KIM Yeon-Koung

  • Heungkuk drafted her in 2005. Korean League rules are that she must play for 6 years in Korea before becoming a free agent.

    Korea's volleyball league has a player allocation draft, different than the rest of the world except US and Japan for baseball (US for all sports).

    This enables weak teams to pick good young players (hopefully) to improve these teams.

    Often Asian country's sports federations do not realize that players have rights after their contracts expire. Japanese baseball did not allow free agency until 1994, and that was after playing 10 years. It is now shorter.

    Also, these leagues had ridiculous rules saying that if you retired, you could not play with another team. Japanese pitcher Hideo Nomo, took this exception to play in the USA. He retired from baseball in Japan. Became a free agent and signed with the LA Dodgers.

    Heungkuk is trying to say that "Well she did not play 6 seasons in South Korea, so she is still our property."

    She played as a rental player for 2 years in Japan, under your control, while being paid by someone else. Plus she played from 2005-2009 (4 seasons) for Heungkuk. Even after playing for Fenerbache the last 2 years, that would make it 8 seasons.

    When is enough, enough? Kim needs to stay strong, threaten retirement, even retire to force Huengkuk's hand.

    I hope that she says this.
    "I have chosen to retire because KOVO have let its players down. The club that I first played for as a professional is prohibiting me from playing in the most competitive leagues in the world. The experience that I gained in Turkey has greatly helped my play and the play of the national team. Because of their cowardice in forcing me to play under a contract that I feel that I have completely fulfilled. I will not return to play for this team ever again. If they will not release me or allow a team to purchase my contract, I will retire pending appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to be let go from this contract."

  • I fully agree with you Brahmin, thank you.

    In Korea, clubs insist their rights during 6 years on player until they get the status of FA, but they do not make 6 year contract at the beginning.

    They demand one year contract to player, and renew it every year. If a player does not play well, clubs don't renew the contract and she/he has to be retired because she/he can not go to other pro team. If a player is good like KIM, they do not release her/him even 8 years are passed.

  • This topic is without sense and Kim's fight is tilt at windmills.

    Heungkuk doesn't change decision, the more that KOVO and the FIVB also agree with Korea's Team.

    She may only change nationality or retire.

  • :heart:

  • she who dares, wins. Yeon-Koung HAS TO WIN!!!! she is fighting against a big injustice. I don't think it's just "to be naturalized in another country or retire" She is really fighting a battle, and she is not going to give up easily, she is the strongest inside and outside the court! :box::super:

  • can any club buy Kim from Korean club ? And how much does she cost ?

    If Fenerbache's got more money, then she should be easily have her contract bought out. I really doubt that a Korean League team will fork over Fenerbache level money.

    JT paid $300,000 for one of her two years in 2009. Fenerbache was probably much higher than that (possibly 2x).

    I would guess lowball number of $1 million is what Heungkuk is looking for, but possibly higher.

    Anyone kept track of volleyball transfer fees history? I know we do a good job of tracking where players are going on this website.

  • I would guess lowball number of $1 million is what Heungkuk is looking for, but possibly higher.

    If Mr Aydinlar (rich volley fan of Fener board) were still at Fener board, he could pay this $1 million. But, he had problems with Fener board and now, he is not sponsoring Fener volley team. There is another guy, Mr Koc, son of biggest holding here who is also volley fan and in Fener board. But, as far as I see, he is not so involved in actions of Fener as much as before. Fener board members, rich members are spending money mostly to their soccer team are not caring about volley team, otherwise, $1 million is nothing for them.

    So, in Europe, only 2 clubs can spend $1 million for Kim: Rabita and Eczaci. If Montano leaves Rabite (if rumors about her to GS are true), we will probably see Kim at Rabita and I believe Heungkuk will prefer Rabita. Eczaci is a volley team only, and they are a rich holding, therefore, $1 million is no problem for them. Since they are planning to build a world team with more than 5 international players, they won't say no to Kim. Although $1 million is no problem for them, they will probably not pay this, maybe, 700-800K, just to keep balances in the team.

    Anyway, Kim and Montano transfers depend on each others and I foresee these happening: Montano will leave Rabita for GS and Kim will leave Fener for Rabita.

  • Kim Yeon-koung was invited to a korean TV program today. here is the video on youtube


    I will describe here briefly what she told.

    Q: It has been a week you came to korea, how are you doing?
    A: day by day eat foods that I missed, and meet friends and family.

    the food which Yeon missed a lot is this!!

    Q: result of this season of your team was not that good. how do you feel?
    A: it was very hard and long season. it was the first time that my team coud not go to the final. and I was quite embarrassed due to consecutive losts that I have not experienced. but at the end I think I learned from this experience.

    (talking about Olympic last summer....)

    Q: Which moment was the most unforgettable and glad moment of your Volleyball life?
    A: The most recent one. when I got MVP of the Olympic.

    Q: Is there any specific reason that you prefer to play abroad Turkey?
    A: Korean league is getting better and strong, but still there are many good players in Europe. and my technique also getting improved as playing with them.

    Q: Are you interested in other league for exemple?
    A: Brazil. the league is getting better.

    Q: We can not skip transfer problem. how is the situation?
    A: it's almost one year. It's true that I can not concentrate due to that. the season is finished and I have to prepare the next, but I can not do other thing. I hope to solve as soon as possible.

    (... cutting otherwise long story ... )

    Q: Last words for your fans?
    A: Thank you very much for watching my games through internet or TV and supporting me. Keep cheering for me so that I could play better.

    Thank you fore reading! :flower:

  • Besides the brazilian league, did she mention something about the italian league too? or just my imagination? I know brazilian and turkish league are better leagues, but italy is closer to my country... ahahaha :cheesy::dance4:

    Thank u so much again for this! :flower:

  • Q: Are you interested in other league for exemple?
    A: Brazil. the league is getting better.

    Probably, she is more about the attendence there, with not empty stadiums. She could say Poland league was the best, but, there is no money there.
    So, she had to say Brazil.
    Otherwise, how come a leage with players over 35 (unilever) getting better and they are champion.
    Anyway, Kim, run away to overseas, you know it is hard to beat THE team you know well.:)

  • Kim is not afraid of any opponent.
    But you look worried. Because, you know, her team will beat THE team. If not, hold your tongue. :thumbdown:

    I am worried about WHO? KIM? lol.
    To be honest, indeed, she is the only player in the world I am worried. But, she is luckily at Fener. So, I am not worried.
    If she goes to Ecz, then, it'll be another story, but, Nalan of Ecz is NOT a fearless manager who can do this transfer from Fener.

  • I posted here about Kim as a setter or libero...... but she is an amazing attacker above all !!!
    Every time I am surprised by her wonderful performance. Always happy to see her on the court. and hope to see her for long long time

    Amazing attack followed by impressive ceremony. The reason why I love to see her play!!!!
    Her body axis is such tilted, but no problem for Kim.

    View from another angle. In fact... It was a back attack.
    Phenomenally she adapts her steps to any ball coming from any direction.

    I love this too. Dig by Tom, pass by Sokolova, finishing by KIM. Beautiful!

  • her back attacks are just like a nature phenomenon, i never saw anything like this before, her arms and legs are the strongest. I made a painting for my living-room, with most of the famous super-heroes and heroines from marvel and DC comics, and i also painted Yeon-koung, between all of them, of course she has amazing super powers ;):super:

  • Happy May Day to all of you!

    Since today is special day of the year, let me tell you about the free agent system in Korea, which is unique in the world.
    A couple of days ago, Kim Yeon-Koung wrote this in her tweet

    "Why they are trying to apply domestic rule to the international case? Then, when a player is transfered to a team abroad, the receiving team has to send another player for compensate the loss including 200% of annual salary to the korean team? I can not understand it with common sense "

    For exemple,

    Imagine that Kim fulfilled the condition for an FA this year. Her annual salary was 1M$. She wants to go to Fenerbahce for next season.
    Following the FA rule, Fenerbahce has to pay 2M$ (200% of annual salary of Kim) and send a current player of Fenerbahce who picked by the korean club.
    If the picked player in Fenerbahce refuses to go to the korean club, the player has to be retired from Fenerbahce, and can not play for 5 seasons.

    KOVO insists that she has to follow local FA rule first to be transfered other team. But could it be apply to the international transfer case?
    You may know the answer.

    Then, How a player can be an FA in Korea?

    After being draft to a club, she/he has to pass 6 seasons. It does not means that the player make 6 year contract with the club. The contract is renewed every year. The salary is recalculated depending on her/his performance. If she/he is not good enough, she/he has to be retired, and can not play in other team. Kim passed 4 seasons in Korea, and 3 years in Japan and Turkey as a lent. KOVO is insisting that lent period can not be considered to be an FA. (But, I have never seen and heard that lent period is not considered to be an FA in any other sports in the world)

    Then... How the player becomes next? She/he fulfilled all these conditions and successfully transfered to other team. She/he is not anymore an FA, but has to pass 3 season in that club to become again an FA. Then... the same story. she/he has to find receiving club, who will send back a compensate player and 200% of annual salary.

    Voila. that's the FA rule in Korea.

  • First of all, thank you for such a clear explanation :flower:
    The FA rule in Korea is just awful and excessively unfair... A complete nonsense, it seems like those who made these rules were totally insane and were acting just against players...
    But, since all these awful rules are obviously so unfair, what makes me really sick is the fact that FIVB is not helping Yeon-Koung when they really could help her... Not even an international point of view is going to put any common sense here?? :wall:

  • No club in the world should pay 2M$ to these monkeys. As if that was not enough they want a player from Fenerbahce? :thumbdown: WTF If the FIVB supports these monkeys they also support slavery.

    If necessary Kim should get the citizenship of another country.

  • Imagine having Kim under Bernardinho's wing. she's already monstrous at the net now... how much more under him???? :white: