Hello from Holland

  • I would like to congratulate Nastja and Justyna on creating of this forum .

    I know of some reasons which have lead to this :wink2: and really hope this forum is going to be a warm and welcoming place for all the volleyball fanatics :D.


  • And of course welcome to the forum

    Thank you for that, Justyna!

    You know, as long as 'Inside-volley' is going to promote and propagate this great sport of volleyball for everybody to enjoy, you can count on my support (for whatever it is worth...)


  • Quote from "Justyna"

    Hi kaszanka :D
    And thanks again for 'opened me eyes' :wink2:
    And of course welcome to the forum :lol: (i read your post on duch fortum;))

    sorry if im offtopic again, but you speak dutch as well???