KIM Yeon-Koung

  • Kim has now become the longest serving foreign player in Fenerbahçe history on Saturday night against Eczacibasi VitrA.

    She wore the Fenerbahçe jersey for the 82nd time on Saturday beating the record of former player Natasa Osmokrovic.

    Congrats Kim !

    Source and photo: voleybolextra

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • In memoriam of victims in shrinking ferry SEWOL in South Korea, Kim is wearing the yellow ribbon on her left jersey.
    Thank you so much Yeon, a warm heart player! You consoled us a lot in these gloomy days.

  • Such tragedy. My heart to the victims of the crash. I saw a photo of the captain escaping the ship before evacuating passengers, what an irresponsible person he is. :down:

  • Thank you guys! Yes, the captain and main crews escaped for the first time but announced several times to students "Don't move and just stay there" Poor students followed the announcement and never came out from the ship.

    Park administration cut so many budget and system for disaster prevention facility and 0 students are rescued since the accidents. What a incompetent government.

    I heard that Kim's parents live just next to the school, Dan-won high school, and Kim also shocked a lot. in peace for all innocent victims.

  • The tough season is finally over! It's a pity that Fener could not win the champion but the past is the past, let's keep it for the next season. :)

    Yeon-koung Kim awarded the best spiker and the best scorer. Congrat Kim! She also showed amazing performance and I enjoyed it a lot.

    The most interesting moment was during the 2nd round match against Bursa, when she did 11 consecutive services.


    The most impressive match was the 2nd round one against Vakif. When Fener stopped Vakif's 73rd win. Incredible Kim.


    Now, NT season comes. all the best, good luck! You are the BEST!

  • Kim arrived in Korea!

    At the airport Kim had short tea time with Korean fans.
    one fan asked "How do you feel when your team could not win the final even though you have been use to it?"
    Kim said "Just I endure. Maybe I can go to stronger team that I can get it easily, but I really want to do it in this team"

    Bravo Kim. That's the reason why you are the best player :)

  • The big question will be, are you now a Free Agent? Unless something has changed from the debacle last year. Meaning that her former Korean team wants to say that she is still their property. I am not trying to stir the pot, I am just trying to see where it is at.

  • Yes, she is completely free now at least outside of Korea league.
    The previous club gave up to file a complaint to CAS. Adieu HeungKuk :wavy:

    Through media released today she said, it is true that she has got better offers (around 2M$) from Russia and Azerbaijan, But she wants to keep faith to Fener since they helped her out when she was in difficulty with the previous club. she really appreciate it.

  • 7R1WOPBwKz4

    This is hilarious!
    Kim with Han and Yang, a short interview on sports TV show.
    I have no time to translate all and make subtitle, but here is some :D

    (Yang interviewing Kim)

    at 4:50
    Yang : How do you think about yourself pretty?

    at 4: 53
    Kim : Prettier than you.

    at 4:55
    Yang : well, that is what you are always saying… In sports domain?

    at 4:57
    Kim : first of all, Yuna Kim, she is pretty. and Yeonjae Son is. But their images are pretty. they are so feminine. when we see them first, everybody says “wow, so feminine, you are really woman.” But in reality, when people meet me first, they are surprised. because I am so pretty.

    at 5:15
    (all laugh)

    (Kim interviewing Yang)
    at 5: 42
    Kim : why your face is always swollen? You seem selfish, don’t you think yourself? Why you eat so much as knowing that your stomach hurts? As far as I know, I heard that you did nothing in Grand Prix. You never played, right? You went Brazil for fun? yes, you went for enjoying.

    at 6:05
    Yang: No is it not true.

    at 6:06
    Kim : You went Macao for fun. “oh…. Macao, oh…. casino.”

    at 6:11
    Yang : But I did not feel comfortable.

    at 6:12
    Kim : we shared the same room. due to injury she did not play the game. So I encouraged and consulted with her extremely well. “hey “Hyojin. this will just pass by. Our final goal is the gold medal in Asian Game.”

    at 7:21
    Caster : do you have in mind some kind of ceremony you would like to do when you win the gold?

    at 7:23
    Kim: Diving ceremony.

    at 7:25
    Caster : how?

    at 7:27
    Kim: just madly like this.

  • I never saw a wing spiker who can serve, pass, spike, block and digg like her. All the best players in the history have/had some weak link, she hasn't anyone. :obey:

    Do you guys think she's the best player ever?

    When I was child I used to see the legend Keba Phipps in Palapanini, sorry but for me she will remain forever the best one :roll:

    Per un pir, un pam un persec per na brogna e na rumleina, nuetr'a sam d'la Ghirlandeina nuetr'a sam da rispeter

  • Kim Yeon-Koung on Korean Variety Shows
    Sister's Slam Dunk Episode 22, Episode 23 (KYK fulfilling her dream to be a rapper. There also a funny talk with some of her Korean NT member Yang Hyo-Jin, Kim Su-Ji, and Hwang Youn-Joo at the end of Episode 22).
    Cool Kiz on the Block Episode 162 (Sport variety show - KYK appear from start to 10:46).
    Baek Jong Won Top 3 Chef King Episode 49 (Cooking/Food variety show - KYK appear from start to 15:32).
    Infinity Challenge Episode 496 (KYK appear from start to 16:30).
    Running Man Episode 257. (Originally broadcasted in July 2015).
    OT :teach: Did anyone here recognise the main host Yoo Jae Suk in the last two shows ???

    You may have seen him in a yellow suit dancing in a popular viral music video.