Italy NT 2013

  • Yeah i saw it after using google translate and deleted the post already my bad :aww:

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
    2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:

  • This is Berruto ’s Preliminary Roster. 22 players for the upcoming tournments: World League and World Cup.

    Cristian Savani and Michal Lasko are missing. According to sources, Savani will no longer play for Italy and will now focus on his professional career with Al Rayyan (Qatar).

    Preliminary Roster:

    Dragan Travica (Belogorie Belgorod)
    Michele Baranowicz (Cucine Lube Banca Marche Macerata)
    Davide Saitta (Exprivia Molfetta)
    Antonio Corvetta (Altotevere Città di Castello)

    Outside Hitters:
    Simone Parodi (Cucine Lube Banca Marche Macerata)
    Jiri Kovar (Cucine Lube Banca Marche Macerata)
    Gabriele Maruotti (Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo)
    Filippo Lanza (Diatec Trentino)
    Michele Fedrizzi (Diatec Trentino)
    Luigi Randazzo (Tonno Callipo Vibo Valentia Calabria)

    Middle Blockers:
    Emanuele Birarelli (Diatec Trentino)
    Thomas Beretta (Casa Modena) :aww:
    Matteo Piano (Altotevere Città di Castello)
    Daniele Mazzone (Exprivia Molfetta)
    Simone Buti (Sir Safety Perugia)
    Simone Anzani (Calzedonia Verona)

    Opposite Hitters:
    Luca Vettori (Copra Elior Piacenza)
    Giulio Sabbi (Exprivia Molfetta)
    Ivan Zaytsev (Cucine Lube Banca Marche Macerata)

    Massimo Colaci (Diatec Trentino)
    Andrea Giovi (Sir Safety Perugia)
    Salvatore Rossini (Andreoli Latina)

    I dont understand why Beretta again! :S Has Berruto wacthed Beretta´s performance during the whole league? During the play off? Good to know Buti and Anzani have been called. However, players like Semenzato, De Togni and Cester are MUCH better than Beretta. I dont know if you noticed that Beretta jumps to block with bent elbows... :gone:

  • I think it's a joke, Beretta doesn't deserve to be in NT, there are many others Mbs better than him in Italy.

  • ITALY 2015


    Vermiglio (C)

    Outside Hitters:

    Middle Blockers:

    Opposite Hitters:

    De Pandis

    Line up 6 :



    De Pandis

  • ^ lmao. How fun would it be though? :rolll:

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  • Italy coached by Stoychev would do no more than 3 errors per set and will serve like beasts, that's for sure. I don't think he would acccept it, though.

  • Another funny prediction by our dear fairy M_COTOX :rolll:

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  • Stoychev must be the most hated coach in Italy. I don't think they will invite him to coach NT.

    Does anyone has rational reason for that other that he is foreigner who wins a lot?

  • Quote

    Zaytsev: Juantorena already played in Cuban national team, he is Cuban. Berruto shouldn't call him .

    This is from 2012 . You all know the controversy.


    Zaytsev:Russia is close to me, too. I love it. And, you know, I have a Russian passport, so technically it is possible to play for Russia if I miss two years in Italian National Team (smile). In life anything can happen."

    And 2014 :what:
    I love the irony :lol: