• My Cuba NT 2014-2016 for World Championship and Olympic Games: TEAM A

    Setters-Oppositte: Daymi Ramirez - Yanelis Santos - Ana Yilian Cleger

    Spikers: Rosir Calderon - Kenia Carcaces - Yusleyni Herrera - Yaima Ortiz - Wilma Salas

    Middle blockers: Nancy Carrillo - Gyselle de la Caridad Silva - Rosanna Giel

    Líbero: Emily Borrell

    My Cuba NT 2014-2016 for Montreux, Panamerican Cup, Panamerican Games, Yelstin Cup and others little competitions: TEAM B

    Setters-Oppositte: Ana Yilian Cleger - Lilianny Marcillan - Eglys Savin

    Spikers: Wilma Salas - Yohana Palacio - Dayesi Maso - Yunieska Robles - Melissa Vargas

    Middle Blockers
    : Gyselle de la Caridad Silva - Rosanna Giel - Alena Rojas

    Líbero: Emilly Borrell

  • I don't know if this info was somewhere else on the forum, but I am watching Rabita-Azerrail match and in one moment there is a hint on tribunes and there is Silie and... Yoana Palacios.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRLBrqs0pXg - around 16.55

    Yes, it's her and she is wearing Rabita's jacket :white:

  • Eugenio George is dead :(

    (source: volleyball.it)

    sad how all the big Cubans coaches passed away in few years (Luis Felipe, Antonio, Eugenio now) :(
    its like parallel how Cubans volleyball is dying too...