FIVB World Tour 2013

  • A decision based on what? Finding Alison a better partner? Pedro and Bruno are probably going to win the 2013 World Tour (if it is a different award compared to the overall season winner) and have been the most consistent Brazilian pair on the Tour this summer. I see the decision only in favour of Alison and no one else. Btw, do we know if Emanuel is going to play next season as well?

    There are two interviews, one with Bruno ( and the other with Pedro (Lancenet!).
    I guess there are some things kept dark and will be hard to find it out. I'll only try to clear up what they said.
    Both said it was Bruno's decision. Pedro decided to take a break now and Bruno decided on splitting.
    Bruno denied he is going to play with Alison. He said he will plan for 2014 with his coach yet. On the other hand, Pedro said Bruno will play with Alison because both live in Vitória and will be better for them. Pedro added he is planning on to decide his new partner next week.

  • FiVB shifted a lot of power to the federations, when it comes to starting places for the world tour and championships. It seems that the brazil federation is taking full advantage of this and has no problems to decide over the heads of the players.

    The german federation is acting a little bid different. Players have more to say, when it comes to choosing partners, coaches and sponsors. In the end, the team displays and results will decide about who is playing world tour. On one hand that seems to be a more fair approach, on the other hand german players have to act very self-initiated to create a good environment for themselves.
    We will se in future, which is the better approach towards success and medals on championships.

    That's exactly what is happening in Brazil. Coaches decide while players must agree. Letícia Pessoa, head coach of the men teams, seems to talk a little more with the players. Anyway, she will decide if they still play together next World Tour or not. She said she will keep the Brazilian project.

  • New experience for Brazilian beach volleyball in Durban: Álvaro Filho/Evandro.

    Brazilian pairs for Durban Open
    Pedro Solberg/Bruno Schmidt (fighting for gold) :super:
    Álvaro Filho/Evandro
    Vitor Felipe/Alison
    Thiago/Oscar (qualification)

    New World Record! :cheesy:
    Emanuel made history. After winning Guarujá at the Brazilian Tour, Emanuel won his 149th title :white: to become the major winner of beach volleyball history. :cup: The old record belonged to Karch Kiraly.
    Congratulations Bones! :drink:

  • Smedins-Samoilovs from Latvia claim the 2013 World Tour title by reaching the quarterfinals in Durban, South Africa. It is the first World Tour trophy for the small Baltic country. As a matter of fact, they even beat their title rivals Pedro-Bruno from Brazil in the semis and are heading to an all-Latvian final against Plavins-Solovejs later today.

  • Durban Open, Durban, South Africa

    11 - 14 December


    Kubala-Dumek (CZE) - Plavins-Solovejs (LAT) 0-2 (18-21, 14-21)
    Smedins-Samoilovs (LAT) - Pedro-Bruno (BRA) 2-0 (28-26, 21-14)

    Bronze medal match:

    Pedro-Bruno (BRA) won on forfeit


    Plavins-Solovejs (LAT) - Smedins-Samoilovs (LAT) 1-2 (21-15, 17-21, 10-15)

  • 2013 FIVB Season Ranking

    1 Smedins, J.-Samoilovs LAT 14 7 490
    2 Pedro-Bruno BRA 13 7 140
    3 Nicolai-Lupo ITA 13 5 940
    4 Brouwer-Meeuwsen NED 15 5 930
    5 Ricardo-Álvaro Filho BRA 11 5 730
    6 Gibb-Patterson USA 12 5 610
    7 Huber-Seidl AUT 16 5 082
    8 Herrera-Gavira ESP 11 5 020
    9 Sidorenko-Dyachenko KAZ 13 4 614
    10 Erdmann-Matysik GER 15 4 420
    11 Fijalek-Prudel POL 12 4 412
    12 Saxton-Schalk CAN 15 4 348
    13 Vitor Felipe-Evandro BRA 11 4 250
    14 Rosenthal-Dalhausser USA 8 4 200
    15 Alison-Emanuel BRA 9 3 900
    16 Dollinger, S.-Windscheif GER 15 3 780
    17 Virgen-Ontiveros MEX 14 3 650
    18 Böckermann-Urbatzka GER 14 3 644
    19 Kantor-Losiak POL 15 3 552
    20 Doppler-Horst AUT 11 3 544
    21 Kapa-McHugh AUS 15 3 500
    22 Horrem-Eithun NOR 16 3 474
    23 Gabathuler-Weingart SUI 15 3 400
    24 Semenov-Koshkarev RUS 11 3 262
    25 Grimalt-M. Grimalt CHI 13 3 096
    26 Kadziola-Szalankiewicz POL 8 3 046
    27 Hernandez-Fañe VEN 13 3 002
    28 Sorokins-Smedins, T. LAT 13 2 960
    29 Kufa, R.-Hadrava CZE 11 2 914
    30 Doherty-Rogers USA 10 2 852

    Complete FIVB ranking

  • 2013 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Award Winners

    Most Outstanding
    Phil Dalhausser (USA)

    Best Blocker
    Pedro Salgado (Brazil)

    Best Defensive Player
    Bruno Oscar Schmidt (Brazil)

    Best Hitter
    Janis Smedins (Latvia)

    Best Offensive Player
    Janis Smedins (Latvia)

    Best Setter
    Janis Smedins (Latvia)

    Most Improved Player
    Alvaro Filho (Brazil)

    Most Inspirational
    Jacob Gibb (USA)

    Janis Smedins (Latvia)

    Top Rookie
    Alvaro Filho (Brazil)

    Team of the year
    Janis Smedins and Aleksandrs Samoilovs (Latvia)