The 2013 FIVB World Club Championships

  • Although I dislike this team Vakif but I must admit they are the first club of the world. Really amazing volleyball, superb spirit, great affair. And of course Brakocevic :obey: She is worthy for being the best. Tebrikler Vakıf ;)

  • About Vakifbank:

    Bahar is clearly the weakest point, as already several others mentioned. And: Gözde has problems against high blocks..she has enough power, but her reach is not that high..

    Gizem played a great game.

  • Carol has chosen to best line-up :heart: She is my new favourite MB 8)

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
    2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:

  • Best Spiker : Kenya Carcases (Volero)
    Best Spiker 2 : Gözde Sonsırma (Vakıfbank)
    Best Libero : Yuko Sano (Volero)
    Best Setter : Shen (Evergrande)
    Best Opposite - Sarah Pavan (Unilever)
    Best Blocker : Chris Fürst (Vakıfbank)
    Best Blocker 2 : Da Silva (Unilever)
    MVP - Jovanna Brakocevic (Vakıfbank)

  • I would choose Zhut Ting instead of Carcases but still very well deserved choice :thumbup:

    So who? Sheilla?

    I had Montano and Hooker in my mind however I don't claim that these two would fit better to this team than Brakoçeviç :whistle:

  • Ze Robero must thank Bernardinho. :P (yes I know it will be end of the world ) He is very good at developing this young players.

    I agree with almost everything..except Pavan's part. :) Sarah has grown a lot in the past season. And she did incredible yesterday (71% in attack). She is playing much faster..and works for us when we need. Today she did good in first two sets..but with Gabi adn Mihajlovic off..she was pretty much alone..Its really hard agianst a strong block-defense system as Vakifbank...every opp in the world would have troubles...our attack didnt work in general...and yeah..Brakocevic is more effective than her...but she works for our style of game...we needed the other players working as well.

  • Both teams were extremely nervous today, the match was good but I know those 2 teams can perform much more than this. Congratulations to both sides but

    :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup: CHAMPION VAKIFBANK :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup:
    I'm so proud of my team. Such a legendary season :) Hope next one will be as well as this one :)

    Carol :white:

  • So good to see Kenia again :super:

    And she got an award :teach: I hope that with the new rule, she could come back to Cuba nationa team.
    Carol was just amazing! I liker her more than Adenizia. Brazil wont have problems with MBs in the future.

    Someone knows which is the new club of Nancy Carrillo? She was in Volero Zurich right?

  • The game was in a high level, definitely higher than I expect. Congrats to both teams. So, Vakıfbank has got all the cups they participated this season which means I am beginning to get antipathy. :) I need to say some words about Costagrande. Her attack performance is not even half of Glinka's but her defense is simply impressive which makes the things easier for the team. Vakıfbank with great contribution of Costagrande has become a better defensive team than ever.

  • By the way I just noticed that best setter award is wrong!

    As you can see, in the IST-UNI match in group stage, there is no stats for setters and diggers :what: However, they sum up the running sets of 9 set and divided to 13 sets :aww: Naz would be the best setter if she would get more than 4 running sets from that match, which I am pretty sure that she did :wall:

    This is soo amateur mistake for FIVB :cursing:

  • ANY VIEDOS OTHER THAN LAOLA1?????????????????????????????????????????

    Guys my country cant access those videossssss
    Any handsome guys can helppppppp ={ :D

  • 2 jokes in the tournament shen jingsi winning best setter and pavan winning best opposite :lol:

    She got the best setter award because stupid statician didn't keep setter statistics of Vakıfbank-Unilever match :wall: