Kristin Richards

  • A part of her words "My stay in Azerbaijan was good - the league was still pretty young but the great thing about it is that there is no foreigner limit, so the level is pretty high."

    Professional level like NBA can be high, but, this is volleyball which is mainly female sport and we know that travelling sport females are a lot less comparing travelling sport males.

    If she means "internationalism" is lived better in such countries with no foreign limit, it is ok, but, saying level is high due to this is absurd.
    Bergamo won championships, also in Europe, with one or two foreigners only. Similar to Vakif with one or two foreigners only.
    On the other hand, clubs like Volero, Rabita, Fener, etc have no successfull pasts, at least, not as much as Bergamo, Vakif, etc.

    In an ideal world, with total globalism where there is no border, unlimited foreign player can really make the level high, but, not in this world with realities.

    ps: okay, this isn't to discuss such things here. Mine was just to reply her this words, a cliche, a false cliche. Anyway, good luck with Yesilyurt.