KIM Yeon-Koung

  • Hi, unfortunately these links are not working (at least for me). Can you have a look?

    Sorry about it, I have updated the links to the original sources instead of directly linking the video sources. You should be able to watch them now, just close the ads after the countdown and press play. If video doesn't work, try the secondary server by press the other tab (light blue colour) on top of the video, if this still doesn't work just google those variety shows and episodes and you should find multiple other sources.

  • I came across this video only recently on youtube of KYK playing during her high school days. Unfortunately, the video is not best of quality since this is from 2005 and it does not show the complete match as the broadcaster ended the telecast in the middle of the third set.

    Anyway, in the video KYK is in the red and black uniform (no. 10) alongside fellow NT regulars like Kim Su-Ji (no. 6) and Bae Yoo-Na (no. 1) playing for Suwon Korea-Japan Computational Girls' High School (수원 한일 전산여고), now known as Suwon Computer Science Girls' High School. KYK's high school have also produced some other great Korean volleyball player such as Han Yoo-Mi (retired) and her sister Han Song-Yi (KGC Ginseng), Hwang Youn-Joo (Hyundai E&C), Lee Hyo-Hee (KEC Hi-pass), and Pyo Seung-Ju (GS Galtex).

    KYK, Su-Ji and Yoo-Na are playing against Jeonju Geunyoung Girls' High School which had two current KGC Ginseng players on the team, Han Soo-Ji (no. 3) and Oh Ji-Young (no. 6).

  • Thanks a ton! Highschooler Kim is quite adorable. BTW, I miss the Han sisters. I remember Han Song-Yi doing an excellent performance during the 2012 London Olympics.