Brazil NT 2013

  • Wallace Leandro de Souza (Opposite) will join Brazil NT.:win:

    Ohh no :down: I don't like him :mad:

  • It is by far the best Brazilian OPP. The biggest problem the team is having another OH as Lucarelli

    You should remember that Vissotto is playing very well too, I think that he can improve in the NT now.

  • World League roster :cheesy:

    Setters: Bruninho, William Arjona, Murilo Radke and Raphael
    Opposites: Wallace, Leandro Vissotto, Théo and Renan
    Wing-spikers: Lucarelli, Thiago Alves, Lipe, João Paulo Bravo, Dante, Ary and Maurício Borges
    Middle-blockers: Isac, Éder, Sidão, Maurício Souza and Lucão
    Liberos: Alan and Mário Jr

    1. Bruninho (captain)
    2. Isac
    3. Éder
    4. Wallace
    5. Sidão
    6. Leandro Vissotto
    7. William Arjona
    8. Lucarelli
    9. Théo
    10. Alan
    11. Thiago Alves
    12. Lipe
    13. Maurício Souza
    14. Renan Buiatti
    15. João Paulo Bravo
    16. Lucão
    17. Murilo Radke
    18. Dante
    19. Mário Jr.
    20. Raphael
    21. Ary
    22. Maurício Borges

    PS: Rapha is injuried now. Maybe he won't play.

  • I can see no new faces here, actually. Most of these players were chosen by Rezende in previous years, but didn't have a chances for playing. I guess the same would be this year with those youngers, like Ary, Murilo Radke or Renan (guys, who should be checked finally, 'cause they may be a future of Brazil).

    Renan is definitely a player, who deserves an attention. His amazing psychical conditions, like height (2,17) of course and age (he's probably born in 1991, if I remember well) make him a someone, who can be a key guy for Brazil, when Vissotto, for example will finish his representative career. The same may be with Murilo Radke, who's a good and also young setter. I'm not really convinced to his skills so far, but he's a really nice guy as a person.

    Brazil NT is not for them this year, unfortunately.

    Both, Isac and Mauricio Souza had a really nice seasons, but if Sidao comes back they will fight for third place in the main roster with Eder. Currently, when Sidao is absent Rezende checks them together and it's possible, that Mauricio is going to play in starting six against Poland and next teams. Dunno, if Isac or Eder takes a third place in the roster.

    We, as a supporters of Brazil see the biggest hope in Ricardo Lucarelli. Everyone knows he's going to be a star. Let me say he's just 20 years old guy, but good enough already to be a starter player of the national team. God, save him from wrong decisions, which will influence badly on his progress.
    There's no comparision to Mauricio Borges, althought he's coming from the same generation, as Luca, I suppose. They present different levels now.

  • Brazil has excelent spare parts for almost everything, not only in OH, outside Lucarelli Brazil has no other OH with great young talent, so it still depends on Dante and Murilo.

  • Brazil 3 - 1 Poland, baby :drink:

  • I'm finding it highly amusing that people are surprised with Lucarelli's performance and wondering where the hell he came from. :lol:
    I still have to watch the match, but I'm really glad the guys actually managed to win! I wasn't expecting it to be honest.

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