Brazilian League 2013/2014

  • I didnt say it was ONLY her fault
    I didnt say Amil lost BECAUSE of her
    I didnt put ALL the blame on her
    Stop making assumptions, and stop putting words in my mouth (?)
    I said Wal killed the team in the TIE BREAK, I didnt even talk about 4th set as you are commenting her blocks. Anyone who saw the 5th set especially the last points saw the same thing that I saw. So, just read better next time, ok! thanks!

  • "Wal killed her team in the tie break" - that's pretty clear to me. Maybe you should write better next time, hm?

  • "Wal killed her team in the tie break" - that's pretty clear to me. Maybe you should write better next time, hm?

    Cant you read TIE BREAK in the same sentence????
    She did kill the team in the 5th set.
    You talked about her blocking in the 4th, I never mentioned it.

  • Tie-break, being the decesive and last set in the match, was killed by Walewska. That's what you say. And I say don't put the blame on one player, whether it's the whole match or just one set. Yes, her receiving was terrible and yes she made a mistake in the last action, but why put her there in the first place? That's all I had to say about this topic. Have a nice day!

  • Ze Roberto is leaving AMIL next season and Paulo Coco will take over the coaching position.

    Source: Melhor do Volei

  • I really wished I could talk about the game...but I was just to emotionally involed on it!! hahaha Really...I was at the gym and I cant remember half the points of it!!hehehe

    Its was very breathtaking game!!!!!! We started bad in reception..but worked our way through during the game! We served really well...but again made to many mistakes...we had chance to close in 3x1..and also had the 14x11!!!! But we won..and that is all that matter!!!!!

    The team had many ups and downs this was not an easy one...many injuries...but we had the patience...and we are playing our best now..that is the most important! And Fofão...what else I can say about her....she is 44 and today she ran to all balls...her defense...yeah..maybe she exagerated in the distribuction for Gabi in fourth set..could have let the ball few more times to sarah..that was having a good moment after half match....but whatever...she is simply amazing!

    I guess the tv didnt show this Ill leave an insight for you guys...after the match...Fabi reunite all players in the middle of court..and got the mic to speak with the supporters. She had won the Best Player of the Macth Award...but she and all Unilever players decided to make a tribute to Fofão..they gave the award for her and started to shout 'Fofão..Fofão" all the gym started to sign with them...and Unilever assistent coach lift her in the was a very emotional moment..and very cool one...the players were extremelly happy..cause everyone doubt they could reach another final...the 10th in a row...that is not something easy at all in Brazil!!!!

    BTW Fabiana was in the house today!!! :whistle: She went to follow the game.....I saw her talking to Unilever players outside..she has many friends here in the club....there are many rumors she might come back next season..but never know till is not time to speak about that...its time for final!!!! :super:

  • SEMIFINAL - Game 1

    Molico/Nesltè Osasco 1x3 SESI-SP (21-18, 17-21, 17-21, 21-23) -
    Troféu Viva-Vôlei: Fabiana (SESI)
    Serie 0-1 (next game - 19/04)

    SEMIFINAL - Game 2

    Unilever Vôlei 3x2 Vôlei Amil (21-21, 21-15, 21-15, 18-21, 16-14) -
    Troféu Viva-Vôlei: Fabi (Unilever)
    Serie: 2-0 (Unilever qualified for the Final)

  • Fabiana was today in Maracanazinho watching the game.. So suspect. Cause she played yesterday another Semifinals and the game has ended almost midnight, infect it was in another state. THE GAME WAS VEEEEERY EMOTIONED! CAROL, FABI AND FOFAO WERE SPETACULAR.

  • Adenizia talks about disrespectful cheering of the opponents:…-unido.html#esporte-volei

    The pot calling the kettle black :rolll:

    I can't believe Adeniza hahahaha her talking about disrepect with Sheilla, Thaisa and ever herself in the team...oh my God. This is a joke!I

  • I thought that Fabiana has contract with Sesi?!

    Yes, until the WCh, but there are many rumors in Brazilian press and forums about her coming back to Unilever after 5 years.

    I am liking what I saw about Suelen. Will she get a chance?

    I think she was in the bench last year's Alassio Cup (or Montreux, I don't remember), but no, I don't think she has any chance. Fabi will probably play until 2016 and Camila Brait is next on the line.