invitational tourney

  • by the end of this month, may 2007, china has invited several teams to prepare for the coming grand prix and the world cup, the invited guest teams include Poland, holland, and dominican republic

    as we all know that poland, holland and dominican look forward to going to world cup, so they will be in full teams to test their games, starting from 23rd of may

    if you are fans with the above teams pay attention dude :D

  • "Nastja" wrote:

    i think cuba is always on the list cos china always have friendly matches with cuba, even just after the world championship, china had an invitational match with cuba

    so no poland or what :?:

    poland has always bin the popular guest in the chinese list cos poland have almost the same height, received well and attack well, and thats why poland has bin a popular guest team

    the host will have macthes with all the guest teams

  • "bobaas" wrote:

    Yes, Poland played few times in tournaments in China. This year Poland will not play because this is to early.

    thx bobaas, now just one week to go and the countdown has begun, lalalla, i couldnt wait. i'll keep you updated ^^

  • [quote="
    pay attention dude :D

    the matches will be braocast by CCTV5 on 25 may, 2pm hk time; again 26 may 3:pm

    you can actually watch matches against cuba holland and dominica,
    since ruiz and calderon is the the cuban team and holland coming with the full team, its gonna be great

    for p2p programmes, you can use sopcast, ppstream, pplive, feidian or any programmes with cctv----since cctv will be broadcasting the gp final round, worth to get yourself updated ^^

  • [quote="colossus"]

    today, the match, which i thought to be a five setter, has fought and ended very surprisingly :shock: :D

    china swept through dominica in straight sets: 25-12, 25-22, 25-20

    i once thought that the new players need more time to jelly and thought that it would be a five setter

    dominica has tremendous offensive capabilities; wing spikers are both 191cm tall and the middle blocker is 195cm tall and most surprising of all the setter is 189cm tall, the tallest setter even known right now

    the first set they looked rather nervous and made a lot of mistakes and so the game ended rather quickly

    the second set they found their own rhythm and kept making troubles for the chinese player; at the very end of the set, the mds blocked their offense and zealed the set 25-22

    the last set is also very exciting cos both teams show their offensive power but again, the wing spikers contributed key point at the end and surrendered with straight sets

  • [quote="samba player"]Thanks for the report, colossus!

    How is the result between Cuba vs Holland?

    exciting game between holland and cuba but not a very good news for cuban fans here

    cuba lost 2-3

    cuba lost the first set 23-25, 16-25, then came back with two hard faught 2 sets, 25-22, 25-23 and both teams play very good game even in the last set

    9 points at peace, 10 points at peace, and 11, 12 13 but cuba contributed the key errors in key moments and lost 13-25 and lost the set and the match

    this afternoon,
    china got a 3-1 victory over holland

    very surprisingly china won the first set very easily at 25-15 making use the poor reception of holland. holland did not get used to the way the new chinese players' serve and their spike is blocked one after another

    holland made a strong comeback in the second set but met with strong resistence. with two successuful serve, china surprised all the fans by taking the second set trailing 22-23 and finished the set.

    holland did not let go of the game so easily and came back strong, good serve, good blocks and good spikes and the chinese new player has no way to stop holland. 0 blocking in the third set caused china the set by 20-25

    xun-li xu is subbed out and a new md made some good points for china and china with powerful spikes from the 32 year old veteran player zhang yue hung kept china alive. rising spiker li juan made a key spike and a good serve and holland spiked the ball into the net that ended the game by 25-22

  • [quote="colossus"]holland won against dominica in the 5th set

    after losing to china, holland improved their reception and with their tall players, dominica contributed many unforced errors as usual. when holland made a good dig, then the chance came to holland and won the first set by 3 points--25-22

    the second set after tied up at 6, dominica made unforced errors again, and holland took the lead to 16-9 for the second time out. with such a big gap, dominica improved their effective offensive but holland took the set 25-19.

    with better concentration, dominica took the lead of 4 points in the first technical time out. with many errors, selinger called a time out after dominica led 12-6. dominica kept their huge lead until they blocked holland at their set point but holland refused to go away but dominica won their set at 25-18

    unsteady play dominicated the two teams, tied up at 15, holland has a 2 point lead at 21-19 but dominica hang on with a second tie up at 23. holland first landed their set point but dominica got even at 24 and at 26. with key errors at key moments, dominica sealed the second set at 28-26 and dragged holland into the fifth set.

    in the last set, holland has that minor lead and went it all the way at 10-7. dominica with an error sent their victory away to holland that claimed the set and match at 15-10

  • [quote="colossus

    [size=18]cuba won over china 3-2[/size]

    next week, four teams, dominica, holland, cuba and china will go into the next round in ningbo, the host city for the grand prix final round this year

  • Today Cuba beat Dominican Rep. 3:2 (23:25, 22:25, 25:23, 25:20, 20:18 )

    Cuba: Ruiz, Santos, Calderon, Carrillo, Ramirez, Barros, Aredondo (L) and Gonzalez, Carcaces

    Dominican Rep: Valdez, Angeles, Dela Cruz, Cabral, Rodriguez, Rondon, Caso (L) and Nunez, Moreta, Castillo

  • [quote="bobaas"]
    thx boaas for the update
    china beat holland 3-0
    first set, china easily took the set by 25-16; the 2nd set, holland still didnt find its own rhythm, lost at 18-25. holland determined to drag china into the 4th set by tieing up at 24-24. but with key serve, china won the last set by 26-24

    starting lineup for china: sun xiao qing, li juan as spikers; zhou su hung as opposite; xue ming and xu yun li as blockers and the new libero zhang xian

    holland: with the same full team

  • [quote="colossus"]
    hey gus, me again with the latest updaate
    china beat dominica 3-0
    the first set 25-15, 2nd set 25-20 and the last set 25-18

    both teams made quite a number of errors, esp serving errors and spiking errors

  • [quote="rodrigo_oposto"]I DONT SPEAK ENGLUSH , SO ...
    FOR DOWNLOAD ?????

    you can check the videos in the multimedia forum
    and tonight cuba fought another five setter

    tonight china was troubled by the powerful serves by santos and lost the 2nd and 3rd set to cuba at 15-25, 18-25 after the 1st set 25-18

    but china came back with the 4th set and in the last set, cuba did not play consistently and china got the lead, but cuba took 2 points trailing 11-14, with the serve error, cuba surrendered the 5th set to china :oops: