2013 / 2014 Transfer News

  • uhm..I dont know If it is just my impression..but I dont think there are few things about clubs and players...at least not in Brazil..you can see many interviews, videos and photos of volleyball players...I guess it is the same in other countries like Poland, Italy and Turkey...

    I guess just it is hard to share everything here ? :)

    Of course...we always hope for more...It is not even near soccer here for example...but I guess it is a good amount..hehehe

    I guess it is hard to share everything because of the translation work.

  • I agree...

    I heard rumours she has already signed with Amil Campinas, she was not officially announced because her contract with Unilever will expire only after the South American Championship.

    Personally I think Unilever team is not being ethic at all by criticizing the job of other doctors. They can even be sued for that.

    As for her transfer, I think this is something very common. Signing a working contract has nothing to do with gratitude. If Unilever wanted her for another season they should have signed a two-year contract with her. She signed a contract to play the 2012/2013 season with Unilever and she has been honouring it.

    In objective terms, Unilever is not interested in covering Campinas offer.

  • Rio de Janeiro needs a good OH, even better receiver than Natalia. They should try to sign Fofinha. I don't understand why with fewforeign players coming to Brazil nobody wants her back...

  • Jaqueline's permanence in Osasco depends on her husband's permanence in SESI. I think both of them are likely to stay, just like it happened with Dani Lins and Sidão.

    That being said, the Osasco's decision of hiring one or two foreign players will depend on Jaqueline's permanence.

    Tandara is being disputed by SESI, Campinas and Unilever. I've read that SESI and Campinas offer is way higher than Unilever's.

  • Praia Clube is interested in American OH Kristin Richards.

  • Well first, it is not Unilever making critics to NT staff, it was me...based in what happened And that everybody talks And knows...it was a poor job, but as a vet I know in medicine that happens...anyway that dont change the fact she had to pass by a second surgery And for that stay out of a hole season.

    Second, yes u are right, If she leaves it is cause Unilever didnt want to cover the salary offered by Amil, it does not mean they dont want her in the team. It is just a politic view Unilever has and always had, like I already wrote before, Unilever does not go to action for any player, cause that is not good for the market And is prejudicial to smaller clubs, If u increase players salaries without any responsability, makes the market unstable. Of course, it is a price the clubs takes...eventually loosing players. I honestly dont think is wrong for players to go for the higher salary as I dont think is wrong Unilever posture in letting players go If they ask more than they believe they should pay.

    Nevertheless, nothing of that change FOR ME the fact that as a person I think u should take in consideration more than only the money And when someone invest in u, u as a correct human being should fell the will to give back somehow. That is my view... If she had concluded her time in Unilever I would be ok for her to leave If she wanted, I would be sad cause she is a great player, but life moves on. But again in this situation...she used Unilever to recover And now she did she leaves...I dont know...I just think If it was me Id like to give back the investment And trust...but it ia her choice not mine...And she will live with her options. ^^

  • Brazilian setter Karine (Sollys Osasco) has signed a one-year contract with Volero Zurich

    Source: http://www.sb-community.com/article/1339.html

    Very good transfer for Volero :flower: :drink:

  • Fener will build a strong team next season? If the answer is no, she can do a big mistake. :down: No, ten times no. She could play here for Uni. :thumbup:

    BTW is VoleybolMagazin a reliable source or only turkish Bruno Voloch?

  • Today, Jana Matiašovská Aghayeva (SVK) was seen at Burhan Felek S.S ? :sos:

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Fener will build a strong team next season? If the answer is no, she can do a big mistake. :down: No, ten times no. She could play here for Uni. :thumbup:

    BTW is VoleybolMagazin a reliable source or only turkish Bruno Voloch?

    biggest asparagas website ever :roll:

  • I confess Ill be a bit disapoited with Natália If she really decides to leave Unilever. I usually dont mind this transfere And I understand is part of their job, even If is for the rival Team or whatever.

    But this particular case..I just think it would be a bit ungratefull from her. She had the tumor surgery...Unilever decides to bet on her anyway...then in pre-season they discovered the surgery made by NT staff (aka Amil staff) were terible And Unilever had to make a second surgery, so she could not play for the hole season. She received her salary for a hole season without even being able to be in bench. The club decides to keep betting on her. She finally made her first game this season. The staff worked hard for her...even If she was still out of shape, she stayed as a starting player. Something that paid of as she finally played her best game in final. But after so much investiments Unilever made on her....now that she is starting to play her game again she leaves??? I mean...I think that is not cool...not for the supporters or the club itself...but everyone that worked hard with her..

    It is not that she has a bad salary...or that the club doesnt want her...she is simply going to receive more in other club. Again I dont mind that, but I think a few gratefull would be nice.

    Hi, I'm new here.

    I'm a huge Unilever fan (well actually fan of Bernardinho's work), and it really pains me to see Natalia go too. However, I sort of understand this decision. Like she "owes" Unilever for the amount invested on her, she "owes" Zé a huge favour too. After an entire season not playing in 2011-12, Zé still convened her to the NT and decided to bring her to London, even though there were players that were physically more ready and maybe make a greater contribution than her. Nevertheless, Natália is an Olympic champion now, and nobody can change this fact.

    If we look at it this way, Natália signed a one year contract with Unilever in 2011-12, she could have signed with Campinas for 2012-13, but she decided she "owes" it to Unilever for everything they had done, so she stayed and helped them win their 8th Superliga title. So even if she decides to leave next season, she helped the team to win 1 more Superliga at least.

    As much as I admire Natália, I trust Bernardo's ability. I don't know how true the rumours are about Jaque and Tandara coming, but if its true, I am confident about Unilever next season. :thumbsup:

  • So it's means that Omsk wants to buy strong OH from abroad.

    if they want a strong team for next season, they need a really good OPP for replace Alisheva... and try Mamma and Fateeva as OH.