Madelaynne Montano

  • i am so happy for Montano.After many years she found the opportunity to play in high level.The Korean league was the only way to prove her value.She wanted so much to play in greek national team but the cretins of the greek federation decided not to give her the chance to help the team.The same thing happened with Liberman Agamez.
    In adittion i want to say Mandy is a very polite person and for sure is an athlete who plays for her team.Here in Greece she never criticized or blamed other athletes(because are not of so high level).It's not like other divas just like Gamova,Sokolova or Darnel...
    So many people think that Montano is an opposite player,but she can play as well as an OH.I wish her the best and i hope she can win this or the next season the CL.In my opinion after 2-3 years she will come back to live in Thessaloniki in Greece with her husband and her son.Mandy you are the best :flower:

  • Great interview! She sounds like a very grounded and family-oriented person.

  • Montano is very talented player and she loves her family so much :) I support her :)