Brazil NT 2013

  • - probably this is the 2013 roster...
    - Gabi and Rosa will play for Junior NT, i don't know about Hage
    - Claudinha is 1,83

  • Some Unilever players should join Brazil NT too after South American Club Championship.
    I guess Letícia Hage is out. She hadn't a good season. Bia and Angélica played better. Maybe Zé Roberto will call Juciely yet.

  • and also Natália.

    Thanks, Joana! You're always fully alert. ;) You know, with so many people saying that Natália signed with Amil, I forget she's still playing for Unilever.
    Do you see, Natália? If you didn't renew with Unilever, we will forget you forever. Only Joana won't. :thumbsup:

  • So far, 14 players were called for Brazil's NT. I believe Juciely, Natália and Gabi will join Brazil's NT after the Montreux Volley Masters cause they will play the South American Championship next week. Then Brazil's roster is likely to be the following:

    Setters: Claudinha (Vôlei Amil), Dani Lins (SESI SP), Fabiola (Sollys/Nestlé)
    Liberos: Camila Brait (Sollys/Nestlé), Suelen (SESI SP)
    Middle-blockers: Adenizia (Sollys/Nestlé), Angélica (Vôlei Amil), Bia (SESI SP), Juciely (Rio de Janeiro)
    Outside hitters: Ellen Braga (EC Pinheiros), Fernanda Garay (Fenerbahce), Gabi (Rio de Janeiro), Natália (Vôlei Amil), Priscila Daroit (SESI SP), Michelle (Praia Clube/Banana Boat)
    Opposites: Monique (Praia Clube/Banana Boat), Tandara (Vôlei Amil)

    It seems to me that the starters will be: Dani Lins - Tandara - Fê Garay - Natália - Adenízia - Juciely - Camila Brait

  • Brazil's NT updated roster

    Setters: Claudinha (Vôlei Amil), Dani Lins (SESI SP), Fabiola (Sollys/Nestlé)
    Liberos: Camila Brait (Sollys/Nestlé), Suelen (SESI SP)
    Middle-blockers: Adenizia (Sollys/Nestlé), Angélica (Vôlei Amil), Bia (SESI SP), Leticia Hage (Praia Clube/Banana Boat)
    Outside hitters: Ellen Braga (EC Pinheiros), Fernanda Garay (Fenerbahce), Priscila Daroit (SESI SP), Michelle (Praia Clube/Banana Boat)
    Opposites: Monique (Praia Clube/Banana Boat), Tandara (Vôlei Amil)

    It seems to me the starting team will be:
    Fê Garay - Priscila Daroit - Adenízia - Bia - Dani Lins - Tandara - Camila Brait

  • for me, if sheilla's gonna retire or her level goes down, the best person to replace her is natalia. she's the closest player brazil has at her level when it comes to OP, not to mention her lack of passing skills. tandara's body type is for OH and her passing skills are better than natalia.

  • I'm very enthusiastic to see Brazil NT next 4 years. It'll be quite different from last 4 years. The opposite IMO.

    Brazil NT won Pequim Olympic Games hands down. Everything seemed to be easy. Nevertheless, the years after were hard to us. First, we lost Fofão (maybe our best setter ever). Walewska retired too. She was a leader to the team. Some months before World Championship we lost Paula (Pequim MVP) and Mari (one of our best players in Pequim). They never played as they played before after their injuries. Natália and Jaqueline unexpectedly had to replace them. From Pequim starting-six we lost 4 very important players. More than half team. We lost World Championship (one of our big goals) and other 3 Grand Prix. Our players played under pressure in London.

    Now our situation changed a lot. London was really hard for us. If we won Pequim easily we almost came back to Brazil after preliminar round. Nonetheless, next 4 years will be much better than London preparation. From London starting-six anyone will retire and everybody has age to play Rio 2016. We'll keep our best players and add some promising players as Camila Brait, Natália and Gabi. Youngers will have time to sharpen up without silly pressure. Jaqueline, Sheilla, Thaisa, Fabiana, etc. will give all support to them. They'll have no need to play if veterans hadn't injuries.

    Brazil NT will be really strong next year (World Championship) after young trials this year and playing at home at the Olympic Games has a big opportunity to achive our 3th title in a row like Cuba in the 90's. I'm really hopeful that we will win Rio 2016 too. Go Brazil! :win:

  • Frankly I do not think Sheilla, Jaque and Fabiana can maintain the level for 2016.

  • It's hard to predict players shape 4 years before, but I think that play the Olympic Games at home will be a big motivation to them to keep shape. Some new good players has appeared now. If Jaque couldn't play in this level anymore, Natália and Gabi will can. What I think is that they doesn't have the same pressure they had to London preparation. Fofão and Walewska retired. Paula and Mari injuried. Four players had to replace them because we had no option. Dani Lins had to replace Fofão. A lot of people expected that she could play like Fofão in one minute and start to criticize her (Pani Lins, etc.) without give her any time to improve her skills. The same with Jaqueline (Jaquetoco, etc.). Jaqueline was replacing the last Olympic MVP. Almost anybody gave her time to do it.
    This time is different. Any player will retire and I expect any serious injury. It means even if one of those London players won't in their best shape other players will replace them naturally. Everybody will see that this player is playing better than the others and deserve her place. They'll have time to shapen up before play and be prepared to the future.

  • It is too early to predict if Sheilla or Jaqueline will be able to maintain their level of performance in 4 years as well as it is too early to predict if Brazil's team will be a real candidate for winning gold in Rio de Janeiro OG.

    Overall, all teams are getting better and better. In the mid-90s there were only a handful of teams which seemed to fight with Cuba for the most important titles: Russia, Brazil, USA, and China. All the other teams were in a lower level. Last decade Italy entered this top teams roster and other teams have improved a lot like Germany, Poland, Serbia, Turkey and Netherlands. In the last couple of years, Japan has also shown how good they are and we could watch the evolution of Thailand, the Dominican Republic and South Korea.

    I really hope Brazil could maintain their level, and it is nice to see the renovation of the team won't be as traumatic this cycle was it was 4 years ago. Anyway, it is crystal clear to me that other teams will be as strong or even stronger than Brazil and the pressure of winning the OG before their fans will be more like a threat than an advantage to Brazil's NT (The 2007 Pan-Am Games are a proof of what I am claiming).

    I also think Zé Roberto was lucky in London and his criteria for picking the 12 players for these OG were really questionable to say the least. We have a good team and so have other NTs.
    USA, Russia, Serbia, Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Japan, China and South Korea also have excellent players and can beat Brazil. If all Brazilian players could play in high-level, if we don't have injury problems and if our coach makes the right decisions, then we are one of the candidates, but it is just impossible to say if there is or not a favourite for winning the 2016 OG right now. Lots of things will happen until 2016.

  • It's a weird warming-up! Ellen is the most synchronized. :lol:

    Zé Roberto Guimarães said to Estadão that Brazil NT goals to this year is South American Championship because is the qualification tournament to World Championship and Grand Champions Cup. Go Brazil! :super:

  • Zé said in an interview today that Sheilla might be back to play the Grand Prix this year,

    "I met Sheilla and Thaisa in a meeting we had with CBV to talk about the calendar and Sheilla told me she couldnt take staying stopped no longer. She said - Can't we turn around? (laughting) - We know they need some time to rest but, in other hand, they miss being in activity, training. They already started doing something with Zé Elias, Nt physical trainer. Zé passed to them some work to do since last week and they are taking care of themselves, they are already in training."

    So maybe Sheilla, Thaisa and Fabiana can after all appear for the second part of season...with Grand Prix...lets wait and see.

  • When you think You've seen all the weirdest things possible in volleyball.

    The oh Natália will have to stay at least one month away from courts. She fall with her knee in the street into a construction she had to go to the hospital to take of the screw from her leg. 8|

    she posted the photo with the history in her instagram.

  • what the.... 8|

  • Jeez... :what:

    I think I'll never forget how one big screwdriver fell from the construction under the roof in one of chinese halls and almost 'hit' Maggie Glinka right in the head.