Brazilian League 2013/2014

  • If i were Osasco fan i would minimize my expectations in the begining of season.A team's OHs turn from Garay/Jaqueline to two unexperienced youngsters.Osasco tried to resist with Sheilla,Thaisa and Adenizia in regular season but eventually they failed too.

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  • Sesi X Osasco (3-2):

    three names: dani lins, fabiana, and suelle

    I can't believe how fast Dani sets the ball in this match! :white: not to mention how she can force the ball to the middles even with average reception.

    fabiana - she's back! finally found her 2008 form. and this is good news for brazil since the world championship is near. :thumbsup:

    suelle had the match of her life in this video as well. beauty and skills. :love:

  • I also noticed she's really beautiful. . How old is she

  • I also noticed she's really beautiful. . How old is she

    she is 27.
    She used to be in the junior NT, but never really evolved that much in the past years.

  • IMO, it's because of her that Brazil won gold medal in London. She started to set balls very fast.

  • It took almost 10 years, but Dani Lins has finally turned into our best setter by very far (in the present).
    She has always been amazing, great precision, beautiful sets, but she has had many problems in the past with her choices, especially in decisive matches.
    It's really beautiful to see her play. The combination with Fabiana is one of the reasons I find this year's Superleague and Brazil NT very specials.

  • Brazil League was My favourite thanks to 21 pts rule.

    I hope if not 21 pts rule Graca will create something else.

  • Someone else said foreigners are the ones to make that something special, to be the key factor for most teams in most leagues.

    I think, first of all, the coaches and managers who hire those players needs to be blamed as well, not only the players.

    Osasco fans can tell Sanja and Cate didn't play as good as they thought they should but at the same time let's just realize the world lacks good OHs that are good receivers and spikers. There aren't many of them and Osasco had 2 good ones in Jaqueline and Garay. It was really hard to replace them both and overall Sanja and Cate did the best they could.

    Having said that if you look overall at all foreign players who played in Brazil most were just average. Hildebrand was one of the best IMHO but even so she did many mistakes receiving and she was the one people expected most along with Cate. All the other ones are just average receivers at the best (Glass, Herrera, Mihajlovic, Sanja) and they just did what we all know.

    I think Brazilian league is even harder for foreigners because most of teams needs good receive in order to develop their games because they don't have players who hit high balls like Gamova, Kim, Glinka, Brakocevic, Montano...

    So maybe Amil is looking for a better OH receiver and betting on Saori. I have my doubts. I still remember the Saori player from 2004-2008, many mistakes... Maybe I'm just being unfair to her. Let's just wait and see what will happen next. Jaqueline and Garay should really come back to brazilian league. As for Sesi, good for them. They realize somehow the balance of having good receivers and good spikers and through the game the coach changes in order for what they need.

  • I wanted and expected a final between Campinas x Osasco, then it will be exactly the opposite :/

    First Campinas that ruined with that terrible receivers and tactics made by Ze ( and that behaviouragainst Claudinha, it was just ridiculous )now Osasco, i really did not though it could happend, they played so bad against Praia and won, so did at this semifinal, it's painful to see a finalist of brazilian league that have basically one good attacker, and a middle.... Osasco never impressed me throughout the season, but as others teams were worse, i though they would make it. I do not think there is someone to blame, last year with a much better team they lost as well, but of course they will do it with foreign, In my opinion the point was that Thaisa simply disapeared and have done one of her worst match on Osasco, all of them messed up at service line, Gabi failed in crucial moments in reception and coach did not tried Sanja again, not even on the net ....

    Hope i can see a better league next year !

  • Thaisa is not to be blamed cause she and sheila saved this team from dropping only to 5th place instead of a potential finalist, yes they lost last year as well but at least it was in the finals and they were much more dominant.

  • Osasco would never be 5th. They didn't save the team from that.

  • As i said nobody should be blamed, but whom watched the game know that she can do MILLION times better, she was struggling not only in attack but in service too, that used to be her weapon

  • Realistically, Osasco lost a lot without Jacque and Fe Garay. Caterina Bosetti and Sanja Malagurski are both talented but they are young and they are neither the receivers nor have the experience of their predecessors. Signing two players with similar characteristics in that regard is the fault of Osasco's management. Gabi isn't a replacement who can compete at the top level. Osasco had a dominant regular season and just couldn't put it together in the semis. It happens. Happy to see Sesi be able to maintain their calm and be able to advance. Fabiana always seems like she's not trying her hardest during the regular season and then she really turns it on during the critical matches.

  • Well they may not be 5th but they sure wouldnt be at the top of the standings if it wasnt for those 2, oh Nd if they would not be 5th then what place would they be? Top 2 or top 3?

    I think Osasco is always a team that would finish at least in 4th place, and they finished in 3rd place, so I can't see that much difference.
    Sheilla really did her best at the semis, but Thaisa didn't, especially in this last match. Scoring 0 points in the tie break and scoring only 10 points during the whole match is really low for a player like her. I don't think having the 1st place during the first phase means anything if you can't beat a much weaker and low-budget team as Sesi in the playoffs.
    But no, I'm NOT putting all the blame on Thaisa, everyone must be blamed as a group. Thaisa was one of the best players in this year's Superleague. The best MB along with Fabiana. But the playoffs is when you need to show your best.

  • Winning also in the playoffs rarely means anything espwcially if it is very short

    Winning in the playoffs means you can be champion. But well, maybe this is nothing special.

  • Congratulations to Sesi! :thumbup: I would like to see a 3rd match though. Now I'm having some fun, Superliga is coming to an end. :aww: Easy come, easy go!

    Osasco was a disappointment to me. I wasn't expecting any big but they could do more. I guess some players got cold feet at crucial moments what is totally understandable regarding their age.
    Sheilla was falling over herself to win but Osasco's players were out of her league. Gabi who was the best backup in the tournament was unsuited for passing in the match points and Osasco got bogged down allowing Sesi to win out in the end.

    Changing the subject, I'm pretty happy for the national team players. Sheilla is beginning to get up steam, Dani Lins/Fabiana combo is such amazing (it calls up Bruninho and Lucão glory days in Cimed, when Bruninho was able to set Lucão from everywhere on court), Thaísa had an awesome season, in spite of the semifinals, and Fabi is always at high level. I'm just worried about our wing-spikers that plays a leading role in the consistency of the team. Too many options but none of them are any close to their prime.

    Maybe it's not time to drag the past out into the light. I just want to repeat that to not include Unilever in the South American Championship because of that weekend tournament was really unfair.

    I pick Daymi anytime! She'll make any match with any rules interesting :D

    I've got you. Like Chuck Norris. :P No matter what, she is always the best.
    You scored 10 points, Ramirez got 5. Daymi has more points than you. :lol: