emin-1988
    CAPKINOGLU Hakki-1990
    CIHAN Fatih-1991
    KOÇ Mustafa-1992
    SAHIN Koray-1993


    KILIC Ramazan Serkan-1984
    YEŞİLBUDAK Hasan-1984
    DEMIRCILER Alperay-1993

    Roster is generally as expected. Only missing players are veteran setters Hüseyin Koç, Arslan Ekşi and Selçuk Keskin, I think they might be too old to be second setter behind Ulaş Kıyak. That's why I guess Berkan or Murat will play as second setters. Also as libero I expected to see former NT player Nuri Şahin(1980) who had very good season with Halkbank. Still Serkan and Ramaza are good liberos. For Opp position, Serhat Coşkun is very talented player, however he spent all season at bench of Halkbank so I have no idea her current shape. I think Emre Batur and Burutay Subaşı will play as starter OHs. Indeed, Emre is the best Turkish MB but since we don't have good OHs he is converted to OH every summer in NT although he spent all season as MB. Also left-handed Burutay is Opp originated player. Halil İbrahim Yücel was a promising player but he also spent all season at Halkbank's bench :down: (our best NT players wasted whole year in Halkbank's bench :wall: )

    All in all, I don't expect them to dominate the tournament but they are capable of reaching a medal if starting players can reach their best shape after a wasted season :whistle:

  • I have asked around and get to know from my friends who will play on this tournament that both the women's and the men's competition will be played this summer to test the new rules. So both competition is till 21 points, one technical timeout, 10second rule applies as well. In case somebody did not know.

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  • Why Chrtiansky Senior puts Masny IN only when his team needs to make turnover (to win few points in a row) or now, when his team is losing 2:1 in sets and he has to make turnover once again? :what:

    Masny is making chaos on the court right now, great job!

  • I can't find words to describe how poor Belarus is :rolll: How the hell they qualified on ECH directly is big mystery for me. In fact I'm pretty shocked, where is volley going :aww: Don't think they played with reserves, they came in Rovinj on Monday with the best possibile squad in this moment (only Udrys is missing) and I was expecting domination from them. It turned opposite, young Turks gave them volley lesson, Israel deserved at least a set while Croatia outclassed them. Dunno what can change in a few days before matches in Raanana.

    First of all they dont have opposite, Audochanka and Charapovich looked like some amateurs but biggest disappointment (for me) is Antanovich. First of all he is fat, movement inside field tragic and I can't believe he played in IBB last 2 seasons. MB's are slow and uncoordinated. They've made sooooo many technical mistakes that for a moment I thought they are amateur team on some village tournament. With this gameplay, attitude and form Sidelnikov can only dream of 1st place.

    Croatia played great tournament, had some ups&downs but they showed the most in 3 matches. Turkey has a good prospect with Yenipazar, Toy and Gokgoz. Israel w/o Shafranovich, Stein and Shwartz-Smoel couldn't produce any danger.